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  1. As a keeper I have always enjoyed making my own handouts, and to that end I have gathered a few fonts together to stand in for various runes, glyphs and sigils of the various mythos creatures. One of my dearest wishes is that Chaosium would release official fonts for languages like Aklo, Tsath-Yo, Senzar, etc.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. After hearing that the new Malleus Monstrorum was finalizing, the wheels started turning in my head about adding some Lovecraft to Logres. I was digging around, and found this thread of interesting ideas. Some highlights: Anyone have any other dark thoughts? 🐙
  4. I'm new here - so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place - or not spoilering things I should be. I've not RPG'd for a long while, but with lockdown upon us it seemed it'd be a good idea to try my an RPG via Zoom with 3 regular boardgame pals. I decided CoC would be my weapon of choice, having played it waaay back (and I don't really like Orcs, Goblins, etc). My group are not previously role players at all - but are keen boardgames (preferring quite heavy eurogames), so I knew this would be a little out of their comfort zone. I rpg'd years ago regularly, but haven't played for ages - but I have bought and read lots of RPG stuff in the interim with the intention of starting up again at some point. This is that point, it turns out. I own the CoC 7e Keeper's (core) Book, and the Investigators Book - but the Starter Set seemed cheap enough that my players might enjoy the slimmer rules to possibly read through themselves beforehand (of course none of them did!). So I wanted to launch into Paper Chase the first scenario - which is written as a one-keeper-one-investigator to keep things relatively easy for the Keeper to control. I didn't fancy running this scenario three times with each of the players - and as I had hoped that I might be able to keep the investigators for the next scenario (edge of darkness), I thought three investigators having solved the same crime, three times - each in potentially differently ways, would be a bit jarring. Here's how 'Paper Chase' went (for us) ... I slightly modified the setting to allow, and justify the three investigators. I first used the full rules (Keeper's Book) to build investigators with the players, rather than using the pregens or 'quick build', of the Starter Set - because I wanted to give the players some agency over who they created and their respective specialisms - plus I reasoned that I could explain a little of what the characteristics and skills meant whilst they were rolling then up. I think that worked well, and I was surprised how quickly their stats led to them choosing professions. They had a free choice, and I mapped them to professions in the Investigator's Book. We ended up with a Cook who used to be in the army, a British socialite visiting the area and an American born mechanical engineer of Chinese heritage. These choices led to their skills options which the players enjoyed distributing their specialisms in (even if they barely knew what they meant at this point). Looking at the skills chosen, the mechanical engineer was an amateur magician, it turns out. I explained to them that the Arnoldsburg Library hosted the monthly meetings (first Tuesday of the month) for the "Society for the Exploration of the Unexplained" and told them they had turned up to this month's meeting... But immediately asked them to explain why weren't they in attendance last month? (Encouraging them to think a bit about why their character might not have been there, and gently develop the character a bit - the cook had a special order on at his bakery that he runs, the socialite wasn't even in the country last month, the mechanical engineer wasn't well). I'd decided that just the three of them were there to this month's meeting, because as they'd not been there last month the weren't aware that this month's meeting was cancelled. Then I moved into the 'hook' of the scenario - n.p.c. Timothy entering and looking for help from the Society with the mysterious robbery of some of his late/missing uncle's books. The scenario is quite simple, and not particularly dangerous for the investigators, so I'd gambled on them surviving this one - thus being able to use the same investigators for the next one. Luckily, they did survive - despite the cook blundering in somewhat recklessly during the sole dangerous vignette. I also deliberately had them leave the 'verbose' character traits and 'connections' from their investigator sheets free - and I'm going to revisit that before the second scenario. There was definitely a more gung-ho investigator emerging, and one much more nervous and considered. We discussed afterwards how the Socialite's ineptitude in rolls during the game, and bout of cowardice seemed entirely in fitting. I'll let them formalise this next time to make the 'role playing' more explicitly a part of them choosing their investigator's actions. I was happy to let the player rather than the character guide the actions for this scenario though. (As beginners to RPGs I think baby steps are probably needed). I'd considered using Roll20, but we chose Zoom (we're already Zooming socially, and one of them is a bit resistant to trying too many new things at once). We also had a web based dice roller for all the public D100 rolls - which I made them do often. I also nudged then away from "can I roll?" to describe "what you want to do, and I'll decide if it's a roll". By the end, they'd got that. I'd downloaded some extra handouts (diary entries, photo of a character) that I found online as "Paper Chase" as written in the Starter Set actually only had one handout (a map) and I thought that sending them to them via Zoom would 1. Break up the experience for the players and 2. Give me a chance to glance at my notes. The full Investigator's Book (not the Starter Set or Keeper Book) provided me with a list of typical names from the period. These were essential when players wanted to quiz other n.p.c.s, and I'm ad-libbing people that the scenario doesn't cover. If I had one criticism of the Starter Set for keepers (aside if that first scenario being a little handout light) is that it doesn't really warn you that your ability to come up with unscripted n.p.c. stuff can (will) be called upon - and having at least a few names to hand can be the difference between a character being seamlessly integrated or bring blindingly obviously not important. ("He says his name is ... Erm... Erm... Hang on....er John" being a particularly obvious way to spot an npc as being someone insignificant). My players (as you'd hope) defied all rational logic, and took surprising decisions in where they went and what they tried - but only on a couple occasions did "Timothy" have to return to nudge them into trying something other than creeping around his house. I don't think they felt railroaded though. I was also pleased my players encountered temporary madness through sanity loss, physical injury and opposed rolls which came up naturally within the scenario. Combat wasn't required (despite the gung-ho cook's efforts), but that'll come next time I think. Anyway - the unified skills and characteristics rolls make CoC 7e (my first experience with this iteration of CoC) a doodle for new players to understand how performing a "check" works, and "hard" and "extreme" is also very easy to implement and comprehend. I really like that, and it's very easy to explain to new players as you go. I ended the session with them rolling to see if their skills they successfully used were improved - which is also intuitive and logical in its operation. All in all I'm very impressed with 7e and the Starter Set. The whole thing - including rolling up and explaining what they were expected to do took the best part of 4 hours* - which I think we all felt was time well spent. Looking forward to next time (hope my player are too!). *obviously not including my preparatory reading of the rules, keeper book, investigator book, scenario and other people's hints/comments about running this scenario.
