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Found 5 results

  1. Hi With the release of Reign of Terror on PDF, this thread is to catch any typos or errors spotted. Please note them here, quoting the page number, the error, and the suggested correction. We have a couple of weeks' window to catch errors before print. If corrections come in later than this, we will correct the PDF file and print files ready for reprints. Many thanks Mike
  2. Hello, I have some thoghts on the printed version of Backwater creek and Missed Dues, keeper screen pack. First, I really like these two scenarios. I have run them both, thanks. But there are some things, in my copy at least, I think is wrong or have vague descriptions. Maybe someone already have remarked on this, then let me know. 1. On the cover "Missed Dues and Blackwater creek", but inside the order is not the same, this is a very minor thing but it is a little bit "sloppy" 2. On page 4 the introduction, chapter 5 tells you to have all the handouts in the Appendices, there are no handouts in the appendices, they are spread out in the book, all good but should be clear in the text or erased from the introduction. 3. Where is handout nr 6, I realized after a while that it is the background text on page 5, maybe a small text telling it is handout 6 like the other handouts. 4. Grey read out loud text boxes are in wrong order on page 7, the Miskatonic Faculty option and the Bootleggers option should switch place. 5. In Missed Dues I have a question regarding the paper clips and timeline of events. Did Sticky Jack steal all the items on Tuesday night, October 18th. Handout 1, paper clip "double theft" is written Wednesday October 19th 1922, the text tells us "robbery occurred last night". Handout 2, paper clip "Ancient Dagger Stolen" Tuesday October 18, "Last night a thief" , Handout 3, paper clip "Papers stolen from home of professor" Wednesday October 19, 1922, "broken into last night" Is the date on handout 2 wrong, should it be Wednesday 19 like all the other clips? on page 61 Prof David is saying: someone broke into his study at home sometime during the night of Tuesday, October 17.is it just me or is this confusing? How I see it is: Monday is 17, Tuesday is 18, Wednesday is 19, the robbery's is taking place during the night Tuesday - Wednesday I big help is when you get a timeline of events in the scenario 6. My last request is an explanation on how the apartment house, ground floor on Curzon Street is looking like on the inside (floor plan). On the front it is a double door leading into the building or straight into Marge Hockler's apartment? I tried to draw it myself, I think it works but I would like to know. The rest of the house doesn't matter it is only the ground floor I'm asking for. I think this is very clear for someone living in America who knows this kind of houses. Kindly,
  3. Hi With the release of Down Darker Trails on PDF, this thread is to catch any typos or errors spotted. Please note them here, quoting the page number, the error, and the suggested correction. Many thanks Mike
  4. Please post any typos/errors spotted in the new (5th edtion) edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep. We will review posts on an ongoing basis, making necessary corrections to PDF files and for future reprints Many thanks
  5. Hi Just to let you know that corrected PDFs for the following books have been uploaded to the Chaosium website (go via your Completed Orders), DriveThru RPG, and Bits & Mortar. Call of Cthulhu Rulebook Investigator Handbook (well, this will be uploaded within the next 3-4 hours) Keeper Screen Pack (Keeper Reference Booklet) Doors to Darkness Pulp Cthulhu The Two-Headed Serpent The Grand Grimire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic.
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