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  1. In partnership with DriveThruRPG Chaosium is launching a new way for Call of Cthulhu creators to write and share their original material, and make money too. Starting soon! More details here: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/introducing-the-miskatonic-repository
  2. To avoid the fine tradition of further speculation in the face of an absence of facts, here's a different spin on the issue: what would you, the lowly customer, want to see between the covers of BRP Essentials?
  3. Going by the title and cover (which I couldn't find a full version of or I'd attach it), it looks like 'Alone Against the Wendigo' finally getting update to Seventh Edition as 'Alone Against the Frost' and is next on the release docket. I'm glad to hear that we will now have all three of Chaosium's published Solitaire adventures in Seventh. https://rollingboxcars.com/2019/09/13/editors-desk-chaosium-announces-the-impending-release-of-alone-against-the-frost/
  4. I hope it's okay that I put this up. I'm a writer, and I plan to put the adventure scenarios I create on itch.io, as a pay-what-you-want scenario modules. I'm writing mostly Call of Cthulhu scenarios right now, and I'm interested in knowing how much content I can pull from Chaosium books. Am I legally allowed to put up my writing as pay-what-you-want modules if I take some of the described cults in Pulp Cthulhu, or the monsters in S. Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors? In putting this up, I hope to accomplish two things. 1. Get answers to my questions. 2. Allow future members with the same questions to see this thread. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!
  5. Chaosium is contributing to Women in Tabletop Gaming Month. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting interviews with women creators who have worked with Chaosium in the past, continue to work with us now, and those who are just joining the Chaosium family. We’ve managed to gather together a fascinating group of women from all facets of the gaming industry (from writers and artists to publishers and graphic designers), all of whom have helped build Chaosium’s various gaming worlds over the years. Lynne Hardy, our assistant Call of Cthulhu line editor who compiled the interviews says, "I hope you’ll enjoy reading their stories as much as I have while editing them!" The list of the interviewees is in the link. More information about Women in Tabletop Gaming Month: http://womenintabletopgaming.com (Art credit: "Eaglebrown Warlock" by Michelle Lockamy, from The Glorantha Sourcebook.)
  6. The groundbreaking and revolutionary early history of our company, as recounted by Geek and Sundry's Benjamin Riggs, a wonderful read! (Also tells the strange-but-true story of how our illustrious founder Greg Stafford came to own the first-sold copy of Dungeons & Dragons, literally straight off Gary Gygax's printer!) https://geekandsundry.com/tarot-cards-told-him-to-start-a-game-company-the-dawn-of-chaosium/
  7. So... I have long presumed that Cthulhu profits are the core of the Chaosium business; that -- beloved though they are -- Runequest & Glorantha (and all the other lines, including card-games, etc) are simply too small to keep Chaosium going... at least, not at the scale they are going. There is the Cult of Chaos (organized play aka "demo monkey" program), which AFAIK nominally allows RQ/HQ/Glorantha content, but ... well, there's not much THERE there, for non-CoC stuff. I understand that Chaosium INTENDS to have ths stuff in place... eventually... I recently looked at the number-of-articles in each AbChaos since nuChaosium re-started that irregularity, and simply counting titles-of-articles it's clear where Chaosium is putting (the majority of) its energy. Good lord, just look at the number of 3rd-party licensees & products for each line... it's clear where the buying public is putting (the majority of) its energy money, so I'm not criticizing Chaosium! So I'm pretty confident in my presumption. But then I noticed something here on BRPCentral... Glorantha forum - 15K posts Runequest forum - 9K posts Cthulhu forum - 4K posts And I had a hard WTF moment: why does the RQ/Glorantha community have so much more ardent activity, but so much less in inclination to buy stuff, than CoC ???
  8. A quick note from Susan, our board games line editor: Exciting news—our next board game is close! Last year, after some 25 years away, Chaosium got back into boardgames. This first foray brought together German board game wizard Reiner Knizia and "the Grand Shaman of Games" himself Greg Stafford, for the family game Khan of Khans set in the mythic world of Glorantha. Very soon we'll be back with a Kickstarter for our first Lovecraftian board game since 1987! I'm excited to be working with Reiner again, exploring the world of horror in a fast-paced, fun-filled, push-your-luck game. Set in the treacherous and terrifying Restricted Collection of Miskatonic University's Orne Library, the game features grimoires, elder signs, academic politics and madness — and that endlessly renewable resource, graduate students! When the time comes we hope you'll join us on our journey by supporting this Kickstarter and make the Miskatonic University game a reality! Kickstarter Launch Date: late April!
