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Found 9 results

  1. Are there not Duck/Keet communities on the Wenilian Shore?
  2. Wotcher, warblers! I've been posting these to the Glorantha Google+ page so far, but while that format is brilliant for quickly displaying visual things like these, it isn't that great for keeping stuff collated. As I'm working on a few more at the moment, I thought I'd start a thread here, with all the links 'n' stuff. Attached at the bottom of this post (at least, I bloody hope so) are the first four in the series. Below is a list of all current entries, with links to high-quality PDFs. ***** Famous Ducks of the Hero Wars 1. Runk Squallheart, Basmoli Duck Gladiator 2. Rudepebble the Streamlord, Rune Lord of the River Gods 3. Buy-one-get-one-free Bronzebill, Rune Priest of Issaries/Etyries 4. Sir Montgomery Quackholy, Duck of (Not Quite) All 5. Mildred Keenwarble, Vingan Adventurer 6. Sungobble, Ptyrant of the Sorns 7. Esmerelda Wildwarble, Torch Singer 8. Snipbeak, Duck Bandit Bonus Deviance a. In the Duck Corners of the Earth b. Elf-finger c. An Illustrated Duckopedia of Durulz Helmets d. The Sord Sage e. Holiday Glorantha: Stormwalk Mountain f. The Parade of the Bloomers
  3. Almost anybody who knows about Glorantha knows about the ducks. They're adorable, they're ferocious. Don't mess with the ducks. Part of what makes them so charismatic is the ducks' sharing in their human neighbors' religion, more or less. There are duck worshippers of Orlanth, Humakt, Issaries, Ernalda etc. This is a rarity though, and the ducks are a special case, religiously speaking. Most of the sapient non-human species inclined towards theism have their own pantheons, the troll and elf pantheons being the most obvious examples. Some non-human cults are known to have human versions--humans worshiping Argar Argan while trolls worship Argan Argar, for example, or humans joining Flamal cults, or joint human and elf communities worshiping Yelmalio. Arkat is of course the outstanding example of humans initiating into non-human cults, going so far as to become a troll by adoption and metamorphosis before the end of his war with Gbaji. What I have not heard or read much of, outside of the case of the ducks, is non-humans initiating into human cults. I haven't heard of elves who joined Ernalda or Esrola's cults, or trolls who worship Orlanth (though I have heard of troll smiths who worship Lodril). Are there any general principles involved when a non-human seeks to initiate into one of a human community's religious groups? The act of initiation presumes a strong level of acceptance for the non-human; are there any known tests or caveats, beyond what's usually done, that the temple or cult testers would impose on a particularly exotic potential adherent?
  4. One of the great Gloranthan mysteries is what happened to the ducks in RuneQuest 6. They vanished only to return in the newest edition. Theories abound, but I believe they pulled the same stunt as the Amazons in Wonder Woman comics of the 1970s – they left the world and sojourned Out There for a time, literally breaking the glass ceiling to boldly go where no waterfowl had gone before. Anas Gadwell, Captain Quote: “It’s not flying, exactly. It’s falling … with style!” STR 13 CON 15 SIZ 3 INT 13 POW 12 DEX 14 APP 7 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 18 (SIZ+CON) Armor: 6 (Spiffy Uniform) Attacks: Brawl 50%, 1d3+db; Grapple 50%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 49%, 1d8 Skills: Command 34%, Drive (Skimmer) 45%, Heavy Machine 30%, Listen 54%, Navigate (Astronavigation) 39%, Persuade 44%, Pilot (Rocketship) 50%, Science (Astronomy) 30%, Spot 50%, Technical Skill (Computer Use) 34%, The Ladies Can’t Resist Me 70% Notes: Pilot profession Vegavis Smew, Engineer