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Found 11 results

  1. A question came up on another thread regarding hunter cults and missile weapon spells. The big question is 'Why do most hunting cults not have missile spells?' I think I can answer that, sort of. These answers make sense to me, but I have no proof of my suppositions one way or the other. Firstly, if you look at the spells provided by all cults over the four major pantheons [Air/Storm, Earth, Fire/Sky, and Lunar] you'll notice that a deliberate effort was made to NOT make all spells available to all pantheons. It's fairly difficult, for example, to get Sun Strike or Mindblast as a Storm cultist, and Lightning is almost unknown amidst the Lunars. It seems obvious that that was intentional by design. Secondly, a lot of hunter cults are focused on an animalistic deity form. Yinkin, for example, isn't anthropomorphic like the Egyptian Bast. Yinkin IS a cat, and therefore does his hunting with claws and teeth. I can see why animal idolizing cults don't have missile spells in that context. But that doesn't explain why humanocentric deities don't have them. With Odayla, his conquest of Sky Bear gives him the three Head, Body, and Limbs of the Beast spells. But I don't think it would break the bank if he got Sureshot as well. Foundchild has all the archery spells you could want, save for Firearrow and Arrow Trance. Yinkin we have already discussed. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  2. So, my apologies if there's a thread for this already. I looked for one and searched all the key terms I could think of, but didn't see anything. Are there any timelines for official materials related to other cults from previous editions / character creation for non-human characters? I know there's an awesome spreadsheet with lots of these options, but I'm not sure where the stat blocks come from. Any answers would be welcome, and awesome. Thanks!
  3. g33k

