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Found 34 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    A crude sheet for portraying Selenim characters (based on Ian Young's notes).
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Character Sheets for Nephilim Originally uploaded to yahoo group by jessejmulkey December 5, 2011
  3. Version 1.0.0


    An autocalculating Excel character sheet. A PastLife generator is provided but doesn't update the character sheet. Originally uploaded to nephilim yahoo group by prydeson Jan 29, 2005
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Coloured Character sheets Originally uploaded to Nephilim Yahoo group by jp_james Nov 5, 2002
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Original sheets Originally uploaded to Nephilim Yahoo group by jp_james Nov 5, 2002
  6. Version 2.3.2


    A custom form-fillable adventurer sheet for Magic World. The sheet uses JavaScript to auto-calculate many fields dynamically, includes a built-in dice-roller (species-sensitive), changes base skill values based on species (the eight mentioned in the rules), automatically applies the correct category modifier for weapons skills, contains numerous tool-tips, lets you import a character sketch in JPEG, BMP or PNG format, and more! Feedback welcome.
  7. Version 1.1.0


    Previous Versions 0.2b Updated to include better rune affiliations, cults, rune points, skills (including some corrections). Tried to get as much practical information on the front page while keeping the same general layout as before. 0.3b Updated to include combat skills, addition of shield to combat silhouette, adjusted passions to allow better usage, and some minor rearrangement. It should be pretty function at this point though you might need reading glasses. 0.70b This is probably about the best I can manage short of the final game. Added all known skills in list, adjusted font sizes and styles for readability (if over 45 you may still need glasses), updated layout, many minor tweaks. Two versions of this one with a splash of color and one solely in black and white. Final version until the release of the full game barring any glaring errors. 0.75b One more with some minor fixes discovered while using during play. Fixed track skill percent which was incorrect and too high. Changed Point to HP on listed weapons to avoid confusion based on new players feedback. Everything else is the same. 0.76b Fixed the glaring error of wrong hit location number for chest on the homunculus. 0.78b Added an approximation of the new RuneQuest logo and did some minor layout fixes Previous versions can be found here: https://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/581-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-character-sheet/ Current 1.0 Updated to released version of RuneQuest. Contains three varieties, black & white, color, and textured. This version supersedes the previous ones above.
  8. Auto-magical, form-fillable adventurer sheet for Magic World. The sheet has been tested pretty extensively by myself, and others have reported success with it. The latest version 2.0.0, is for all intents and purposes "final." The PDFs were created in Foxit PhantomPDF, and use a fair number of javascript functions to calculate all kinds of stuff throughout the sheet, to save you the headache of having to do all of the tedious data entry. Update 5/20/2019 Very minor bug-fix. Changed the way the armor penalty applies to perception skills. Insight is no longer affected, because a helmet that you can't see out of enough to read someone's body language doesn't seem like a very awesome design. I also uploaded the custom sheet I use for my home game that's set in the B/X setting of Dolmenwood by Gavin Norman, that I adapted for BRP/Magic World. I use social class, and a reputation system (nicked from RuneQuest: Glorantha). I can't imagine why it would be useful or interesting to anyone but me, but if you want a game with goatmen, grimalkin, moss dwarfs, woodgrue, wodewoses, and whatnot. Maybe it's something you can pull apart and edit in Adobe or Foxit Phantom yourself? Who knows, the world is your oyster. If you really want the 20 pages long gazetteer and house rules document I whipped up, PM me. Update 12/22/18 Created a version of the sheet that has no calculated fields. All of the form fields are still there, but you'll have to enter everything manually. Hopefully useful for those people that like to house-rule the hell out of their game (you can still import an image file into the portrait box if you want). Update 6/19/18 Lots of changes under the hood and some cosmetic flourishes. This is about as "final" as it gets (unless somebody reports a show-stopping bug). Changes: More easily track weapon skills in the weapons section (no need to use Miscellaneous entries) Type in a weapon type in the skill name field (swords, bows, spears, etc. and it should automatically apply the correct characteristic bonus (uses regular expressions with wildcards, so maybe it doesn't catch every permutation, but it captures a lot). Biggest change: base skills change based on species selected from the drop-down menu based on the default values in the bestiary. Fancy version with a decorative border (royalty-free, open-source art) and a plain, no-art sheet that's a little smaller (about 2mb vs. 1mb respectively). UPDATE 5/12/18: Hi guys, I figured out a way to somewhat elegantly combine the two sheets I was maintaining into one. You can choose standard Hit Points or Heroic with a toggle button now. Additionally, I added some check boxes to make it easier to adjust armor penalties on the fly (without having to zero out values or do the math in your head). and you can check a box if you become a champion of Light, Balance or Shadow and it will adjust Hit Points or Magic Points respectively and no longer references the Allegiance points in calculations. Also some other quality of life improvements, like an extra entry in the species drop-down menu for "human+" that will change the dice roller to 2D6+6 for all characteristics (Elric! style). Lastly I cleaned up some of the code so it should calculate fields faster and the file footprint was reduced by about 15%. Features: Characteristic Generator button (invisible when you print) for 9 species: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Beast-man, Orc, Ogre, and Troll (Human+ uses boosted dice: 2D6+6 for every characteristic) Automatic calculation of derived characteristics like HPs, Major Wound, Characteristic rolls, Characteristic bonuses, Magic Points, MP regeneration rate, and damage bonus. Fields for tracking temporary changes to Characteristics, extra Hit Points, extra Magic Points. Distributed skills summed up to easily reference how competent your character is and for free form character generation. Extra fields for custom skills Skill penalties for armor automatically apply to Agility Roll, as well as Physical, Manipulation and Perception skills (toggle buttons to turn apply the penalties or remove them) Total Hit Points recalculated for characters who have become Champions of Balance (CON + SIZ + POW) Automatically recalculates MP for Champions of Shadow (get POW x2 MP) Grimoire section with fields to help you track spell levels in memory and Free INT. lots of hover-over tool-tips The sheet is in the style of the official adventurer sheet at the back of the book. It's unprotected, so if you have PDF editing software like Acrobat or Foxit Phantom, you can edit these however you see fit. The most up to date sheet below.
  9. Version 1.1


