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Found 7 results

  1. I've been rereading Lord Dunsany and Lovecraft online in my late-shift at work, and working up a gazetteer of locations mentioned for my own use. I've gotten through the Dunsany stories I'm going to include and am finishing Dream-Quest (which I saved for the end of my HPL rereads). I had a few issues deciding what Lord Dunsany stories to include, because he was a lot looser with boundaries on his stories than HPL or later authors, I ended up going with the following list of Dunsany works: “Time and the Gods,” from Time and the Gods (1906) “The Journey of the King,” from Time and the Gods (1906) “Poltarnees, Beholder of Ocean,” from A Dreamer's Tales (1910) “Bethmoora,” from A Dreamer's Tales (1910) “Idle Days on the Yann,” from A Dreamer's Tales (1910) “The Hashish Man,” from A Dreamer's Tales (1910) [refers to “Bethmoora”] “Carcassonne,” from A Dreamer's Tales (1910) [this is not the real-world Carcassonne, but a dream version] “The Hoard of the Gibbelins,” from The Book of Wonder (1912) “The Injudicious Prayers of Pombo the Idolater,” from The Book of Wonder (1912) “Probable Adventure of the Three Literary Men,” from The Book of Wonder (1912) “Distressing Tale of Thangobrind the Jeweller,” from The Book of Wonder (1912) [refers to “Probable Adventure of the Three Literary Men”] “How Nuth Would Have Practised His Art Upon the Gnoles,” from The Book of Wonder (1912) [refers to “Probable Adventure of the Three Literary Men”] “The Dream of King Karna-Vootra,” from Fifty-One Tales (1915) “How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana,” from Fifty-One Tales (1915) “The City on Mallington Moor,” from Tales of Wonder (1916) [no gazetteer info can be drawn from it] “The Bird of the Difficult Eye,” from Tales of Wonder (1916) “The Long Porter's Tale,” from Tales of Wonder (1916) “A Shop in Go-By Street,” from Tales of Three Hemispheres (1919) [sequel to “Idle Days on the Yann”] “The Avenger of Perdóndaris,” from Tales of Three Hemispheres (1919) [sequel to “A Shop in Go-By Street”] The HPL Dream-Cycle is a bit better defined: “The White Ship,” from The United Amateur v19 #2 (Nov 1919) “The Doom That Came to Sarnath,” from The Scot #44 (Jun 1920) “The Cats of Ulthar,” from Tryout v6 #11 (Nov 1920) “Nyarlathotep,” from The United Amateur v20 #4 (Nov 1920) “Polaris,” from The Philosopher v1 #1 (Dec 1920) “Ex Oblivione,” from The United Amateur v20 #8 (Mar 1921) “The Crawling Chaos,” from The United Co-operative v1 #3 (Apr 1921) “The Nameless City,” from The Wolverine #11 (Nov 1921) [references only] “Celephaïs,” from Rainbow v2 #2 (May 1922) “What the Moon Brings,” from National Amateur v45 #5 (May 1923) “The Green Meadow,” from The Vagrant #15 (Spr 1927) “The Hound,” from Weird Tales v3 #2 (Feb 1924) [references only] “Hypnos,” from National Amateur v45 #5 (May 1923) “The Outsider,” from Weird Tales v7 #4 (Apr 1926) “The Silver Key,” from Weird Tales v13 #1 (Jan 1929) “The Strange High House in the Mist,” from Weird Tales v18 #3 (Oct 1931) “The Dreams in the Witch House,” from Weird Tales v22 #1 (Jul 1933) [roughly connected] “The Other Gods,” from The Fantasy Fan v1 #3 (Nov 1933) “Through the Gates of the Silver Key” from Weird Tales v24 #1 (Jul 1934) [with E. Hoffmann Price] “The Quest of Iranon,” from Galleon v1 #5 (Jul/Aug 1935) At the Mountains of Madness, from Astounding Stories v16 #6/v17 #1/v17 #2 (Feb 1936/Mar 1936/Apr 1936) [references only] “The Night Ocean,” from The Californian v4 #3 (Win 1936) [feels very Kingsporty] “Azathoth,” from Leaves #2 (1938) “The Thing in the Moonlight,” from Bizarre v1 #1 (Jan 1941) The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, from Weird Tales v35 #9/v35 #10 (May 1941/Jul 1941) [references only] The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (1943) Now I'm wondering who else to read for stuff to add to my Gazetteer. The works cited are all in the public domain (so what I have so far would be sharable), but I have Gary Myers books (though I haven't read them yet), and was thinking some of the locations in Italo Calvino's Le città invisibili would be a good fit. I've also found out about Kij Johnson's The Dream-Quest of Vellit Boe, which I will have to track down because it sounds great. Does anybody have any suggestions, either for Dream-Cycle stories I missed, or ideas about such a gazetteer in the first place? EDIT: I'm reluctantly removing “The Fall of Babbulkund.” It seems more like one of Dunsany's At the Edge of the World stories, not Over the Edge of the World in the Lands of Dream. Also, I added the full Lovecraft Dream-Cycle, since the Wikipedia entry is incomplete. “The Fall of Babbulkund,” from The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories (1908)
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  6. Chaosium partners Éditions Sans-Détour, the French licensees for Call of Cthulhu, have recently launched a crowd-sourcing campaign to publish a French version of the classic supplement DREAMLANDS - Beyond the Wall of Sleep. It looks gorgeously wonderful and has already passed1000% funding in just a few days! You can check it out here: http://fr.ulule.com/contrees-du-reve
  7. I think it best to separate my emergent Magic World campaign idea from the "respect" thread. The campaign concept emerged after some chatting with Ben and Angelo, and shifting our system and setting focus. The setting shift due to the past few sessions (a few months ago) being as bog-standard fantasy as my current non-MW campaign with other players. This creates some challenges for me - working on two campaigns concurrently is no big deal ... having them be very similar in theme and such is where I get demotivated. My players were also tired of zero-to-hero play. That, combined with a side commentary with Ben re: treatment of MW, had me think, well, let's use Magic World then. Setting wise, I've been hankering for something more sword & sorcery, and definitely more pulpy weird. One idea I've had floating around a bit is to use the Dreamlands map, and various bits of the related book(s), as a "straight up" setting for a fantasy game. From there, it quickly became ... The Strange Tales of the Dreamworld. I'm looking forward to it - the session in a week has three (possibly four) players, all of whom are old hands at gaming (general and BRP / MW). I'm super fortunate in that I might have two of the folks behind MW at the table. Having players who have system mastery, are positive contributors, great roleplayers and know the source material is a heck of a gift. I'm thinking the initial spot will be The Six Kingdoms region of the Dreamlands map: "Well and Weirdly Met in Zakarion" sounds like a good and appropriate title for the kickoff. I'll look to post materials, commentary and such to this thread. Comments, encouragement, contributions, etc. welcome. Detractors may take their issues up c/o "Arioch, Dept of Caring ..."
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