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Found 3 results

  1. I have only run players through two heroquests, and would appreciate your comments on how to start one, magically and as a GM. At this point I am running on Arcane Lore plus various forum and Facebook and face-to-face comments, including what fragments I hear about the playtest run at Chaosium con, plus Simon Phipp's Secrets of Heroquesting, and Andrew L. Montgomery's Company of the Dragon. These various sources are not necessarily 100% compatible but they do rhyme. I am going to lay out my suppositions about how to initiate a heroquest magically (i.e. Da Rules, however unwritten they may be as of today), but I am really interested in your suggestions about how to GM the starting phase. It seems to me that if I have prepared one, or if the players have prepared one, I don't want to let that go to waste by staking all the prep work on one die roll, and I am willing to put in some handwavium to get the night's adventure started. On the other hand, just personally, I really want consistency with the Gloranthan background, so I also want some limits. Tell me f you disagree with any of these proposed principles: As i understand it there are several different levels of heroquest, ranging from In-World to Gods World. The least magical input and risk is involved in the In-world variety, which also have the least expected reward. However it may still morph into a higher level quest. As I understand it, a large amount of magic is normally required to create a doorway or coincident space between the Mundane world and the Hero Plane or Gods World. This usually requires "community support" and a lot of it, which i interpret as the donation of magic Points by large numbers of people. A single heroquester can't create the magical doorway on his or her own. This requirement will normally be reduced through use of ritual practices, but even so a large number of people will be wanted, as a supporting audience rather than as participants in the quest.. The specific number of people or of donated magic points required is currently undefined. This is the primary point for applying handwavium. I understand that less magic is required to start an in-world quest and much more is required to transit to the Gods plane / world, in rough proportion to the expected benefits and risk of the planned quest. As i understand it some places are easier to start a heroquest from: To start from, you generally need a Sanctified space, and a temple is the normal starting point because it is a superior and pre-made sanctified space. A temple might even have an Artifact which makes it easier. But there are also "actual regions or spots in the world where mythical or legendary events took place", and in those places in the Mundane world one is always closer to the hero plane, at least for the purposes of some quests. Sacred Time is a time when it is easier to initiate a heroquest, because the mundane and other planes are closer together / easier to bridge at that time. Cults' high and seasonal holy days will also be easier times for quests pertaining to the cults in question. As i understand it you can also get into a heroquest "by accident" (p.51 of Arcane Lore) and as a practical matter this means the GM wants to run one. One variety of such "accidents" is being summoned into someone else's quest. OK, having said these things, - I am inclined, in the case of quests NOT initiated by the players, to say that the community and its priest(s) have done what is needed to fulfill the requirements, to describe the gathering of the clan and the ceremony, but not to require the players to do much to set all this up. - I am inclined to explain requirements to my players to the extent necessary, probably by having an NPC priest lay the requirements out, but to be brief about it. - But if the players are initiating the quest, to require more planning and resource-gathering from them. How much more? i don't know. Your thoughts?
  2. This is a new thread where content creators can post about their new content, and people looking for new content at reduced prices (or even free) can see what they would like to review. The creator would give the reviewer a copy at whatever agreed upon price, then sometime within 2 weeks the reviewer would post an honest review. I'll start the bidding! I recently created a 45 page scenario for DriveThruRPG about Easter Island. If you are interested in getting a free copy in exchange for reviewing the product, let me know.
  3. Hi, gang. I just created a G+ "Community" group for those interested in BRP gaming. Please feel free to join and use as the General Will may dictate. https://plus.google.com/communities/104195121155593021440
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