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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies, if I failed my search and started a new topic unnecessarily, but… Looking at the map for the Colymar lands has given me an inkling for a campaign, and I’d like to see if it makes sense or is it all ill-considered madness. The major trade routes in the area seem to be from Jonstown to Runegate, across the wilds to Tarsh (dangerous and controlled by Dragonewt friendly Rungate trade cartel). Also, Wilmskirk to Duckpoint and then South to Esrolia or West to Grazelands (dangerous and controlled by Druluz Undead hating cartels). And Clearwine seems awfully isolated from any of these. There isn’t even an obvious trade path to Runegate, and the routes to Boldhome or Wilmskirk are tortuous. Very curious. Of course, it could all be an oversight, that the oldest continuous major human settlement in Dragon Pass having no easy trade routes, that would be madness. Except that I seem to remember that the king of the Colymar refused Sartar’s idea of a city in Colymar lands. So perhaps some sort of mythic isolation. And there being no road between Runegate and Clearwine, can only mean that the Taraling clans in the north have little truck with Ernaldoring clans in the south (and vice versa), maybe a mythic divide between the Colymar tribes. And the campaign hook: what is Sora Goodseller doing in this trade backwater? The main driver of this rambling post, is that the Player Characters have a quite strong affinity with Sora out of any of the NPCs in Clearwine, so I'm trying to understand her, and I'm struggling! Maybe she has a plan to break Clearwine’s mythic isolation. A trade route to Wilmskirk – perhaps a sleeping giant in the hills who’s been wounded, so he can’t move (poisoned barb in the foot), and the party are hired to help her wake and cure him, making passage across the hills possible again? Wharves on the stream by Clearwine for trade southwards? I don’t know how navigable the stream would be. Possibly not, as it’s probably called the stream for a reason, and would Sartar’s bridge at Quackford be passable. But a water theme would be good for a party with a Duck in it's roll call. But a road north up Nymie Vale to Runegate (safer than the Lismelder route close to Upland Marsh) and breaking into the Runegate/Dragonnewt trade cartel, Sora would definitely need the adventurers help in that. Though going to Apple Lane would open up a quick route between Duckford and Jonstown, maybe that's better. Does it hold water, or have I misunderstood the trade routes for this part of Dragon pass? Are their pointers to said routes? Does all trade between the Lunar Empire and Esrolia go through the Grazelands, or is Tarsh, Dragonewt Wilds, Runegate, Quackford a viable route? How dangerous is the Lismelder route between Quackford and Runegate? Would opening up Colymar route impact on some aspect of the Colymar I’ve not considered – perhaps the secrets of the Clearwine Earth Temple or Tarndisis grove jealously guarded? Most importantly, what are Sora Goodseller's motivations? If she's just interested in opening up Colymar produce to Esrolia, then Clearwine to Duckpoint is an adequate trade route. Thanks for any help. Stephen.
  2. Hiya I.just noticed in the Thunder Hills scenario in the GM pack Queen Leika is sitting on the Ivory Throne the Colymar took when they sacked Bagnot in 1440. However according to Dragon Pass Gazeteer of Kerofinela the throne was restored to Tarsh and placed in Bagnot in 1602, causing the walls to magicly rebuild themselves So how did the Colymar get it back by 1625? Is this addressed anywhere? CJ x
  3. What are the Sartarite tribal relations like? Like would a Colymar be able to safely walk the roads to the Gray Dog Inn and have a drink unmolested by the Gray Dogs (althought maybe ribbed a little)? Or how about a Lismelder going to Clearwine fort... would the Colymar harrass him short of attacking? I guess if the certain clans have a beef with each other, then it could be hostile. So conversely if not hostile, are other tribes allowed to walk thru another tribes lands? (Maybe yes but their expected to announce themselves?)
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