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Found 3 results

  1. Since the planned Gamemaster's guide / Gamemaster sourcebook is not yet published - what have you found works most satisfactorily as "minimum characteristics" methods for adventurer characteristics / adventurer generation? Or do you just have your players roll 3D6 and suck it up if they roll a 3? Pros and cons of that method? Context: The sidebar on p.53 of Runequest-Roleplaying in Glorantha: " ...Therefore it is Perfectly All Right to: Reroll any die result of 1... "
  2. I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that will assign reasonable and consistent characteristics to new monsters I invent. I want to imagine the new monster in my mind and convert that into game characteristics. My idea is to imagine the new monster and translate it using answers to the following dropdowns. Then I'll have the spreadsheet automatically give the new monster a proper range for the characteristics. Strength - Can drag as much weight as...a mouse, a cat, an average man, a wolf, a horse, a grizzly bear, an elephant, a mammoth, a brontosaurus Dexterity - Can dart and weave as qu
  3. Hi fellow Keepers Last game one of my PC after interaction with artifact left only with 4 INT. And I don`t know how to role-play this? One of ideas - he`s now quite slow learner. Lower his skill increase to half, or just give him other way of it during investigator development phase. Slow interaction with other, penalty die for social skills and intelligence related skills for the first time(removed later), to show change of mind. Do you have any suggestions?
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