    Rune Lords

    Given Argan Argar's myths & history, I think Rune Lords fit very well indeed (also -- note that 1H Spear is a Cult Skill, so the "martial-ness" of the Cult is pretty key). YGMV after all ! They'd be slightly different than many cults' IMO; rather than pursuing the "adventurer/champion" trope that most other cults' Rune Lords do, I think AA's would have a core function of raising/training Value-Trollkin to be spearmen-mercenaries. Likely providing them free to the Cult (as guards for temples & caravans) as part of their service to the cult, but also hiring-out and selling mercenary bands, because AA is also a "merchant" so that's fulfilling the mercantile thing. Also, AA is about "interfacing" with the peoples' of the Surface world, and "marauding hordes of Trollkin" is... well... just another form of "interface."
  4. I noticed something interesting recently: the starting skill bonuses an adventurer gets in the adventurer creation chapter due to their cult aren't always from actual cult skills. Most often this is Sing, but there are other examples like Intimidate for Babeester Gor and Maran Gor. This was relevant for my game because I had some players checking these lists for their seasonal occupation/cult skill checks. In addition, adventurers may add "+20% to one of these starting skills and +15% to another" (RQG p.73) during adventurer creation, which seems a bit odd to me because there's often a lot of cult skills which may not necessarily get a starting percentage, where those bonuses could be added (and which I'll probably allow in the future with my own players). Mostly thought it was interesting and figured I'd share. Table comparing the Adventurers chapter & the Rune Cults chapter is below. Deity: Starting Skill Bonuses: Cult Skills: Argan Argar Speak Other Language (Darktongue), Read/Write (Darktongue), Sing 1H Spear, Bargain, Cult Lore, Insight (Human or Troll), Read/Write (Darktongue), Speak (Darktongue), Worship Babeester Gor 1H Axe, 2H Axe, Intimidate, Speak Other Language (Earthtongue) 1H Axe, 2H Axe, Battle, Cult Lore, Listen, Search, Track, Worship Chalana Arroy First Aid, Treat Disease or Treat Poison, Sing Alchemy, Cult Lore, First Aid, Plant Lore, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Worship Daka Fal Speak Other Language (Spiritspeech), Spirit Combat, Sing Cult Lore, Speak (Spiritspeech), Spirit Combat, Spirit Lore, Worship (Ancestors) Eiritha Understand Herd Beasts, Herd, Sing 1H Axe, Animal Lore, Herd, Homeland Lore (local), Plant Lore, Understand Herd Beasts, Worship Engizi Boat, Speak Other Language (Boatspeech), Swim Boat, Cult Lore, River Lore, Speak (Boatspeech), Swim Ernalda Dance, Animal Lore or Plant Lore, Sing, Speak Other Language (Earthtongue) Animal Lore, Dance, Cult Lore, Farm, First Aid, Insight (human), Orate, Plant Lore, Worship Eurmal Dodge, Fast Talk, Charm Charm, Conceal, Cult Lore, Dodge, Fast Talk, Sleight, Worship Foundchild Track, Peaceful Cut, Sing Devise, Hide, Missile Weapon, Move Quietly, Peaceful Cut, Scan, Survival, Track, Worship Humakt 1H Sword, Other Weapon, Intimidate 1H Sword, 2H Sword, Battle, Craft (Bronze or Iron), Cult Lore, First Aid, Scan, Sense Assassin, Worship Issaries Bargain, Speak Other Language (Tradetalk), Sing Bargain, Cult Lore, Customs, Evaluate, Orate, Speak Own/Speak Other Language (any), Speak (Tradetalk), Worship Lhankor Mhy Read/Write (any), Lore (any), Sing Alchemy, Cult Lore, Evaluate, Lore (any), Read/Write (any), Worship Maran Gor 1H Axe or Mace, Dance, Intimidate, Speak Other Language (Earthtongue) Climb, Cult Lore, Dance, 1H Axe, 1H Mace, Scan, Throw, Worship Odayla Track, Peaceful Cut, Sing Climb, Hide, Missile Weapon, Move Quietly, Peaceful Cut, Scan, Survival, Track, Worship Orlanth Orate, Speak Other Language (Stormspeech), Sing, any sword, Dance 1H Sword, Battle, Cult Lore, Farm, Herd, Orate, Scan, Sing, Speak (Stormspeech), Worship Seven Mothers Speak Other Language (New Pelorian), Read/Write (New Pelorian), Sing Conceal, Cult Lore, Insight (Human), Listen, Lunar Empire Lore, 1H Sword (Kopis), Read/Write (New Pelorian), Scan, Speak (New Pelorian), Worship Storm Bull Cultural Weapon, Sense Chaos, Intimidate Battle, Cult Lore, Cultural Weapons, Ride, Scan, Sense Chaos, Track, Understand Herd Beast, Worship Waha Peaceful Cut, Spirit Combat, Sing Cult Lore, Peaceful Cut, Ride, Spirit Combat, Survival, Tribal Weapon, Worship Yelm Ride, Speak Other Language (Firespeech), Sing Bow, Cult Lore, Ride (Horse), Speak (Firespeech), Worship Yelmalio Celestial Lore, Speak Other Language (Firespeech), Sing Battle, Bow, Celestial Lore, Cult Lore, Listen, 1H Long Speak, Pike, Scan, Search, Speak (Firespeech), Worship Yinkin Speak Other Language (Beastspeech), Track Charm, Climb, Hide, Move Quietly, Scan, Speak (Beastspeech), Survival, Track, Worship
  5. So I have an odd question about cults for the odd ducks in Lunar society... those who differ from the Seven Mothers, Red Goddess archetypes. You know, the criminals, the jokers, the dissenters... For the Storm cults we have Eurmal the Trickster for those in society who go against the grain. It's not an 'honorable' cult by any means, but it's accepted. Kind of like the drunk uncle at the family Christmas party, really. For the out-and-out criminal, there's even Gargath the Ill-Wind... he's in the family, but he's the one doing 10-to-15 for burglary and nobody actually likes him anyway... There's even a couple of generic non-pantheon cults in Lanbril and the Black Fang Brotherhood, but these are fairly nasty mobsters and cutthroats. Now, as I understand Lunar Empire it's core is overlaid on two cohabitant societies... the Solar [Yelmic] Dara Happans and Pelorian Earth cultists along the Oslir River valley. In both pantheons, the closest thing to dissenter cults are Babeester Gor and Maran Gor, both of which would seem to be too violent for the Lunars to stomach in their Imperial core. In the Lunar pantheon itself, we have only Danfive Xaron as a redeemer cult but nothing else. Given the importance of magical institutions in Glorantha, where does the Lunar citizen go if he's a drunkard, or pickpocket, or jester, or whatever? The HeroQuest 1st ed. supplement 'The Lunar Handbook vol. 1' mentions a few names that I've never heard of, mostly cultural contexts, but give no details at all. And the obscure references there are not repeated in the Guide to Glorantha. Anybody got thoughts on this? Postscript: Why such a weird question? Easy. Inspired by the Vostor pre-gen character, I thought it would be fun to put together a Lunar Army deserter who was from a family of smugglers... maybe an escapee from the Punishment Legions of Danfive Xaron. The concept is there, some of the mechanics are there [I'm having trouble deciding if Prior Experience ought to be Merchant or Thief], but run into a wall at magical skills or abilities. His version of 'honor' and 'heroic' ought to be WAY different than an Orlanthi or Seven Mothers cultist, but given how much a cult influences some of these decisions it's been a rough go to get the numbers crunched.
  6. According to Sartar : kingdom of heroes, the Vingan high holy day is in Earth Season the day the first Defender Storm blows. What week does this usually happen, and what exactly is the defender storm? Isn't it bothersome to go around waiting and then one day suddenly discover that today is your deity's high holy day? What if you are half way to Runegate to buy a dress for your niece? Are you supposed to keep your calendar agenda empty for all of Earth Season?
  7. jezreel


