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Found 12 results

  1. There was a very useful thread that was lost in time where published CoC 7e materials and upcoming and rumored supplements where compiled. Since we already have an official new post with all that's been published for CoC 7e, I thought it migh be fun and useful to centralize the talk about upcoming supplements somewhere, and keep it as a reference. Feel free to expand on these. New Material: Regency Cthulhu (Source) Sci-Fi Cthulhu (Source) Modern Pulp Superhero Sourcebook by Chris Spivey (Source) The Curse of Seven: A Cthulhu By Gaslight Campaign (Source) The Dead Within: 1920s Campaign set in the USSR by Tim Wiseman (Source) Mobtown: Baltimore Sourcebook by Evan Perlman (Source) Let Sleeping Gods Lie: Down Darker Trails Scenario Book by Kevin Ross (Source) Hastur Book by Matthew Dawkins (Source) New editions: Arkham Unveiled (Source) Dunwich Sourcebook (Source) Kingsport Sourcebook (Source) Innsmouth Sourcebook (Source) Miskatonic University (Source) Cthulhu By Gaslight: Players and Keepers Books (Source) Dreamlands (Source) Shadows of Yog-Sothoth (Source)
  2. As one of its co-authors, I'm proud to announce the release of Hometown Horros, Vol. 1, a beautiful collaborative effort that makes its way to the Miskatonic Repository: Hometown Horrors, Vol. 1 contains 15 guided tours of the creepy, the spectacular, the terrifying, and the downright odd, all from places that our contributors call home. From the vacation homes of Martha’s Vineyard to the rural Appalachians, from Montreal to Havana, let our tour guides show you the best their hometowns have to offer for your Call of Cthulhu games. Each entry contains: a short history of the town, highlighting local landmarks and lore hooks to draw your investigators in and get them into harm’s way, and colorful NPCs to make a lasting impression. I authored the La Havana, Cuba chapter, and can attest the great care and hard work that was put into the project! You might even recognize some names from the growing Miskatonic Creators Circle. If you check it out, please let me or any of the authors know what you think!
  3. So, the most recent edition of Call of Cthulhu has a section at the end of the list of Lovecraftian tomes which lists Occult Books. As opposed to Mythos Tomes, these books don't actually tell you how the world really works (hence they give no Cthulhu Mythos skill), but give increases to Occult skill. It's also mentioned that these make good filler for villain libraries; you can have info penned in the margin, or even a spell doodled on the endpapers, without giving a super-useful item to the party. The ones given stats in the rulebook are: Beatus Methodivo, The Emerald Tablet, The Golden Bough, I Ching, Isis Evolved, The Key of Solomon, Malleus Maleficarum, the Oracles of Nostradamus, The Witch-Cult in Western Europe and The Zohar. I know Keepers have spent a lot of time and blog space writing up Mythos Tomes; what about some game stat interpretations of Real World occult books? Please post your interpretations below. Or, if you've come up with your own occult book with no mythos value, where you're proud of the backstory, feel free to post that here, too.
  4. I have Berlin The Wicked City, Masks of Nyarlathotep and Down Darker Trails, apart from the base set for CoC 7e, and was pleased to see the first two came with a map (and understand why DDT didn't, since it's a more general setting). This made me think about which other supplements include a map. I know bigger versions of some are available at the Red bubble store, but which ones already come with the smaller version included? Would love to know if Reign of Terror and Harlem Unbound come with one.
  5. Hello, I am trying to be a keeper in CoC 7ed since start of the august. After few first games I've been caught by thoughts that I am doing something wrong so I came here for clarification. First of all, how many actions do you have during the combat? Rulebook says that round is flexible unit so you can make significant action. But which action is significant? For example you can reload gun and move, but you cannot shoot after that, but (as I understand right) you can move, grab the knife, move back and attack, both actions would take a round but are they equal? As I understand movement is a free action, running - MOV x5 is free only for melee, but if you run before shooting you will get penalty die. Will you get penalty die if you grab weapon from the floor for example? I've tried to find topics about it but I didn't, so I am sorry if I duplicate quastion.
  6. Hi there, The CoC Keeper Rulebook (7e) says: Then some of my non-native-English-speaker friends argued that it implies Spending Luck can only be used once, is there really something about this limitation? I don't think so since the "one" here is used as pronoun. I know asking basic English language question here is quite stupid, sorry for the troubling.
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  10. Hello! My friends and I have produce an actual play 7E Call of Cthulhu podcast called Other World London. The game follows the women of the Royal London Spiritualism Society as they pull back the veil between our world and the next. We edit each episode as well as add music and sound effects. If you're interested, you can check it out on one of these platforms: iTunes/Stitcher/Google Play/Listen Notes/Podbean/
  11. Since Pookie did a review of Doors to Darkness (http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2016/10/the-call-of-cthulhu-ii-starter.html), is there any update on when it will be released to the general public?
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