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Found 1 result

  1. Hmm, I was going to post this in What the Heck... Check that out but this is not really a whizz bang earthshaking, What the heck, check that out… pat pend ™ thing , or even a really new and groundbreaking rule so I thought it worth another thread. I have seen it mentioned that RQ G lacks an Encumbrance system on a few threads now, or a little confusion on others. Seems that they kinda have ENC rules or really near option/suggestions with rules tacked on. Back in RQ2 days they had a common sense approach to encumbrance. Don’t carry more than you can…. but if you do and need a measuring stick they offered a neat idea of things weighing either one thing or two (depending on the number of hands required to carry the thing, I believe) . This has been brought back with either CON or STR setting the upper limit on the number of things one could carry (kinda), It is (only a little) more complicated than this so I think rather than quoting the whole skill I will send interested parties to the RQ RiG book page 150 and 15. In short it reads ENC Penalties Every point of ENC an adventurer carries over their maximum ENC causes them to suffer the following penalties: –1 from Movement (MOV) –5% from all skills in the Agility, Manipulation, Stealth, and Weapon skill categories and more follows… I believe i might be the only human on the planet that liked RQ 3 ENC rules and even used them (gasp) and I did not mind the thing approach of RQ 2 so really I think I will be using the rules in the future for RQ RiG but it's early games at the moment so I told the players to set phasers on ignore when it came to ENC, for the moment anyway. How about the Chaosium agora and its literati: comments, hates, likes, comments about ducks... Cheers
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