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Found 3 results

  1. So, I'm trying to harmonize a Hero Wars/HeroQuest 1st edition campaign framework with later lore that was expanded in HeroQuest 2nd edition. In the book Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, it has a bit about the Household Goddesses on page 143. It says "The household goddesses are the daughters and handmaidens of Ernalda... They serve as not only the model of the household, but also the proper servants of a woman. Generally, only a wealthy woman can afford to have all ten servants attend to her." Okay, so there are ten of them, and they are sometimes independent goddesses and other times more like aspects or personifications of Ernalda's powers. So the list given is this: Kesta, who prepares the food. Istena, who fills the water and wine skins. Sharla, who spins the wool into thread. Berlintha, who mends the clothing. Mahome, who tends the hearth. Arnna, who holds the key to the treasure box. Jera, who keeps the healing kit. Beseta and Besanga, who bear the Goddess’ burdens. So, I have HW/HQ1 subcults for Jera the Herbalist (in Thunder Rebels pg 195-196), Mahome the Hearth Goddess (Thunder Rebels pg 189), and Kesta the Preparer (Masters of Luck and Death pg 22). Arnna, I seem to remember, can be considered a version of Asrelia, and I have a subcult for Asrelia I can adapt for Arnna from Storm Tribe pg 194-195. I have a player who is probably going to be interested in filling out the roster, in both a magical and game-mechanical sense, so I'd like to be prepared. But, by my count, that list only has 9 goddesses. Who is the 10th goddess? I checked the Book of Heortling Mythology and King of Sartar and posts from the old mailing list, but I'm falling short. Does anybody have a more complete list?
  2. I would like to begin a Runequest campaign taking place in 1621, allowing the Heroes to take part in such great adventures as Argrath and the rescue of the Giant's Cradle as well as the early battles of liberation against the Red Empire. However, such a campaign would take place during the Great Winter, when Orlanth and Ernalda were "killed" and sent to the Underworld by the Red Goddess. What effect--if any--would this have on Rune Magic and Divine Intervention connected to their two cults? Would worshipers be able to call on Orlanth and Ernalda for Divine Intervention? Would worshipers be restricted to one point Rune Magic, or would their magic become cyclical in nature, allowing them to cast certain spells only during Earth or Storm Season or on certain days of the week?
  3. What do Orlanthi tribes do in lands where the earth isn't Ernalda? For instance, in Peloria or Ralios.
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