    I'm new to Mythras having last been into RPG in the form of Runequest 1 (a few years ago...) I'm excited to get back in as gamesmaster but I feel I need a little more inspiration and guidance re cults and brotherhoods- the examples given in the core rulebook are few - I've found the wonderful random Mythras encounter generator to help with denizens and NPC but can anyone point me to a web-page or publication which can flesh out the wonderful weird world of cults? And what happened re Runes? Are they out now once the Runequest licence expired? many thanks
  8. So I'm digging into the whole Cults & Brotherhoods section of the Mythras Core Rulebook, and I'm getting the feeling that this section should really come before the Games Systems, Magic, and Combat sections, in roughly that order. Between character generation and Skills, even. It's got me thinking: how much importance do you, O readers, put on the factions in your games? Games Masters, what about you? How much do you emphasise membership, as compared to the need to go it alone with just one's fellow Adventurers for company in a little micro-Brotherhood, one small party pitted against the world?
  9. So here's a question for you Conan, and Fafhrd and the Mouser fans: Is RQ (in all of its incarnations) too dependent on characters being members of cults or social organizations? Your character is dependent on his cult for much of his training, and magic, and social position and expectations. But the classic fantasy heroes cited above were not cult members; they were rogues and outlaws. So if I want to play a character who is not part of a cult, am I character-improvement screwed? The D20 system, by contrast, gives a character little or no reason to join an organization: Advancement is completely independent of any guild or cult affiliation - even for clerics! How do all of you handle this issue? Or is it an issue in your games?
  10. Sean_RDP


    This is the first cult write up. Rites (also called Forms) are the Soul (Divine) magic spells. Soul Magic can be pretty powerful at higher magnitudes as it uses the Aura of the character as a base for its power. For instance Healing/Harming Rite 2 would heal or harm 50% (rounded up) of the character's AUR, but only costs 2mp. Although rites are paired, it is possible to teach only one part of the rite. For example, the Cult of the Nine Crones teaches the Exorcism rite, but not the associated Possession rite. Heathen Gods (also called Daemon (pr. Day-mune) ) are the second tier of gods for Skaerune'. These are the gods that manifested from the spirit world or from powerful mortals turned myths or brought with those who came to Skaerune' with the appearance of their city in the world. Cult of Nine Crones When the Old Man came to the land that would house the First City, nine women came with him. They were more than consorts to him; they were teachers and protectors of the people who followed him. Over time each of the Crones became wife or consort to a powerful god of the Old World. Indeed the First Crone, Ebelle, married the sun (Palas) and resides with him in the sky. In many ways the Nine are seen as the true leaders of the First City as the Old Man was often away on his adventures. Each of the nine districts of Kepaya Luki is named for one of the Crones and the Temple of the Nine dominates the city, such as it is. This cult is arguably the first Heathen cult although those who follow the White Dragon argue that in fact their cult was the first. Whoever was first is irrelevant however, as it is the Cult of the Nine who set the tone for what a southern Heathen cult looks like in form and function. They are typically powerful social forces built around central temples and the Nine Crones is no different. Cult Power: Heathen God Worshipers. The Cult is divided into two groups of people. Those born in the lands of the First City are the orthodox community, holding to the old traditions of the cult. The second group are those in other lands, mostly women, who see the Nine as powerful feminine symbols. They value traditions less as those are not their traditions and concentrate on philosophical ideals of behavior and the role of women in history and present society. In an ironic twist, several female Rakshasa have begun to patronize new temples of the Nine in their own domains. As a general rule the Nine do not have any enemy cults, save the Cult of Vhos who see women and females as dumb animals. The two cults have engaged in holy wars from time to time since Vhos manifested in the later stages of the Second City's reign. Duties of the Faithful. Worshipers of the Nine are expected to be community leaders and create families. Above all they put their community before themselves, even their close family and children. The clergy act as public servants as well counselors and advocates. Any skill that can help the community is accepted as a gift to the Nine. All are required to celebrate a high mass on each of the nine feast days. No hungry, poor, or wounded person is turned away regardless of their religious beliefs. The Ordained. Those who are clergy of the Nine eschew the common titles of their position and follow a set of titles of their faith. All are known as “Husbands” even if they are female. To become an Adept, one must have Religion (Nine Crones) at 40% and one other skill of use to the community at 50%. Each additional level requires 10% more knowledge in Religion(Nine Crones) and an additional skill of 50%. In this way the priesthood is kept flexible, well rounded, and learned. Seventh Husband (Adept) Sixth Husband (Acolyte) Fifth Husband (Ordained) Fourth Husband (Priest) Third Husband (Oracle) Second Husband (Hierophant) – There are only nine of these in the faith, on for each Crone. Rites. The Cult of the Nine has the following rites: Major (6pt) Rites: Heal – Harm; Bless – Curse; Consecrate – Desecrate; Offer Communion – Excommunicate Minor (4pt) Rites: See – Obscure; Enhance – Decay; Exorcise; Summon – Banish; Divine Intervention
  11. If you haven't seen, we just released the 5 cults that I published on my website for free in a single downloadable PDF: Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1. If you like this kind of "try before you buy" style of publishing, be sure to pick up these cults. If this first publication is a success, we'd like to continue the free item a week and bundle it up into a new product. We've got a number of ideas: New Monsters: I've published 2 monster books for Pathfinder and I am thinking about converting them over to Legend. NPCs: Would you like to see a book of NPCs? My thought would be start off with common NPCs like a town guard, captain of the guard, beggar, thief, black smith, nobleman, etc and then later publish a villain and his/her henchmen. How does that sound? Cults: As you've seen but with more customization. Spells: Common, divine, arcane, blood, etc. 2-3/week. Traps/Poisons/Diseases: This is more of a miscellaneous category of dangers. Magical and mundane. Other: Please share your thoughts.
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