  9. Fantasy Flight Game's Masks of Nyarlathotep Expansion for Eldritch Horror is now out in general release! And there's a flyer in the box about the forthcoming new edition of Masks for Call of Cthulhu, with a link to this landing page: https://www.chaosium.com/masks. When Chaosium's new edition of Masks is released, it will feature a similar shout-out to the FFG board game. This is all part of a closer collaboration between Chaosium and Fantasy Flight Games.
  10. 2017 - Chaosium's Year in Review Posted by Michael O'Brien on January 01, 2018 By Rick Meints, President - Chaosium On this last day of the year we at Chaosium look back on the whole of 2017 with great pride. While we always have things we can improve, we also need to remind ourselves of how much we have accomplished—especially in terms of bringing out new books and games that surprise and delight our customers. In general, 2017 has been a year of growth for Chaosium. We produced more books and games than we did last year, and printed them in greater numbers, while never sacrificing quality. New members of the Chaosium team As our production output has cranked up, we've added new members to the Chaosium team. In 2017, our CFO Neil Robinson fully embraced the Chaos with a full-time role at Chaosium as our Chief Operating Officer. We also welcomed (from left to right) Susan O'Brien (line editor for board and card games), Ian Cooper (line editor for HeroQuest), James Lowder (executive editor for fiction), Lillian Cohen-Moore (director of marketing and media) and Lynne Hardy (Call of Cthulhu assistant editor - it's good to have a Lynn(e) back at Chaosium!) ENnies! As you can imagine, we were most gratified to receive ten ENnies this year at Gen Con, particularly because the awards spanned our art, writing, and production quality. Our full color hardcover standard was certainly a fan favorite, and we were delighted to receive the Silver ENnie for ‘Fan Favourite Publisher’, behind our friends at WotC. When accepting the Fan Favourite Award, Chaosium founder Greg Stafford said the awards were a tremendous honor and thanked the fans—whether they voted for Chaosium or not—"because it's the fans that make the industry thrive". On a personal note, Greg added he was also very happy the new Chaosium team is carrying on the great work and reputation for innovation and quality that the company was known for back to the golden age of gaming. We appreciate the efforts of all the creators (writers, artists, production staff) behind our ENnie success, and we thank everyone who voted for us. Call of Cthulhu For Call of Cthulhu we published The Two-Headed Serpent, The Grand Grimoire, and Down Darker Trails in print and hardback, and released Reign of Terror, Petersen's Abominations, and Alone Against the Dark in PDF (physical books will be released in Q1 2018). These span quite a range of topics and timeframes, from the French Revolution, to the Wild West, to Pulp era of the 1930's, and up to the modern day. With the publication of Reign of Terror we have at long last been able to bring to a close our Horror on the Orient Express Kickstarter, somewhat ironically within one month of the wonderful big box of scenarios that is the Horror on the Orient Express going out of print (at least for a little while). We are on the verge of completing the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter as well. The final premium backer reward known as the "Temple Edition" remains to be sent out in January of 2018. Those premium books bound in real red leather goatskin will be a great start to the New Year. RuneQuest, HeroQuest, Glorantha We have also been busy with RuneQuest, HeroQuest and Glorantha, with more than a half-dozen titles added to our catalog. Of particular note was the RuneQuest Quickstart we produced for Free RPG Day in June. It provided several thousand recipients a taste of what's to come with the new edition of RuneQuest, due out in 2018. Our participation in Free RPG Day also allows us to support your friendly local game stores. Speaking of FLGSs, we also continued to help sign up more retail sites for the Bits-and-Mortar program, providing you with free PDFs of our books when you purchase them in a game store. Our HeroQuest line saw the release of the two-part "Red Cow" campaign, with the The Coming Storm is available in hardback and PDF, and The Eleven Lights in PDF (hardback due in early 2018). While the 4 additional titles (Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, Plunder and Rune Masters) we added to our RQ Classics line were well-received, we know we still have more overdue titles to go before we can wrap up the RQ Classic Kickstarter in 2018. Lastly, we greatly enjoyed the debut of Khan of Khans, our Gloranthan card game designed by German board games legend Reiner Knizia. It was a favourite at the demo table at every convention we attended this year, and the first of several more board and card games we have in the works. New submissions guidelines for all lines As part of our website redesign, we launched new submissions guidelines this year. We're keen to open the door to mythic adventure to