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Found 1 result

  1. Since 'Basic Combat' is more story driven, it opens up a gap for a new 'Classic Combat' system Nah, seriously, some of my players had difficulties with the Strike Rank system in RD100 (and struggled with it in RQ, too), so I came up with 'my' Classic Combat idea: remove Strike Ranks from the Advanced Combat system every character gets one action per round, characters with the Dual Wield stunt get two the first Defense is free, every other defense incurs a Penalty to the roll if using a shield, the character gets an additional free Block action you can still ready a bow and fire or ready a thrown weapon and make a ranged attack Crossbows and firearms take the number of rounds to reload use of Powers is accomplished within one round, except for heavily modified powers the Combat Exchange procedure is still in use, so you get Combat Effects to use against your enemy Wounds and Armor rules are still in play Some Combat Effects might be useless in this system, or have to be modified, e.g. Keep Distance, Regain Footing and Take Initiative. In accordance with the Basic Combat rules, I suggest to have the affected combatant to act at 5 SR lower when determining Initiative, or act at a Penalty - which ever works best for the current situation. Example: Rowan hits a Skeleton with his mace and gains a Tactical Combat Effect. He uses it to 'Keep Distance', so the Skeleton will attack Rowan 5SR later next round, or gets a Penalty for its next Re-/Action. The whole concept of this Classic Combat system is to strip the Advanced Combat system down to the bare minimum by removing the Strike Ranks. This introduces players to a more common combat system and you can gradually add the Strike Rank system, once the players are accustomed to the Combat Exchange procedure and the Combat Effects. It removes quite a bit of the tactical part, but it still feels tactical enough for most situations, but offers a huge benefit: it plays faster for one-shots, where you want the action going but players also want a more detailed combat system. Although, I must admit, I only used it once, so there is no real play-test involved. There might be some problems along the way ... What do you think?
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