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Found 14 results

  1. FrostByte Books is launching its first sale ever! Get 20% off both M-SPACE and REFLUX between November 23-27. PDF: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10544/FrostByte-Books?term=frostbyte&test_epoch=0 Print (Lulu, Black & White): https://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=1360886 Print (Color, shipping from Europe): https://widget.publit.com/frostbyte-shop_2629/page/1 If you’ve been on the fence whether to get them or not, this is a great opportunity.
  2. After three years of development, FrostByte Books finally releases M-SPACE d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future. Order at www.frostbytebooks.com. Built upon the Mythras engine (formerly RuneQuest 6), it's a game with a new take on a classic set of rules. BRP-based games are often quick to learn and have a slightly gritty edge, and with a few strategic innovations like Extended Conflicts, modular starship design, and combat Special Effects, opportunities for creative play are greatly expanded on in M-SPACE. Extended Conflicts is an entirely new mechanic, used to make any conflict as detailed as the players want. You can turn, for example, cocktail parties, pod races and interpretations of obscure manuscripts into thrilling gameplay. Any situation the players decide to focus on uses the same basic mechanics, making them very easy to adapt. Common elements of the d100-engine are used - opposed skill rolls and characteristics - but combined in a new way for more flexible storytelling. The modular approach to starship design is a first in the BRP/d100 world, with building blocks added in a very straightforward way. Combined with Mythras' creative combat, rewired for starships, the space opera genre is easy to recreate in all its dazzling glory. Additional chapters cover flexible character creation, passions, modular vehicle design, detailed alien creation, world building, star mapping and rules for creating and running organizations. All in all, a complete setup for most sci-fi needs. Returning to the roots of roleplaying, the game is not tied to a specific setting. Instead, it works as a toolbox for GameMasters and players to easily create their own imaginary universes. Several world books and campaigns are planned for release in the year to come. M-SPACE is available as a 220-page softback from Lulu today, on September 19. Link: www.frostbytebooks.com FrostByte Books is a small publishing company in the south of Sweden. We simply can't get enough of mesmerizing imaginary worlds, and the creative power RPGs bring to their players. M-SPACE is our first roleplaying game. M-SPACE is published under a Mythras Gateway license provided by The Design Mechanism. For more information and images contact: Clarence Redd clarence.redd@gmail.com www.frostbytebooks.com
  3. Here's a new review of M-SPACE posted by UbiquitousRat: http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3685 Short version: He enjoyed the systems for alien creation, starship design and organizations. He disliked that the chapter on weapons and equipment was so short. Follow the link above to get the whole picture! And while you're there, check out his enthustiastic play tests of Classic Fantasy and Mythic GM Emulator if you haven't already.
  4. The first reviews of M-SPACE have started to appear, and here’s one on the Spanish site Mundos Inconclusos: http://mundos-inconclusos.blogspot.se/2016/10/m-space.html?m=1 If you, like me, don’t read Spanish, try Google Translate to get the big picture. A short quote: "A combination of the D100 system and classic science fiction. Thoroughly recommendable. Hopefully M-Space will inspire the emergence of more publications by third parties for Mythras. With the level of this game, I welcome it." I’m actually surprised the translation between Spanish and English isn’t working better. Drop me a line if you know of a more accurate tool than Google!