writers, designers, and artists, and these are the blueprints for the process: we have guidelines for RPGs, fiction, board and card games and art. We also announced the return of our house magazine for Glorantha, Wyrms Footnotes, with the aim of regularly publishing articles, maps, short scenarios, background, fiction and more, exploring Greg Stafford’s World of Glorantha. New Licensing policies We also launched new licensing policies, offering individuals, small publishers and commercial partners the opportunity to share their creations or to partner with us. This year, we've seen a plethora of wonderful releases produced by our licensees. One in particular to single out is Stygian Fox Publishing's The Things We Leave Behind, which won a gold ENnie in the Best Electronic Book category for their licensed Call of Cthulhu release The Things We Leave Behind. And we applaud and thank our French language licensee Éditions Sans Détour, whose wonderful artwork graces the S. Petersen Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors, winner of two ENnies. The Miskatonic Repository Another way we're supporting and valuing the contributions of the wider Chaosium Tribe is through the Miskatonic Repository, which went live in December. The repository is an official online collection of user-made content for Call of Cthulhu, hosted on DriveThruRPG (very similar to the DM's Guild). To help creators get their material up fast we've made special free Art Packsavailable, and there are easy-to-use templates. We're excited about this initiative, and there are already some excellent products in the repository, with many more on the way! Conventions This past year saw us greatly expand our presence at conventions, both in the USA and around the world. After more than a decade's absence, Chaosium returned to Origins in Columbus, OH, and we also greatly enjoyed the first PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA —we'll be back at both in 2018. When you add those to our regular attendance at UK Games Expo (Birmingham, UK), HP Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon (Portland, OR), Eternal Con(Bacharach, Germany), Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN), Necronomicon (Providence, RI), The Kraken (Berlin, Germany), Spiel (Essen, Germany), Dragonmeet (London, UK) and PAXAus (Melbourne, Australia), and having one or two or some of us at conventions including GeekGirl Con (Seattle, WA), OrcaCon (Bellevue, WA), NordCon (Hamburg, Germany), Gamehole Con Madison, WI), Concrete Cow(Milton Keynes, UK), D6 Con (Rugby, UK), GrogMeet (Manchester, UK), Gamestorm (Portland, OR), and AetherCon (on line), we sometimes feel we're always on the road. Regardless, we love running demos, chatting with our fans, getting your feedback, and playing games with you all. We have lots more convention appearances lined up for 2018. Podcasts While face-to-face chats are wonderful, we also greatly enjoyed chatting about what's up at Chaosium on a number of podcasts, including (but not limited to) the Good Friends of Jackson Elias, the Miskatonic University Podcast, Legends of Tabletop, and the Grognard Files, among others. Seeing Chaosium on line—watching, listening and experiencing our games being talked about and played—is another area we're working on building up in 2018. We look forward to sharing our mythic stories in 2018 On behalf of all of us at Chaosium—Greg, Sandy, Dustin, Nick, Mike, Rick, Jeff, Neil, MOB, Raja, Todd, Jason, Susan, Ian, James, Lillian and Lynne, thank you for helping make 2017 such a wonderful year. We look forward to sharing our mythic stories, and to many more wonderful conventions, games, and products in 2018.
  11. Chaosium releases are notable for their high quality art and cartography. At the 2017 ENnies, Chaosium releases won awards for Best Cover Art (gold), Best Interior Art (silver), Best Cartography (gold) and Best Production Values (gold), among others. We strive to maintain this award-winning standard across our product lines, working with artists from around the world. Artists interested in working on Chaosium projects can enquire through our new Art Submissions page: https://www.chaosium.com/art-submission
  12. It is twenty years after the end of the global wars. Our world lies in ruin. Once-great cities are now nothing more than shattered hulks populated with bioengineered soldiers, giant rats, and rogue robots. This is the world of Rubble & Ruin, a setting inspired by the classic post-apocalyptic fiction of the 1970's and 80's, where players take the role of prospectors searching the rubble for surviving technology. Here you'll find a description of the ruined city and its denizens, a bestiary, information on hostile elements, common trade goods, and sample gangs. Character generation includes six cultures, seven new races, and a section for biomodifications, cybernetics, nano-psionics, and dozens of new failings. Spot Rules for barter, firearms, the building of and fighting from cars, and the prospector’s best friend; the common dog. Also includes two full-length adventures. By Rich LeDuc. 130 pages. Published by Chaosium April 2010.
