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Found 2 results

  1. I've been a fan of Fallout for a long time, but am rather late to the joys of BRP. I've noticed that there was a WIP file that was part of a conversion project, but it seems to have died. My question is this- How do I go about implementing the flavor and style of Talents and Perks from the setting? I know that most BRPers really hate the idea of an advantage/disadvantage system, but I really believe it has a place and isn't just the domain of munchkins. I also am not necessarily going for a 1:1 conversion of all Perks or anything like that. I know that down that road lies frustration. I am also curious as to how one would reproduce some of the creatures in the setting. I figure Supermutants can just be reskinned Orcs/Trolls/Giants, Yao Guai are just tougher Bears, Deathclaws I would guess can use the Allosaurus stats (slightly modified, of course), but what about Centaurs? Or Glowing Ones? Sorry if this all seems scatter-shot, I've got a lot on my plate so I'm trying to get this all done ASAP.
  2. New member to the forums, Old school RPGer looking to reimagine the hobby from my youth! Played a diverse range of RPG titles in the 80's, 90s, but my preference was always around a RQ or BRP style rules. I have been looking to demonstrate paper RPGs to my kids (as opposed to the video versions they play) and settled on running a version of Fallout 1 This is because they know the setting (Played Fallout 3 & New Vegas) but never played the original fallouts. Not unfamiliar with modifying and converting rules to a particular game - I think I have settles on a BRP core rules, with the best bits of the PnP Fallout rules, and some bits from RQ & others (modern BRP RPGs like CoC etc) http://falloutpnp.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page http://fallout-rpg.narod.ru/PnP.html Currently modelling the game environment in Google sketch up (using original art textures) to allow a dynamic 'view' of the environment, and toying with the idea of an iPad web app for gameplay support (working pip boy), and an LCD screen for the game board. However - I assume this is not the first time this has been attempted and was wondering if anyone has links to resources or examples of how others have done something like this Attached are initial views of the google sketch up files, which will be viewed from Google Earth (for topographical features)
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