  5. Colin Brett has been kind enough to let me publish his test run of the starship combat rules in M-SPACE. See more of Colin’s work at http://www.colinabrett.me.uk/ 1) Introduction An example of starship combat in M-SPACE. Presented in "mechanical" and "narrative" formats, to describe the dice rolls and story aspects of a space battle. 2) The Ships Gamma Star - Solar Federation Patrol Ship SPEED 6 HANDLING 5 SIZE 110 Modules: Bridge 5 Engines (TR100) 6 Manoeuvre (TR100) 5 Sick Bay 20 Crew 50 (12 Crew Members) Weapons 13 Open Space 8 Hyperspace 3 Total Modules: 110 Armor – Shields – Hyperspace 3 Weapons: Dorsal Ion Cannon (5): Damage 2D6+1, range 10, 360 degree arc Port Laser (4): Damage 2D6 Starboard Laser (4): Damage 2D6 Hit Locations: D100 Location 01-05 Bridge 06-11 Engines 12-16 Manoeuvre 17-35 Sick Bay 36-75 Crew Compartments 76-80 Ion Cannon 81-84 Port Laser 85-88 Starboard Laser 89-96 Open Space 97-00 Hyperspace Captain Kurt Torrance: A tough, no-nonsense, by the books ship captain with a strong sense of duty and fair play... except when dealing with pirates, whom he considers the "scum of the universe.” DEX 8 Action Points 2 Pilot 85% General Crew Skills: Gunnery 80% Mechanical 70% Speeding Blade - Pirate Raider SPEED 8 HANDLING 6 SIZE 62 Modules: Bridge 4 Engines (TR70) 7 Manoeuvre (TR70) 5 Sick Bay (Autodoc) 1 Crew 30 (7 Crew Members) Weapons 4 Open Space 8 Hyperspace 3 Total Modules: 62 Armor – Shields – Hyperspace 3 Weapons: Prow Blaster (2): Damage 1D10, 90 degree forward arc Stern Blaster (2): Damage 1D8, 180 degree rear arc Hit Locations: D100 Location 01-07 Bridge 08-19 Engines 20-28 Manoeuvre 29-30 Sick Bay 31-80 Crew Compartments 81-84 Prow Blaster 85-88 Stern Blaster 89-96 Open Space 97-00 Hyperspace Captain Sasha Reeves: Hot-headed and somewhat reckless, she is wanted for numerous acts of piracy and smuggling and has been on the run for three standard years. DEX 11 Action Points 2 Pilot 75% General Crew Skills: Gunnery 75% Mechanics 50%
  6. I have two pieces of good news today: a preview of M-SPACE is now available for download and we also have a release date for the book. The preview is 30+ pages and will give you a good overall feeling for the game. A little bit of everything is included. If not sure whether this book is for you, here’s your chance to find out more. Head over to www.frostbytebooks.com to download it. The full game will be released at September 19. It will be a 220 page softback, in black and white, and initially be available from Lulu. More details later.
  7. Finally the test print has arrived! I'm very happy with the quality; Lulu do indeed make nice books these days. See photos below. There are a bunch of small corrections to make, but as soon as they are ironed out, I will make a PDF preview available. Shortly thereafter, the book will be released. I also want to alert you that the PDF BRP Starships in the download section will be taken down in a few days. There are a number of reasons, but mainly because of rights issues. I have no license to use BRP, and with this similar book going commercial, I cannot risk keeping the fan product around any longer. I think you will find M-SPACE a worthy successor, and that the additional material and rules upgrades makes it an attractive proposition.
  8. After going through the rules closely, and with the help of Lawrence and Pete created a simplified version of the combat rules, I have decided to use Mythras Imperative as the core ruleset for BRP Space. Or rather, what used to be BRP Space. The new title is M-SPACE. M as in Mythras, mythic (no, not the solo RPG engine) and modular. See the newish cover below. I think this will be a very good engine for running sci-fi scenarios and campaigns. It's a quick, flexible and creative ruleset, and with the additions brought with the book, I'm very happy with the result. And I am, as always, very grateful for the input I have gotten from all of you here on the forums. Thank you. I've already started adding the Mythras Imperative rules to the book, and I believe it will be a quite smooth process. I don't have an ETA yet though. Changing the core will result in a few rewrites throughout the book, and I'm not certain yet how extensive these will be (not breaking any compatibilties with other BRP engines though). I will keep you updated on my progress!
  9. In recent months I have, for various reasons, kept character sheets on my iPhone while playing. It's worked surprisingly well, using the annotation function in Evernote to keep track of changes. But the constant moving and zooming around the sheets made it a bit cumbersome after a while, so I have designed a smartphone-sized character sheet in PDF. It's made to fit an iPhone screen, but I'm sure it will work fine on most devices. The PDF consists of eight pages: Characteristics, Combat, one page for each skill category, Powers and Equipment. Fonts are big enough for easy reading and empty space generous, to make editing less fiddly on a small screen. Color coding is used to make navigation between the pages easier. Stats are for BRP Space, but as it's based on the BGB it will fit reasonably well with other games too. I also couldn't resist trying it out as a small printed folder - see photos below! I can see this come in handy in a crammed space. Let me know what you think of it. Are smartphones banned from your gaming table or is this solution something you could use? Is a "character folder" an interesting development?