  13. UK Games Expo 2017 is fast approaching! Chaosium will be there, with seminars, designers, and the Cult of Chaos running games. Here a list of the stock we'll have available at our booth - Stand C5 NEC Hall 1. Lots of Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, and Glorantha stuff, including The Guide to Glorantha. And don't worry, if you buy at the booth, we'll also send you the PDF! All prices are in UK Pounds. CALL OF CTHULHU 7TH EDITION 7th edition Quickstart 5 Alone Against the Flames 5 Slipcase set – hardcover 99 Slipcase set – leatherette 199 Cthulhu by Gaslight 15 Deadlight 5 Doors to Darkness 25 Grand Grimoire 30* Horror Orient Express (+GM screen) 99 Investigator Handbook 35 Keeper Rulebook 35 Keeper Screen Pack 25 Keeper Deck (set of 4) 20 Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion 60 Nameless Horrors 15 Petersen Field Guide 20 Pulp Cthulhu 35 Ripples from Carcosa 10 Two-headed Serpent 35* CTHULHU FICTION & MISC. Cassilda's Song 10 Edge of Sundown 10 Eldritch Chrome 10 Legacy of the Reanimator 10 Steampunk Cthulhu 10 HPL's CoC for Beginning Readers 10 Call of Cthulhu - The Coloring Book (Convention Special: 50% off!) 5 GLORANTHA Guide to Glorantha Slipcase set 120 Heroquest Glorantha 20 The Coming Storm 20 RuneQuest 2 Classic Hardcover 20 RQ OSR (pack of 5) 25 King of Sartar 15 *the ship bringing these particular items to the UK docked at Southhampton late last week. We do not know for certain when the books will be delivered to the Kixto warehouse in Exeter. If they get there prior to UK Game Expo we will try our best to get them to the show. At this point it is all down to how long it takes to clear Customs. Come see us at Stand C5 NEC Hall 1
  14. Only one review online, would love to hear more impressions! Has anyone read it or played it yet?
  15. [This was also recently posted on the Chaosium news page] To all members of the Chaosium tribe, here's the deal about purchasing products direct from our website, Chaosium.com: —All products come with the PDF included in the price —If the PDF is released first, you'll get the full price of the PDF off as a discount when the print version comes out —We have stock in three warehouses around the world (USA, UK and Australia), saving you time and money on shipping —Get it first! New releases will always appear on our website before they become available in game stores or elsewhere. And some items are Chaosium.com exclusives! ...so save your SAN, embrace chaos - order direct from us! Sign up to our Ab Chaos newsletter via Facebook or on our front page and never miss out when new products are released.
  16. Now that I have just finished sending out all 2100+ freebies for the PDF download on DriveThruRPG, please let me get your feedback. If you find any typos or similar please post them here.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Anyone here planning on going to DunDraCon? http://www.dundracon.com/ Anyone planning on running (especially RQ ( most especially a playtester/demo-monkey running RQ:Next ) ) at DunDraCon? I see the good folk at DDC already have a special "Basic Game" track (adhering to a strict format) for CoC7 (also FAE & D&D5) ... http://www.dundracon.com/Submit_Game.php?Type=COC7 N.B. much-less-strict format can be had in the general game, but I believe those games are expected to run about 8 hours, instead of 4. For those who've never been to a 'Con -- it's really worth going! If you live in/near the SF Bay Area, or can arrange a visit over "Presidents Day Weekend" (17-20 Feb) -- I urge you to do so! My own reaction, driving home after the first time I attended, was "That was great! Let's go again next weekend!" Alas for annual events...