and Master Gunner Quote: “Darn it, Captain. I’m a mechanic not an architect!” STR 6 CON 11 SIZ 7 INT 14 POW 7 DEX 15 APP 6 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 18 (SIZ+CON) Armor: 6 (Spiffy Uniform) Attacks: Grapple 57%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 52%, 1d8 Skills: Artillery (Ship’s Weapons) 52%, Climb 40%, Craft (Cooking) 37%, Dodge 62%, Heavy Weapons 51%, Martial Arts (Wrestling) 33%, Navigate (Orienteering) 42%, Pilot (Rocketship) 33%, Repair (Mechanical) 47%, Repair (Electrical) 47% Notes: Sailor profession Wyatt Wigeon, Scout Quote: “Oops! Aboriginals. Uh, take me to your leader?” STR 9 CON 14 SIZ 8 INT 12 POW 8 DEX 17 APP 7 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 22 (SIZ+CON) Armor: 6 (Spiffy Uniform) Attacks: Brawl 38%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 47%, 1d8 Skills: Climb 40%, Fast Talk 25%, Hide 30%, Language (Duck) 60%, Language (Alien Tongue) 27%, Language (Alien Tongue) 16%, Listen 38%, Persuade 42%, Pilot (Boat) 47%, Research 52%, Science (Antidaeology) 42%, Science (Geology) 36%, Science (Linguistics) 29%, Spot 52%, Stealth 30% Notes: Explorer profession Ensign Whatshisnameagain, Greenshirt Quote: “What was that? Argh!!!” STR 9 CON 9 SIZ 5 INT 10 POW 10 DEX 14 APP 4 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 7 Armor: 3 (Impressive Space Armor) Attacks: Brawl 30%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 35%, 1d8 Skills: Listen 30%, Make Officers Look Good 80%, Spot 35%, Track 25%
  5. For you Runequest heretics who still love your ducks, I stumbled across 97-cent prepainted metal figures at Walmart. It's the Disney Nano toy line. Found Gizmoduck (about 40mm) and Uncle Scrooge McDuck (33mm), a bit large but they are heroic characters. Was hoping for Darkwing Duck but you take what you can get.
  6. For those who have insufficient ducks in your life, or insufficient Jannell Jaquays adventures, there’s a Kickstarter just for you. Simon Hibbs
  7. We have a cover courtesy of Duckmeister Stewart Stansfield. I've got 60+ pages of content lined up: Lightbringers Quest a different take on a familiar tale by Matt Ryan, which allows players and narrators new to HeroQuest and Glorantha dive right in and see what is special about the rules and setting. God Forgot, by Barry Blatt gives his take on this Zzaburi State within the Holy Country.. Light and Death is a Lunar Adventure set in Dara Happa by Neil Smith. The Awakening is an adventure by Scott Crowder set within exactly 500 Years after the Dragon Kill in Dragon Pass, where the heroes face being trapped in the Dream of a Dragon. Zirta an Umathelan City State setting in Pamaltera (Gloranthan’s southern Continent) by Simon Bray Why the Story is the Best, Mythological fiction by Dr Moose The Land of Flowers a mini-Kralora setting by myself, filled with Kick ass Kung Fu heroes and weird sinister adversaries. Currently the 'zine is in Editorial/Proofing/Art commission, and I'm looking to have it out by Oct/Nov. More details and updates via the Hearts in Glorantha Blog
  8. http://mentalfloss.com/uk/animals/31011/10-quacking-facts-about-ducks Hmmm, using the old RuneQuest Rumour Table key (Griffin Mountain), for Gloranthan Ducks, I would say: 1. R, 2. T, 3. B, 4. M, 5. T, 6. T, 7. F, 8. B, 9. R, 10. M
  9. So, just like the title says... Off the top of my head, Glorantha has ducks (durulz), tapirs (morokanth) & baboons (do they have another name for themselves?); but are there other "animals" that are sentient? I don't count the half-and-half's like Centaurs, Minotaurs, Broo's, etc (collectively called "Beast-Men" (although the Broos' extremes of Chaos may now exclude them, they USED to be of the same general sort...)) in this list, only the "full" animals...
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