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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there! I stumbled across some doubts regarding critical damage. Starting from page 203, the rule book explains how impaling, slashing and crushing damage works when special successes are rolled: Impaling - double the weapon's damage and possibly impale with all the consequences (not always making the attacker happy). Slashing - double the weapon's damage and possibly make the target unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Crushing - add the maximum rollable bonus damage to the normal damage. When looking for the Critical success, I only find it for Impaling weapons (maximize the roll of the special success) and at the end of the section it says that regardless of the weapon type, "A critical hit ignores the effects of armor or any other protection" (page 206). Ok, fine! I only have a minor doubt about this: a) Do Critical hits ignore spells protections too? Or only armor protection? Shields still block damage I think, since on page 200 it says that "Though the target’s armor does not subtract any damage from a critical hit, a successful parry from a weapon or shield blocks the amount of damage it normally would. However, a weapon that parries a critical hit takes twice the damage it would take normally. If the attacking weapon is a long-hafted weapon or an impaling weapon, the parrying weapon takes no damage. A shield that parries a critical hit receives twice as much damage as normal, and any unabsorbed damage strikes the parrying adventurer". b) And my major doubt: on page 206, "A critical hit [...] usually does maximum impaling, slashing, or crushing damage (depending on weapon type), as described above." Does this mean that slashing and crushing weapons do maximize the damage like impaling weapons do? As I said, there's no trace of this in pages 203 to 206 though..so that's where my doubts come from. Thanks a lot!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    An in-depth explanation of the effects of damage for "RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha". Contains comprehensive examples.
  3. I've always favored the Pendragon way of figuring damage; based upon characteristics, perhaps modified by weapon (depending upon the weapon). I also favor the ability to model things like "grazing" damage, enough for the character to feel, but not enough to seriously damage or inhibit a location; normally represented in my mind by 1pt. of damage. This is pretty hard in BRP games (of which I count Pendragon) with multiple dice figuring into damage calculations and modifiers to the damage of most weapons (ex. 1d8+1), or without something in the way to block a portion of the damage. In this vein, I'm considering characteristic based damage; nd6–(n–1) for d6 based damage. Now I do agree that creatures larger/stronger than Human size should do more base damage; so for example a Gloranthan Dark Troll should have that "graze" represented by 2pts. of damage. Does anyone out there have a method in mind to overcome the discrepancy here? I have also thought about using multiple dice up to d12 (starting with d4), but break points to add a second die seem to be too soon, and if I compensate, then average for a human drops too much, necessitating a refactoring of HP and Armor values. Now on to a related issue... I'm using locations, and want to use locational values as single hit threshold values for Major Wounds. I was thinking of reducing the Abdomen multiplier to .25, and the Head to .20, to represent their vulnerabilities. Abdomen with lots of vitals and no rib cage to protect them, and the head, well its the head. Opinions? Thanks Much SDLeary
  4. Something i am working on, tinkering with for Duke Nukem RPG I currently have no gaming group, i like to hear opinions! Thanks in advance I wanted basic starting skills directly related to characteristics! Everything as far as my rules mods will be optional, use what you like skip what you don't like. Duke Nukem RPG stats CHAR BASIC STARTING SKILLS (not skill modifier) STR Experience( INT+POW) CON -- Action(avg of STR+DEX)+EXP represents skills like climb, jump, swim, etc. SIZ -- Combat(avg of STR+DEX)+EXP represents skills like attack parry, dodge INT -- Knowledge( INT+POW) POW -- Perception(CON+EXP) represents skills like spot, listen, scent etc. DEX -- Persuasion(avg of CHA+APP)+EXP represents skills like fast talk, bargain etc. CHA -- Stealth(DEX+EXP) represents skills like hide, sneak, ambush, etc. APP -- Psionics(EXP) does not guarantee psionic ability, it simply represent the skill % if one had psionics Move Rate avg of Dex+str( siz may effect it.) Damage Bonus | Actions/Round (APR) | Heal Rate(weekly) Average of Damage | DEX Actions/ | CON+ Heal STR+SIZ Modifier | SCORE Round | SCORE Rate 01 to 04 –1D6 | 01 to 04 1/2 | 01 to 04 1/2 weeks 05 to 08 –1D4 | 05 to 08 1/1 | 05 to 08 1/week 09 to 12 None | 09 to 12 2/1 | 09 to 12 1D2/week 13 to 16 +1D4 | 13 to 16 3/1 | 13 to 16 1D4/week 17 to 20 +1D6 | 17 to 20 4/1 | 17 to 20 1D6/week 21 to 28 +2D6 | 21 to 28 5/1 | 21 to 28 2D6/week 29 to 36 +3D6 | 29 to 36 6/1* | 29 to 36 3D6/week 37 to 44 +4D6 | 37 to 44 7/1* | 37 to 44 4D6/week 45 to 52 +5D6 | 45 to 52 8/1* | 45 to 52 5D6/week 53 to 60 +6D6 | 53 to 60 9/1* | 53 to 60 6D6/week 61 to 68 +7D6 | 61 to 68 10/1* | 61 to 68 7D6/week 69 to 76 +8D6 | 69 to 76 11/1* | 69 to 76 8D6/week 77 to 84 +9D6 | 77 to 84 12/1* | 77 to 84 9D6/weel Each +8 +1d6 | Each +8 +1/1* | Each +8 +1D6/week note actions/round(APR) is number of actions per 12 second combat round. *......Only Gods, Mutants, Magic creatures can have a APR above 6/1! Max APR is 6 for normal humans even with modifiers listed below Damage Bonus modifiers | Actions/Round (APR) modifiers table Situation Modifier | Situation Modifier underwater** ½ of normal | wounded -1 thrown ½ of normal | major Wound ½ of normal wounded -1 point | drunk, drugged, dazed ½ of normal major wound ½ of normal | Stunned,restrained ½ of normal drunk,drugged ½ of normal | under water ½ of normal Stun,restrained ½ of normal | very light weapon x2 of normal low gravity@ x2 of normal | low gravity@ x2 of normal heavy gravity@ ½ of normal | heavy gravity@ ½ of normal minimum APR is 1/2rounds **....melee weapoms do ½ of normal damage under water. @...assumes character is not accustomed to this gravity. The game is mostly done, i have stats for most of the creatures from Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem Forever, will also have stats for DN I and II I have weapons, equipment, time line and much more. I will have also standard BRP stats for those who don't like my modification of BRP. It will be free right now mainly working on some original fan art and basic writes ups! let me know what you think! Thanks in advance Also working on POTA, Doom, wolfstien rpg for BRP system. I am thinking of doing Logan's Run for BRP system.
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