  5. Give this awesome artist a follow, link in the description. She made amazing art for my scenario, the Raid of Area 51. This is just a sneak peek though, as there are much greater things in store...
  6. Didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as the first, but still pretty good. Check out my new camera settings, I think I finally got it to High-Def quality.
  7. https://youtu.be/OtjDVMjwv6c Again, a video which is more for the uninitiated, but if you wish to support me, give it a watch or listen. Then, if you like the horrors unveiled before you, subscribe and join the growing LEGION...
  8. I know most of you probably already own a copy of this book, but hey, it's my latest video. Check it out and discover the truth. My opinionated version of the truth that is...
  9. Why do I keep seeing this? People talking about a war in heaven where the good Elder Gods fought and defeated the evil elementals called the Great Old Ones, is this a cannon idea? I certainly read nothing of the kind in any of Lovecraft's work...
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Cubicle7 once had a licence to produce material and had a Cthulhu Britannica line - but the core books set in England are now staggeringly expensive! (Typically > £100) Is there any hope Chaosium will adopt, reprint, or rewrite a setting for Britain? (I know we has Gaslight, but I was hoping for a 1920s setting...) What other material do people know of that is available, that is set in Britain, and especially in England (rather than Scotland - I know the old Cubicle7 Scotland books are widely available)
  12. So... I have long presumed that Cthulhu profits are the core of the Chaosium business; that -- beloved though they are -- Runequest & Glorantha (and all the other lines, including card-games, etc) are simply too small to keep Chaosium going... at least, not at the scale they are going. There is the Cult of Chaos (organized play aka "demo monkey" program), which AFAIK nominally allows RQ/HQ/Glorantha content, but ... well, there's not much THERE there, for non-CoC stuff. I understand that Chaosium INTENDS to have ths stuff in place... eventually... I recently looked at the number-of-articles in each AbChaos since nuChaosium re-started that irregularity, and simply counting titles-of-articles it's clear where Chaosium is putting (the majority of) its energy. Good lord, just look at the number of 3rd-party licensees & products for each line... it's clear where the buying public is putting (the majority of) its energy money, so I'm not criticizing Chaosium! So I'm pretty confident in my presumption. But then I noticed something here on BRPCentral... Glorantha forum - 15K posts Runequest forum - 9K posts Cthulhu forum - 4K posts And I had a hard WTF moment: why does the RQ/Glorantha community have so much more ardent activity, but so much less in inclination to buy stuff, than CoC ???
  13. Real fact - scientists have noticed a substantial rise in cosmic ray flux, caused by weakening of the sun's magnetic field. Just as the Earth has a magnetic field, so does the sun - a gigantic forcefield which protects the inner solar system from cosmic radiation. The weakening of the field means that space is now more deadly for astronauts. Even people in airliners are receiving a higher dose of radiation - enough that the radiation is considered a hazard for pilots and air stewards, for anyone who spends long periods at high altitude. https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2018/03/05/the-worsening-cosmic-ray-situation/ The ray flux is expected to increase even further in coming decades, with a real possibility the sun will enter a new grand minimum, a prolonged period of weakness. Does the Sun's magnetic field protect us from things other than cosmic rays? Will a period of weakness bring new dangers? Could be an interesting basis for a scenario.
