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Found 4 results

  1. Still looking for the primal reference to the notion that Brithini are little. Here's a bit from the Mortal Lords manuscript that went out to some RuneQuest Classic backers: SIZ for the nobles at least is 2D6+3 so they're not teeny on average -- bigger than a dwarf or brown elf, as big as a larger typical trollkin -- but there's a distinct scrawniness here. In an earlier version of the text Greg blames this not on anything metaphysical (much as I'd like to) as on a poorer diet with more fish than bread or beef. Naturally none of this is modern canon, use at your own risk, past results future performance blah blah blah. However, the horalites are, as one might expect, quite weird. At certain stages in the text there are horalite knights. And "Brithini armies of the First Ages have not yet developed cavalry warfare for the homeland of Brithos knew no animals of a size suitable for riding and the major barbarian races (the Vadeli whom the Brithini all but exterminated and the horse-shy Pendali lion-worshippers) also did not know riding." For what that's worth!
  2. While reading the GoG, I saw that in Umathela, the malkionist are mostly Sedalpists. And this is very close to the Talar on the Brithini (cannot carry weapons) Also, In Talur, there is a sect of 'Daughters of Manena'. In the Britini Society, the Menena is the woman's caste. Is it just 'luck' or is the link between the 2 cultures stronger than I thought?
  3. Elsewhere on the internet @scott-martin mentioned Syranthir Forefront's influence on the lands he invaded during his March of the 10,000 (or whatever this Anabasis variant is called). Talking about the Western improvements on Pelanda, I am actually a bit astonished that Syranthir made that much of a difference. Not so much in the Barbarian Belt area conquered by the Carmanians, which remained apart from Pelandan craft influences across cultural borders much of the time, even though there were bull folk both in the lowlands (introduced by Bisos and Kereus). I would have expected cultural exchange between the various bull folk along the Janube and into Oroninela. I wonder whether the heavy western plow was a Danmalastan/Brithos influence, or rather an Enjoralini achievement due to their mastery over bulls while at the same time adopting Western craft. Brithini farming methods are really rather under-described. If not for the cold climate, I would have assumed an olive-tree cultivation for the Westerners rather than a grain economy, and possibly that was what they had before Valind's glacier encroached their lands, and why their colony in Jrustela was so successful as they finally returned to lands where the agriculture methods from scripture encountered the climatic conditions that would support them.
  4. What is the difference between Mostali and Brithini? I think that they are very similar in their ascetic lifestyle, and wonder in which respects they differ. Although there are differences in lifestyle, both of them follow strict rules and are immortal under that condition. Both are ascetic and closed to the outside world. Both have a patron entity who is their source of magic, either Zzabur or Mostal. The Brithini are very similar to the Elder Races too, although they are human, but what is the Man Rune really? Dwarves have it too. I know the rules are not the same but they are based on the same principles. What are the fundamental differences in their worldviews?
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