  10. Hi all, as some of you know BRP Space (formerly BRP Starships) has been put on hold for a while. To make a long story short, I've been waiting for the new BRP Essentials to be announced. In the meantime I have improved the book as much as possible and my plan was to have an early copy of BRPE for developers by now. I also set this summer as a deadline for the book and for a couple of weeks now I have restarted my attempts to get a license for the core rules. I've been in contact with both Chaosium and The Design Mechanism. The result, as I see it, is two options: 1. Wait for BRP Essentials to be released, without really knowing what it will look like. Release time unknown - perhaps 6 months (my own best guess). 2. Go for Mythras Imperative, available now, making a few changes to adapt BRP Space to that ruleset. I have slowly come to the conclusion that I don't want to wait, and that Mythras Imperative is a very good option. But as many of you here on the forums have been involved in the creation and discussion on the book, I want to extend this question to you. Is Mythras Imperative a good choice for you as the core of the book? Let me know how you feel about all this.
  11. Yesterday my character Krys Noim ended up in a shabby 1930s dockside bar in downtown Glimminge, playing a game of poker with the gangsters running the place. This is how I did it. Using an extended conflict (with conflict pools calculated from characteristics), similar to the rules in Revolution d100, worked very well. 1. Choose the type of game - card games, dice, chess, etcetera. (This does not affect the following rules). 2. In a high-level gaming environment, a successful Gaming skill roll may be needed to be allowed to participate. 3. Calculate the conflict pools of all PCs involved: (INT+POW) divided by 2. This will be the equivalent of hit points, with Gaming as the "attack" skill. (A typical conflict takes 3-4 rounds to resolve - use INT+POW straight for the game to last longer). 4. Determine the "gaming stats" of NPCs as follows (if you don't already know them): Low-level/casual/beginner: Gaming 30%, Conflict pool 6. Mid-level/regular/knowledgable: Gaming 50%, conflict pool 11. High-level/proffessional: Gaming 70%, conflict pool 16. 5. Place your bets. The GM and players come to an agreement about the size of the bets. 6. Start playing! Use opposed rolls, with the highest success in Gaming skill winning the round. The winner deals 1d6 damage to every other participant (only roll damage once per round - everyone takes the same amount of damage). When a PC/NPC is reduced to a conflict pool of zero, s/he is out of the game. The last PC/NPC to have a conflict pool left wins the game. Now, either the winner takes it all, or the money is divided according to how many rounds each player won. (Example: Four players bet €100 each; €400 in total. The game lasted four rounds, with player 1 winning three (and winning the entire game) and player 2 winning one round. Player one gets €300 and player 2 €100. Or player 1 wins all €400). Cheating: To be able to cheat the skill Sleight of Hand is required. For every successful Sleight of hand roll, the cheater gets a +10% bonus on his/her Gaming skill the same round. Failure gives no bonus and the other card players will detect the cheating with a successful Spot roll. For more elaborate setups prepared beforehand, a larger bonus can be used. All in all, it turned out to be a quick and exciting way to resolve a situation like this. The actual dice rolling moment raised the intensity of the session in a way not far from a real poker game. At the same time it was fast paced enough to not bog down the scenario. (Krys Noim won big : ) His high Gaming skill (80%) saved him, despite his rather ordinary pool (11). The others may hold a grudge with him though... Not the best place to make enemies).
