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Found 1 result

  1. Being born into a family with a refugee background and with one grandfather left missing in the aftermath of the war, I can relate to both these forms of trauma and hardship that result. The force that destroyed the homeland objectively was the True Golden Horde, and it had done so for about 20 years. The Orlanthi of southern Saird (aka northern Orlanthland/EWF) experienced years of more vicious occupation than the Lunar occupation of Sartar at the hands of the Pelorian invaders. Even though they were able to reclaim their territory north of the Death Line after the Dragonkill, what they reclaimed was devastated for a generation or two. The fact that they were able to reclaim their territory was thanks to the destruction of the True Golden Horde by the dragons. The 20th century parallel would be the fear of atomic cataclysm, something my generation managed to unlearn slowly, only to have it return in the last year thanks to a certain election. But still, even though the southern neighbors disappeared and the land was declared a fall-out area, the southern Pelorian Orlanthi know about their neighbors' fate under the invading True Golden Horde, and not a few would see the fiery end of those scourge of the hill folk as divine justice. They would still fear the might of the dragons, but with an element of admiration, too. The refugees to Kethaela who had managed to stay ahead of the avenging horde and who may have sent a good portion of those 40k participants as a rearguard to allow the escape of non-combatant refugees would suffer more mixed feelings. They wouldn't know to what causes their rearguard defenders have fallen, but there would be a sense that they had heroically bought time for the non-combatants to reach the lands south of the Crossline, even if they perished in the dragonfire devastation that they assumed hit the entirety of the Pass. (The systematic burn of parts that lie in modern Tarsh would have been visible from Kethaela, though hard to localize.) Maybe the best example of inherited trauma of the invaders was in the description of Balazar history for the Yelmalian citadel dwellers who had lost the entire generation of fathers and uncles to the Dragonkill in Griffin Mountain. The Praxians have a different situation, surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where Chaos still lurks. Confrontation with annihilation is their daily experience, and dragons are a lot more distant than Chaos, which means that their slot for existential horror is held by the Devil. Still, the scale of loss they suffered in the Dragonkill was unparalleled in their history. IMO it took Jaldon's great raid in the time of the Twin Dynasty of Tarsh to overcome the notion that Dragon Pass was more deadly than the Devil's Marsh, the Krjalki Bog, or the Tunneled Hills, and more lucrative to boot. Hadn't Dragon Pass eaten up the remnants of the Pure Horse Folk, never to be seen again after Alavan Argay? The Dragonkill raid will have destroyed entire clans of the Beast Riders, those who had committed more wholly to the raid. Without enough warriors to protect the herds, the surviving females would have little means to protect their herds, losing significantly more than half their herds to those clans who still had more raiders. Without the ability to dominate an oasis, a significant portion of their annual food balance was lost, too, and clans returning from more distant wanderings in the Wastes found easy prey and unoccupied oases. BTW, I think that the Pure Horse Folk were part of that raid into the Dragonkill, possibly even leading the venture.
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