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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm out of ideas (and time) for the next session of my samurai campaign. Since I have been using many details from Pendragon for my own samurai game (such as the Book of the Manor supplement), and the Samurai book is eventually coming up, I thought of asking here to seek help. The PCs in my pseudo-historic campaign in Suruga (1550 AD) have achieved the hatamoto level, meaning they are sort of elevated bodyguards of their liege lord. Problem is, their liege lord is a spoiled teenager and his half uncle is governing the province until he comes of age. Meanwhile, the PCs have brokered a 12-year truce with their neighbouring and more powerful enemies from Sagami: the Ishizaki. Both provinces are using the time to rebuild their provinces (after several disasters) and arming themselves, in preparation for the day the truce ends, the hostages go back to their homelands, and the battle commences. - Do you know of any Pendragon scenario focused on courtly intrigue I could adapt to this? My only idea for next session is to somehow combine negotiations with the jesuits in order to get saltpeter from the Portuguese (and thus blackpowder), while having to care for their spoiled teenage liege lord. Perhaps he insists on attending the negotiations and he jeopardises the operation with his comments. Is there any scenario (for whatever ruleset, actually, that fits this set-up?). - I've been eyeing the Prince Valiant episode book. Does it include any scenario that might be suitable? Thanks in advance!
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