  12. There is now a small PDF booklet in Downloads detailing some of the iconic Star Wars spaceships. Stats for the BRP Starships/BRP Space rules are included for X-Wings, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyers among others. All modules are listed for each ship, to make them easy to tweak. Hit locations have been calculated for most of them. Hopefully all this will be useful to show how the ship building rules work. You will need BRP Starships (available in Downloads) to make sense of the stats. If your game is set in another universe, they might still useful as is or to use as templates. Please let me know what you think. All comments welcome. Written by Colin Brett & Clarence Redd
  13. As some of you might have seen, I've been looking into how to make good deckplans for BRP Space. After checking around a bit I've found a program called Dungeonographer. It's quite versatile for small to medium starships (up to about 200-300 Modules) and it's fast to work with. The example plan below took me about an hour without first consulting the manual - half of that was spent in Photoshop fine-tuning the looks. Let me know what you think of it! I haven't tried to do larger ships yet, but I think it will be a big time-saver to start in Dungeonographer, but move to Illustrator/Inkscape/Affinity Designer as quickly as possible. This is because Dungeonographer doesn't seem to support copy/paste of complete cubicles or sections, a must-have feature for large ships. I hope to make work more efficient this way. What I have realized so far, is how similar many medium-sized deckplans are. Cockpit, corridor with cubicles, small social space, cargo hold. Not much variation. At this level of detail it's not that surprising; regular ship deckplans that I have used as reference look fairly similar too. Or is it just that I'm being slightly uncreative here?
  14. Inspired by Tales of Terror published many years ago for CoC (and living a life of its own in some forum back then) I have written a handful of scenario seeds following the same concept but for sci-fi settings. Here is the first one. Feel free to contribute more seeds! I'm trying to stay under 800 words and after a short introduction three different developments are described. I'm also tagging them with a couple of descriptive terms for ease of use. The Theatre #terrorism #investigation The way the small theatre jokes vicsiously about the indigenous alien minority is not the worst - now they are suspects in a series of bombings. An old representative of the aliens', Socorro Nan Tali, makes contact with the characters. S/he, and many with her/him believes that law enforcement is not doing enough, and asks the characters to investigate both the theatre and the bombings. Something must be done before more people are hurt. 1. The connection between the theatre and the bombings are false. Visiting the theatre it is soon obvious the ensemble members are nothing but comedians, though not very good. Searching the last bomb site, an i'Dreeni sacred place for meditation, turns up both DNA and unusual ingredients not previously found, pointing in the direction of a small racist community on the outskirts of the city. Going after them with brute force will make them fight fiercely, with the characters probably needing help from the police, but infiltrating the community and spying out the masterminds of the attacks results in less bloodshed. 2. The Living Theatre of i'Dreeni is indeed a radical group, going from talking to action under the influence of a new member, Guerau Clara from a small racist community on the outskirts of the city. Sneaking around in the theatre will turn up both suspiscious behaviour and bomb-making ingredients. But catching the terrorists in action is not so easy... (see above). 3. A new member of the theatre, Guerau Clara, is actually an agent from neighboring planet Gerdr, trying to destabilize i'Dreeni by exploiting the suspicions between the two species. As a professional he leaves very few traces, but as he is quite bad on stage, he's been forced to bribe the leader of the theatre, Biel Leek, to not be kicked out. In a hidden compartment in his small flat a communications device can also be found. A simple but tedious tracking procedure will after a while give all the answers. The i'Dreeni: Amphibian humanoid (Strangeness 2) with fish-like scales and spindle-shaped head and limbs (limbs almost appearing to be segmented). Behaviour: Patient. Living in monogamous hermaphroditic pairs, taking turns giving birth, and at old age becoming a third middle sex. Appearance: Human-like in general body plan and size. Well camouflaged in i'Dreeni coastal landscape (light colors - beige, pale blues, light grays): -20% in Spot skill when trying to see an i'Dreeni. Large eyes with third semi-transparent eyelid mostly used underwater. Functional clothing. Communication: Sound. Two versions of language: One complex for use in air and a simplified version used underwater often over large distances. Skills: Swim 90%, Hide 75%, Stealth 75%. Natural weapon: Low-poisonous sting on wrists to stun prey when hunting. On humans the symptoms are dizziness for 30 minutes (all skills at -20%). The i'Dreeni are living off small water-dwelling lifeforms and algae, hunting and farming them in terraced systems of pools. Simple, open, rural buildings are scattered in small groups, often interconnected with the pool systems, with both wet and dry areas indoors. Have graciously shared their planet with various alien lifeforms for about 100 years, slowly becoming a minority. The i'Dreeni are mostly rural while the aliens (many humans among them) cluster together in small cities. They use high technology but mostly avoid it.
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