  19. So I'm setting up a Call of Cthulhu game and I'm having some trouble choosing between all of the many ways I can run this. My friends say they would like to be a little more than the mundane average joe as they are used to running fantasy themed rpgs and not really anything close to horror. This is my first Call of Cthulhu game and want to make it entertaining for everyone. I have thought about Chronicles of Darkness/Hunter: The Vigil and making it CoC themed. I have also thought about D20 CoC (which uses DnD 3.5 rules) with Pathfinder rules. I am however a bit nervous about using the Chaosium 7th edition CoC since I've read a great deal of the 6th edition and am pretty much used to that way. Is there a way to use the 7th edition rules and make them more than the average joe?
  20. In case you missed it, here's a link to the Chaosium Call of Cthulhu Gen Con Panel I recorded from Gen Con on Friday (Aug 5th) for those who couldn't go. Mike Mason, Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richards, Paul Fricker, and Lynn Hardy talk about new plans for the Cthulhu line and share some juicy new details. The youtube description contains a breakdown of topics and timestamps. Biggest news is a new campaign from Lynn Hardy, new Pulp Cthulhu campaign from Paul Fricker, new collection of scenarios from Sandy Petersen, and remarks about quality and production from all Cthulhu products down the road. Exciting stuff!Audio version here: http://outofspacegames.blogspot.com/2016/08/gen-con-2016-call-of-cthulhu-panel.html
  21. Hey all, a new RQ Design notes is now up at the Chaosium page: http://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-10/ ------- Good news RuneQuest fans - the manuscript for the core rules of RuneQuest has now been passed over to Jason Durall for copy editing! Jason's been informally involved with the design team from the beginning as a sounding board, but now he's taking on a very active role (including correcting any of the many mistakes and errors that may have snuck in as I finalized the draft). He'll also be writing the rules examples based on the ongoing character saga within the book. So, what's in the final manuscript? The core rules include character creation, homelands, runes, passions, rune magic and cults (I think there are 17 short cult write ups in the core rules, plus 2 spirit cults), spirit magic, new spirit combat rules, new shamanism rules, new sorcery rules (including notes on Malkionism, Aeolianism, and Lhankor Mhy sorcery), wealth and occupation rules, and material on running seasonal campaigns. Plus plenty more. Right behind the core rules is the Glorantha Bestiary, which has over 60 species statted up, 4 or 5 short cult write-ups (including Kyger Litor, of course), and creating adventurer information for 6+ species (and enough information to wing it with almost all the other Elder Race entries). The third core RuneQuest book is the Gamemaster Book, which includes HeroQuesting information, rules on Heroes (with a capital H), Chaos, Illumination, more short cult writeups (including the Red Goddess, with brand new Lunar magic), magic items, loads of encounters, and 3 or 4 scenarios (by Chris Klug, Jason Durall, MOB, and myself). That's a lot of stuff. That's why we've decided to divide the new rules into three books, because that way we could put out everything we wanted to, and keep each book a reasonable length. And for me, I always prefer having a separate Bestiary from the core rules, and although I am a huge fan of having starting scenarios immediately available, I do think they are better not in the "players book". So I kind of snuck at two bombshells in there, didn't I? First is that the new sorcery system is written. It is NOT that of RQ3 (or even Sandy's sorcery rules). It is much easier and way more Gloranthan than the RQ3 rules. And it will be the likely subject of the next design notes. But the other bombshell is the new rules for playing or running Heroes in RuneQuest. Heroes gain an increasing presence in the otherworld, which becomes a tremendous source of power, but also requires that the hero be worshiped to maintain it (that worship can be regular or propitiatory). A hero can return from the dead, and can gain other abilities such as unaging as a result of heroquest gifts. Heroes no longer need to be "super-skilled" - their "Hero Soul" and heroquest gifts enables them to do remarkable things, even if their actual skills are in the range of a Rune Lord or Priest. And that too will likely be the subject of a future design note!