  14. We’ve created a discord server for Call of Cthulhu called Necronomicon. We want to help unite the community who play this game not only to meet new, and awesome people but in addition to that help new players, and experienced find groups to play with. We want to help keep the game alive by making it easier for new players to find a group if they have difficulty in real life through the use of software & our custom made bot. By creating an expansive community we hope to use our custom bot to allow everyone to find a group to play with. We also have help channels which you can use if you have a quarrel with the rules of the game. As such you’ll receive live support instead of having to wait potentially hours or days for a response on the forums. We also plan to help events, say you have a live stream coming up to raise money for charity, just running an epic game or even hosting your own event in real life which is being streamed we’ll help promote it! However, to make this a success we need you, the community. By helping to spread this idea we’ll be able to develop a dedicated, mature and friendly community to entice even more people to play or even host their own sessions. Even if you only play the game at a table with your friends in real life you’ll still be a great asset to the community as well as the ability to meet like-minded people from across the globe you could even share a scenario you created with an easily accessible community. Our bot development team is creating an LFG tool to allow you to create games and then have new players join them, it’s currently still in development, at this current point in time you can create your own game and have others join it. You’ll then receive a private channel in order to play with your newly found group. As such, this is great for new players and through our combined efforts even more sessions will be running on the discord. Here’s a brief list of the current features which are accessible: A new users section with recommended platforms for online play if you’re only just thinking about hosting a game online (there are many benefits) We have a news and updates section which we will post news released by Chaosium and important updates so all you have to do is check out this section for your Cthulhu news. We also have a recommended YouTuber & twitch section for content creators that are worthy of your time if you’re looking for reviews on scenarios or just tips. Seth Skorkowsky is currently doing a series on the game system as a brief overview on the rules which I’d highly recommend if you’re thinking about picking up a copy of the rules. We have a help section which is provided by both Verified Keepers (a role which can be attained by request allowing you to access a private area of the discord so players do not have scenarios spoilt) as well as player provided assistance. As such you have a wide variety of assistance in the case you are unaware of what to do. We also reward players who help with certain roles, helping new players is greatly encouraged as remember, it’s them who will keep the game alive. A support section is accessible, this will allow you to ask help from staff as well as requesting an event. (not related to the game but rather the server, unless it’s an event) An entire discussions section for so you can talk to other players about Cthulhu, off-topic, Chaosium and more. You can also post any artwork you make in our artwork section. We will hold monthly competitions to help further the community such as a best Cthulhu related drawing, scenario creation, and more. A prize pool will be accessible for the winners. Voice channels to allow you to talk to other users A Keeper hub section for verified Keepers allowing you to discuss scenarios, leave reviews on whether you like them or not so Keepers can easily find out whether a scenario is worth purchasing, as well as help and a section to overcome a players disruption to your scenario/campaign. More features will be added as the community grows. We will welcome any ideas from our community. We hope to see you on our server shortly, help become apart of a hopefully ever-growing community so we can help attract new players to the game. Please invite your friends whom you play with so we can help build a base following which can then be built on through the attraction of new players! TLDR: We want to help further the community through the use of a group-finding bot making the game accessible to new players as well as those looking for a group to play with. We hope to make the game easier for new keepers, as well as experienced, to get help and find scenarios they may want to run with their group or find one of their own on the server. To conclude; by joining now you’ll be able to access everything Cthulhu related at the click of a button, the first 100 people to join will receive a special role to thank you for being the first members of an everlasting community. You’ll watch alongside us as this library of information continues to expand just like the universe. Hope to see you soon – Salt Join the cult today https://discord.gg/8yeAugS
  15. World war 1 The Great War I will run a scenario during world war 1, The Great War and I am looking for good pictures for the atmosphere 1916-1917 in the Verdun area. When looking on internet it’s hard to know if it’s the right uniform and from the right time. Especially of soldiers from American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) and french soldiers and their camps Military camps French people Military nurses Verdun, Houdelaincourt, Gondrecourt, Domrémy-la-Pucelle, Bazoille-sur-Meuse (the American's 18th Base Hospital), Colline du Mort-Homme (Dead Man's Hill), Maps over towns and military camps French Berliet truck Somebody who can help med were to find it. (I have bought Chaosiums “No mans land”) Henrik
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. I'm not sure this goes here or not... but I heard the game is based on Openquest rather than CoC... Anyway, Raiders of R'lyeh is finally out for purchase in PDF form. It's huge and looks great. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/209168/Raiders-of-Rlyeh-Gamemasters-Guide--Core-Rules?affiliate_id=10748 It's aimed at Edwardian era horror adventures. It swings in a more action-adventure mode than old CoC... and has rules more in line with Openquest. It's been a long time coming and I'm kind of excited to finally get the chance to read it.
  19. So I got the first installment of the Clockwork of Orange campaign last week and I've been reading it through. It does have a good chunk of historical and quasi-historical detail, but I'm finding that 17th century Germany isn't a setting/era that I quite 'get'... yet. I'm not at all sure what the 'tropes' are. Like, I can riff on the 'Wild West' and vaguely medieval England all day long... but the Holy Roman Empire isn't something I've got a visual or fictional mental reference library for. Names and places are things I have to look up to get anything close to authentic in atmosphere. Any suggestions for literature, movies, comics... or entertaining historical overviews of the setting?
  20. Hey Guys, So, I've decided to resurrect my childhood German, and I thought, what better way to do this than to find things I know deeply and think about more than perhaps is sensible, but to do those things in another language! yay. I know there's a body of RuneQuest material out there in German, and Call of Cthulhu as well. How many forum members are German speakers? Are there German forums? I'd appreciate a gatekeeper to point me in some useful directions. CP
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