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Found 4 results

  1. Someone was asking about North Esrolia—Helerdon in particular—over in the JCCC group recently. I've been in the idea-generating stage writing up the city of Sylthi, and went off on a big rambly tangent. I realized that I'd appreciate feedback on what y'all over here think about my picture of Esrolian religion, and hope that it might be interesting, too. There's good odds I'll post more material as I work on it and it gets tidier, if people have continued interest. As I said, my direct interest is a writeup of the small city of Sylthi. I'm not trying to produce a detailed, super-elaborate
  2. Hi all, I am after some information. I am thinking of setting a campaign in Maniria. My Guide to Glorantha tells me that Greymane is considering his options as to whose side to be on in the upcoming Hero Wars (page 355). RQG goes on to say that Queen Samastina is the new queen of Esrolia in 1625, after securing her freedom from various people, including the Western Barbarians (page 110). Can anyone tell me the fate of Greymane, his sons and the rest of the Manirian tribes? Is he still alive? Did he support the new queen or do otherwise? Any information would be gratefully received.
  3. Argrath has a unit of warlocks who use the powers of the Earth twins: two young women: one corpse blue and garlanded with skulls; the other rosy and angelic. Does anyone have any ides on who these demi-god Earth Twins are? Are they connected to Varstapoor and his sister Vestenbora, the children of Arim by an incarnation of Sorana Tor, of the Third Wane who displayed the awesome power of their cult in the Battle of Falling Hills? or is the name just a coincidence?
  4. (Disclaimer: I'm not sure where I should post this query - I couldn't find a forum on the Moon Design website, and I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for The Design Mechanism website forums as they are primarily devoted to discussion about RQ6 system development. BRPCentral appears to be the most appropriate place for this.) This one is for the Gloranthan fans out there: "What is a good culture to use as an analogy for the People of Esrolia?" I don't have many resources which have artwork displaying Esrolit characters, so I'm not sure how they are intended to be depicted. In an earlier
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