  22. The newest segment of the RuneQuest Designer Notes is up at the Chaosium mainsite http://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-5/ Designing the New RuneQuest - Part 5 Posted by Michael O'Brien on April 27, 2016 By Jeff Richard A few thoughts on RuneQuest combat... RuneQuest combat is a fundamentally different experience than in most other roleplaying games. First, and I think most commonly talked about, the actions in a RuneQuest combat correspond with what we imagine might actually happen in a melee - someone swings a sword at you, you are in big trouble unless you can parry it with another weapon or shield or get out of the way. Unlike level-based games, in RQ all human beings have more or less the same range of hit points, unless increased as the result of magic or from heroquesting. People often call this the "realism" in RuneQuestcombat mechanics. However, I think that misses the point. The realism of RQ combat IMO is not in the values given for hit points or the specific spread between hit locations, or how skill values are calculated. It is from the results of combat - from the inherent dangers in resorting to violence. Combat always poses a risk in RuneQuest. I was playtesting the new rules recently with a group of players that included Rob Heinsoo. What everyone noted is how deliberate the decision to resort to violence needs to be in RuneQuest - battle is dangerous, and not something lightly undertaken. Not only that, but RuneQuest is not balanced in the traditional sense. Your characters will regularly encounter things that are simply more powerful than they are and the only sensible response to these encounters is to flee. The Crimson Bat, Cwim, heck even some Full Priest dragonewts and their followers, could wipe out whole parties of rune lords and rune priests. Some monsters are so dangerous that the only way to have a chance is to first quest into the Gods World to find some mythological vulnerability or bypass. The result of this is a sense of fragile mortality that is utterly unlike most other RPG experiences. In HeroQuest, you play the protagonist of a narrative, in 13th Age, you play an epic hero - but in RuneQuest, no matter how mighty you are, defeat and disaster is always just around the corner. You could say it is anti-heroic heroic fantasy. No matter how it is sliced, RuneQuest is crunchy. But granularity that is not used in play can be discarded. A lot of the RQ3 granularity read better than it played, and I've gone through and tried to hack it out. Remember, rules that don't get used shouldn't be in the book. As we continue to fine tune the new Chaosium edition of RuneQuest, more and more I find I'm stripping rules down to about RuneQuest 2.5, and then we're working in the consequences of Runes and Passions. The new combat rules are primarily derived from RQ2, including how certain attributes such as hit points and weapon characteristics work. However, Runes and Passions have a potentially big impact on combat mechanics - but not on the combat results. Both Runes and Passions allow the character to be inspired within certain limitations. For example, the Air Rune is the rune of violence and destruction. A character in the midst of a melee combat may try to call upon the primal powers of Air to get a bonus to their sword skill. A character strongly loyal to their temple may try to inspire themselves when carrying out a cult mission. In playtesting, people have strongly role-played their Runes and passions and have a game incentive to do so. But inspiration can and does fail, resulting in penalties across the board. There are no hero points or luck points to bail the adventurer out - and in the end even your Rune Lord-Priest with their heroquest gifts will face mortality's sharp bite!
  23. http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=c3792dc30db9982558880998c&id=303430ebda FIRST ANNUAL UPDATE - 2 June 2016 Rick Meints President, Chaosium Today marks one year since the Great Old Ones returned to Chaosium. I paused after writing that. The last 12 months went by so quickly, and so much has happened it is hard to take it all in. We in the new Chaosium have worked very hard to transform a company on the verge of bankruptcy into a thriving and profitable company. To that effect, we wanted to share with you some of our struggles and successes from this past year. The first four months: firefighting, tough choices The first four months of the new Chaosium consisted of a great deal of research to understand the full scope of all the problems Chaosium faced, and all of the proverbial fire-fighting that comes with dealing with them. We had to turn a company that was losing money every month into one that could at least meet payroll, pay enough bills to keep the lights on, and make real progress on fulfilling its Kickstarter obligations. By making a number of tough and sometimes painful choices, including closing the Hayward office and warehouse at the end of September, we succeeded in all of those goals. The next four months: evoking the "orderium" The next four months consisted of preparing to balance the company between being the Chaosium that everyone knows and loves and being a bit more like the "Orderium", a company that has internal processes with consistent standards. Fixing Chaosium needed to involve far more than just writing a big check to pay off debts and cover future expenses. For the Chaosium to produce ground-breaking games that amaze and delight gamers, the Orderium needed to follow schedules, stay within budgets and plan out the most efficient ways to professionally run a stable business. The debts to most authors, artists, and editors have now been paid, and we have a clear path for completing this important obligation. We also dealt with a large number of overdue bills to all manner of businesses, taxing authorities, and governmental