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Found 1 result

  1. To the wise Magi of Glorantha: I am wondering just how perfect or imperfect Hrestoli Idealism has made Loskaim. How close to utopia are they really? Are there lazy, disinterested, disengaged, criminal, pereverted, greedy, power-crazed or dissenting groups who challenge the primacy and the legitimacy of the Hrestoli Idealistic way? What about chaotic cult penetration? Are there thieves and thieves guilds in Loskalm? Is there smuggling and black marketing there? Do brigands and highway men haunt the roads and trails of Loskalm? Are there rogue wizards and underground networks of magic? Can pagan populations and creeds coexist with Hrestoli Idealism along the frontiers of Loskalm? Are there people who simply do not want to participate in any of the four castes of Loskalmi society? Is there a Loskalmi underclass? Are there any dissident movements against the principles and tenets of the Hrestoli Way? I am not talking about differences within the Hrestoli Creed such as the tensions between the old guard of Snodal's and Siglath's days and the Young Turks who have arisen since the Ban lifted. I'm talking about people who just don't buy into any of it. Like the Noyaling people of the north or the folks like the Orlanthi Oranori pagans of the south who happen to live within the frontiers of Loskalm? Is there a Loskalmi underground? Some sub rosa subcultures? And no, I don't mean a subway system! Any insights, whimsical musings, prognostications or ironclad canonical doctrine will be appreciated. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy
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