    These are my edited first two pages of Chaosium's human Character Sheet for RuneQuest: Glorantha (RQG). These two pages should be sufficient for players who prefer to write their own backgrounds/biographies. I kept the overall look of the original sheet while shuffling things around and adding some things I thought were missing: Removed weapon category skills (only kept "natural weapons"), moved equipment to the first page, moved Rune Affinities and Passions to 2nd page, added 8 rune affinities (Chaos, Plant, Law, etc.) added "Original" and "Current" characteristic lines, added armor type/ENC/SIZ per location lines and a move speed line, added blank lines (at least one) to most skill categories, including weapons and Sorcerous Magic, divided the long lines in equipment and spells sections, moved Mount/Ally section to 2nd page (from 3rd), and probably other minor things I forgot about.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    These are my edited first two pages of Chaosium's elf Character Sheet for RuneQuest: Glorantha (RQG). These two pages should be sufficient for players who prefer to write their own backgrounds/biographies. I kept the overall look of the original sheet while shuffling things around and adding some things I thought were missing: Removed weapon category skills (only kept "natural weapons"), moved equipment to the first page, moved Rune Affinities and Passions to 2nd page, added 8 rune affinities (Chaos, Plant, Law, etc.) added "Original", "Current", and "Species Max" characteristic lines, added armor type/ENC/SIZ per location lines, added a move speed line, added blank lines (at least one) to most skill categories, including weapons and Sorcerous Magic, divided the long lines in equipment and spells sections, moved Mount/Ally section to 2nd page (from 3rd), added a "Race" line (replacing "Ransom", which was removed), added race-specific color and pretty pictures to the frame, and probably other minor things I forgot about.
  11. M – SPACE Player: Name: Home World: Culture: Career: Age: Strength: Constitution: Size: Dexterity: Intelligence: Power: Charisma: Action Points: Damage Modifier: Experience Modifier: Healing Rate: Initiative: Luck Points: Move Rate: Wealth: STANDARD SKILLS Athletics (str+dex): Boating (str+con): Brawn (str+siz): Conceal (dex+pow): Customs (int x2): Dance (dex+cha): Deceit (int+cha): Drive (dex+pow): Endurance (con x2): Evade (dex x2): First aid (dex+int): Influence (cha x2): Insight (int+pow): Locale (int x2): Native Tongue (int+cha): Perception (int+pow): Ride (dex+pow): Sing (pow+cha): Stealth (dex+int): Swim (str+con): Vacc Suit (dex+int): Willpower (pow x2): Zero G (dex x2): PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Acting (cha x2): Acrobatics (str+dex): Art (pow+cha): Astrogation (int x2): Bureaucracy (int x2): Commerce (pow+cha): Comms (int x2): Computers (int x2): Courtesy (int+cha): Craft (dex+int): Culture (int x2): Demolitions (int+pow): Disguise (int+cha): Electronics (dex+int): Engineering (int x2): Forgery (dex+int): Gambling (int+pow): Knowledge (int x2): Language (int+cha): PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Lockpicking (dex x2): Mechanics (dex+int): Medicine (int+pow): Musicianship (dex+cha): Navigation (int+pow): Oratory (pow+cha): Pilot (dex+int): ...Starship Politics (int+cha): Research (int+pow): Science (int x2): ...Astronomy ...Astrobiology Seamanship (int+con): Seduction (int+cha): Sensors (int+pow): Sleight (dex+cha): Streetwise (pow+cha): Survival (con+pow): Teach (int+cha): Track (int+con): Combat Styles: Gunnery (dex+pow): Unarmed (str+dex): Locations 01-03 Right Leg AP HP 04-06 Left Leg AP HP 07-09 Abdomen AP HP 10-12 Chest AP HP 13-15 Right Arm AP HP 16-18 Left Arm AP HP 19-20 Head AP HP Passions: Fatigue: Power Points: Equipment: Powers: Description: Download link for .txt file in a zip: http://dragonersdomain.com/forum/download/file.php?id=764
  12. Version 1.2.0


