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Found 1 result

  1. I'm writing a little adventure (my first!) to run at cons and in my campaign. It's set in 481: King Uther agrees, at the urging of Merlin and Count Roderick, to send an embassy to Summerland (before the invasion he's already planning in 482). The PKs have been doing a good job with diplomacy in The Marriage of Count Roderick, so they get sent. I'm planning on using it to inject more wonder into my campaign, since the rest of Uther/Anarchy is so dour and gritty. This adventure will get the PKs close to the happenings in the invasion, and, if the players are into it, Summerland will probably play a big role in my campaign. The thing I'm trying to wrap my squishy brain around is what the hell are Summerland and King Cadwy exactly? The place is described as mysterious and cut off, but it has an active market town (Bath) and trade with Logres in 480 already (before the invasion)? It all sounds very fey – Avalon and three faerie gateways are there, Cadwy's son Melwas rides a green horse, etc. – but Cadwy is described as being pious and helped establish the first British Christian abbey (Glastonbury) in Summerland? If he's faerie or at least a faerie friend, why's he so Christ-friendly? I know religious conflict is consciously downplayed in KAP as written, but isn't Christianity still more or less the antithesis of fey, isn't it? Cadwy's not a knight, but a King, but also one of four Counts of Logres. If he's recognised as a Count, wouldn't that mean he has sworn to Aurelius/Uther already? And if he did, wouldn't he have been knighted? The sheriff of Summerland, Sir Morien, is a knight, but he works for Cadwy, who's not a knight. So who knighted Morien? Just an observation, not a question: in a side reference, BoUther says (pg. 99), "the Forest of Gloom is called the Forest of Glamour when entered from the west". Whoa. That's a hook right there, if ever I saw one. Less important, but I'm curious: why did Cadwy's coat of arms change from BoWarlord to BoUther? Don't get me wrong, I definitely think a servant carrying a cup (the Grail?) fits Cadwy better than a blood red sword on the waves. Just curious. Questions upon questions. Give me your take on Summerland, sirs!
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