agencies. All along the way it took longer than we had anticipated to get the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Kickstarter fully back on course. Instead of merely paying the printer to start the presses rolling we had to review, revise, and/or continue the creation of the books, combining them into a coherent package of products that have since been known as the core rewards: The Keeper Rulebook, Investigator Handbook, Keeper Screen Pack, Nameless Horrors, and the Petersen Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors. Our work isn’t finished yet, although we take great satisfaction in having delivered thousands of books to the 3000 backers who had been waiting since 2013. The last four months: reconnecting and looking to the future The last four months have been about focusing more and more on the future. With our finances in a less precarious position, it is now much more about allocating money to the product pipeline of new RPG books, fiction titles, and card games that we are creating. We are broadening our range of games with the return ofRuneQuest to the Chaosium family of RPGs. We will be relaunching our Basic Roleplaying line with a new edition of Mythic Iceland. As for card games, we’re working on a new edition of Credo and have partnered with Reiner Knizia to publishKhan of Khans. Part of our new approach includes increasing Chaosium’s production standards to much higher levels. Take a look at the new Petersen Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors or Pulp Cthulhu and you will see these new standards in action. We have switched our main RPG titles to full color interiors on a higher standard of paper. If you compare either of those two books to a Chaosium RPG book from a year or two ago you will see a stark contrast in quality. Another achievement we take great pride in is the rebuilding and restoration of communicating with our customers and fans. They are the life blood of the company. While we learned much along the way, our patient and appreciative audience continues to grow far beyond our expectations: Thus far, Chaosium’s fallow presence on Google+ has grown from about 500 members to over 2500. Our Twitter audience has grown by over 400% to more than 5700 followers. The reinvigorated Chaosium Facebook page has gone from 1867 likes to 7332 and rising. Our partnership with basicrolepaying.org has allowed us to participate more actively on forums relating to all of Chaosium’s games, past, present and future, especially in the increasingly active Cthulhu, Cult of Chaos, RuneQuest, and Glorantha sections. Those forums have seen over 1000 new participants join in the conversations hosted there. Adding to our corporate voice is our newly relaunched Organized Play group of GMs, the Cult of Chaos. Its ranks have swelled from around 200 to over 1300 participants. However, there is much left to do and say, and with all the support, suggestions and enthusiasm generated on social media we look forward to reconnecting even more with our audience. A Company worth saving We want to close this brief review with a word of thanks to the many many people who supported us all along the way. As we heard numerous times, it could have been far easier to just turn off the lights and call it a day, but Chaosium is a company worth saving. There is a lot of work left to do, and the kind words of encouragement and support truly helped us bring a little order into this wonderfully chaotic and iconic company. For so many things, we thank you. And I personally can’t begin to thank all those involved in allowing me to have the job of lifetime, Rick
  24. As the new Director of Organized Play, I would like to introduce myself and invite you to join me at the game table this year. My name is Todd Gardiner and I am tasked with getting more people to have their first experience with Chaosium games and making more opportunity for existing players to play more in our worlds.Whether it is Call of Cthulhu, Heroquest, or any of our other great games, these games are top notch experiences and we want more people to have a chance to play them. To do that, we need more GMs running sessions. Both demos and full game sessions. It is our goal to support that effort by GMs. The first step is getting a pool of people who are interested. As our first push in recruitment this year, we would like existing GMs who plan to go to any conventions this year to fill out this survey: Chaosium GM Info Form We hope to hugely boost the number of games being run in 2016. In particular at GenCon. Feedback from this huge event says that literally hundreds of players would have played Call of Cthulhu at GenCon if they could have found an event listing that wasn't full. We need far more GMs to meet the needs of GenCon, and likely, every other event this year. We want to hear where you are going to attend, what support would be best to get you running games, and what systems you are comfortable running. And we want to remind you that Chaosium already has an incentive program. For each event you run, we offer a $3 discount on the Chaosium website after that completed event is registered with us. Your survey response can help us build on that. Be aware that this recruitment push is also matched by efforts on our end to get to more conventions, to run quick demos on Call of Cthulhu and other games, to have game designers present for seminars and conversations. While we can't reach everywhere, we do want to expand our presence and stand side-by-side with you at these conventions. Join us this year in sending mighty heroes on great quests, in blasting the sanity of unsuspecting investigators, or in introducing your own worlds built on our systems to new players. See you at the table! --Todd Gardiner Director of Organized Play and Event Coordinator Chaosium Inc.
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