    A custom Magic World adventurer sheet inspired heavily by the official Chaosium adventurer sheet found in the back of the Magic World rule book. (There is a form-fillable version of this sheet available as well). Feedback welcome.
  13. Hello all! I have been running a game of Runequest 3, but have had to use some mediocre quality PDFs of the character sheet. I have had a lot of trouble tracking down a high-quality, sharp version of the character sheet. This is the best I've found so far. If you have a better version or know where I can find one, PLEASE let me know!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is the original RQ 3 character sheet scanned in at 600x600 in color. Nothing fancy, but all I could find online were blurry jpgs.
  15. Does anyone have a Form Fillable character sheet or just a pdf of The Nephilim Character sheet?
  16. Version 6.0.0


    This is my first attempt to design a new character sheet for HeroQuest Glorantha. It is designed to serve as both a worksheet for the as-you-go character creation method and a final character sheet. My goal was to create a sheet for conventions or other settings where I am introducing newcomers to the game. After giving them their culture, community, occupation, and runes, I could allow them to customize the sheet as the game progressed, creating their own additional abilities and boosting their abilities as they wish. I was inspired in part by the great fun I had playing Fate at a convention back in June. That experience showed me how it could be fun to modify a character as the adventure progressed. My next goal is to add a second page with space for notes on magic, companions, or other abilities that need explanation. I welcome any comments.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    A Simple translation of the regular Character sheet to Spanish. Performance Skill is still with the same name because I don´t know a better word to describe all the fields of this skill.<shame> I hope you enjoy it!
  18. Version 0.76b


    First pass at a character sheet for the forthcoming RuneQuest in Glorantha. Based on previous versions and interpretation of characters in the RQG Quickstart.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a character sheet omitting all fields for the Advanced Combat rules of the genuine RD100 Character Sheet. Good if you use only the Basic/Narrative Combat in your games and need that extra bit of real-estate on the paper. The Sheet itself was derived from the original one, only minor changes in Layout have been done.
  20. Hi all, We created a character sheet in excel for our gaming purposes. It is perfectly printed in 2 A4 pages and could be used as is, as an empty sheet (although, admittedly, not very fancy). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mxuRkrRG7Bhj2l6yY26d5kbwcZrpxJ8t_h_QETQlusY/edit?usp=sharing But if you fill in the characteristics (and e.g. race) you get all the attributes and skills auto-filled in. I have also added weapons and armor and might do ENC when I have some time. I intended to make it a web page but did it in excel to save time at the end but as our game progresses I might work on that too. Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  21. On cthulhureborn.wordpress.com You can find fully translated Polish character sheet! https://cthulhureborn.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/char-sheet-1920s-letter-polish-front.jpg https://cthulhureborn.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/char-sheet-1920s-letter-polish-back.jpg Thanks to Badger, Dean and Mike for making this happend! If somebody is interested!
  22. In recent months I have, for various reasons, kept character sheets on my iPhone while playing. It's worked surprisingly well, using the annotation function in Evernote to keep track of changes. But the constant moving and zooming around the sheets made it a bit cumbersome after a while, so I have designed a smartphone-sized character sheet in PDF. It's made to fit an iPhone screen, but I'm sure it will work fine on most devices. The PDF consists of eight pages: Characteristics, Combat, one page for each skill category, Powers and Equipment. Fonts are big enough for easy reading and empty space generous, to make editing less fiddly on a small screen. Color coding is used to make navigation between the pages easier. Stats are for BRP Space, but as it's based on the BGB it will fit reasonably well with other games too. I also couldn't resist trying it out as a small printed folder - see photos below! I can see this come in handy in a crammed space. Let me know what you think of it. Are smartphones banned from your gaming table or is this solution something you could use? Is a "character folder" an interesting development?
  23. I have uploaded two different character sheets for Classic Fantasy. The first is that included with the rule book, while the latter is the character sheet included with Mythras Imperative, heavily modified to work with Classic Fantasy. It has some additions like the skill modifiers table and fatigue table as I really liked their inclusion on the normal Classic Fantasy sheet. Here is the link to both... Rod
  24. Version 2.0.0


    My spin on an RQ 4 Character Sheet. Just for fun.
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Humanoid Character Sheet from House game revamp
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