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Found 1 result

  1. Joerg


    Taken out of the Guide to Glorantha discussion thread (Week 6, Mythos) as this is veering far off the original topic of the Lightbringers' Quest: The Adjustment Wars created a circumstance for some houses to profiteer from other houses' struggle against the Adjustment invaders, without subscribing to the Adjustment goals in the long run. I would dare say that pretty much the same houses now involved with the Red Earth Alliance were the ones cooperating with the Adjustment kings. My impression is that we take the combination of Ernalda and Orlanth to be fairly universal, at least for Genertela. It doesn't matter much in the west. Pamaltela may have different rules due to Pamalt still being around, except for the coasts which have Theyalan influence (if only through God Learner introduction outside of Umathela). No idea whether the Errinoru aldryami have a connection to Ernalda with Orlanth as her primary husband, or as the earth without need for a husband. I don't see a way for Ernalda or any of her existing land goddesses (including Dorasa) to be married to Chaos. Dorasa's infestation with Chaos (and that of the land goddess of Tork) came from human magics rather than from pre-Compromise divine activities, though. It might be argued that Thed is Chaotic Earth, and Malia is the female principle of Chaos. The Lunar absorption of Earth mysteries sort of blurs the borders. That's not quite the message I get, with all that durulz/goose stick going about. There are possible parallels between Sedenya and Imarja. I am trying to "date" the arrival of Imarja. The context in Esrolia - Land of the Thousand Goddesses suggests that Nochet was located at a river (possibly river mouth) when the Charter of Nochet was incubated and revealed. Contact with Imarja was limited to the six tribes. Males were present, but not involved in the decision-making, only as helpers (such as citing Lhankor Mhy as the scribe of the Charter, which is slightly conflicting with the notion that the text was already inscribed on the inside of the egg hatched by the Grandmothers). Actually, a group of widows forming a house would work quite well. All it takes is an ambitious woman of a side lineage determined to step out of the shadow of House Norinel. The twins appear to have been only the start of a string of children, once Norinel overcame her somewhat inexplicable reluctance to accept Kimantor's secrecy. Under which rules are these plays organized? Greek theatre had its holy days, but the troupes were sponsored by hoplite class nobility. I have no idea about repeat performances - probably not in the same city, and probably not by the same actors touring other cities, although it is conceivable that a hegemonial city like Athens would send a troupe of the annual performance out to its dependant cities as a demonstration of cultural superiority and a gesture of goodwill combined. The Temple of Donandar is the only big theatre in Nochet, with a capacity of maybe 10,000 spectators if crammed to the last seat or stand, from the look of the Nochet map. It wouldn't be the only place where plays are staged, though - I would guess that each Enfranchised House and all wannabe houses will have private stages for more intimate shows, and some of the guilds might have some, too. Low entertainers will have adapted those plays, or at least key scenes of these, for street performance, maybe using a tent or performing in a tavern, and use puppets, shadow-plays or similar rather than a full cast of actors.
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