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Found 3 results

  1. Below are my thoughts for war games figures to represent various Central Genertelan cultures. It is far from definitive, and posted here for discussion... Figures for Gloranthan Armies The following terrestrial cultures are suggested as sources for Gloranthan army figures. Note that figures armored in chainmail should be avoided as chainmail is rare. Group Terrestrial Equivalents Black Horse Troop Ridderan No equivalent Grazelanders/Pentans Grazelander /Pentan Scythian, Sarmatian Holy Country Caladraland Mycenaean Esrolians Minoan, Mycenaean Esvularings /God Forgot Sassanian, Byzantine Heortland Mycenaean, Bronze Age North Europeans, Thracian Islanders Minoan Hsunchen Basmoli Amerindian, Libyan Telmori Amerindian, Libyan Lunar Empire Aggar Thracian Carmanian Sassanian, Byzantine, Kushan Char-un Sarmatian Dara Happans Classical Greek, Assyrian Darjiini Assyrian Doblian Thracian Eolian Bronze Age Northern European Holay Gauls, Early Roman Imther Romano-British Pelandan Assyrian, Classical Greek Lunar Early Roman, Classical Greek, Sassanian Suvarian Achaemenid Persian Tarsh Saxon, Viking, Sassanian Vanch Romano-British Orlanthi Dark Orlanthi Hittite, Thracian Earth Tarsh Bronze Age North European, Hittite Humaki Battalion Early Roman, Gauls, Saxon Light Orlanthi Mycenaean, Hittite, Bronze Age North European, Thracian, Saxon, Viking Old Hendriki Sword Orlanthi Uroxi Warband Bronze Age North European, Viking Yelmalion Mycenaean, Hittite, Thracian Praxians Agimori Nubian, Zulu Bison No equivalent Bolo-Lizard No equivalent High Llama No equivalent Impala No equivalent Ostrich No equivalent Pol-Joni Scythian, Sarmatian Rhino No equivalent Sable No equivalent Unicorn Scythian Zebra Scythian, Sarmatian Sun Dome Temples Militia Classical Greek Templar Macedonian
  2. I'm getting ready to run A Time to Harvest. I'm looking for figures that would make good 1920s students, as opposed to your typical CoC figures. Any leads? Thanks.
  3. Baron


    I'm still preparing to start my new group of players on 1920s Call of Cthulhu. I'm acquiring figures, mostly 25mm but of necessity getting a few in 28mm. <Damn figure creep and marketing guys> I don't care so much about having the exact monsters from Cthulhu, I can use anything. And my PCs and NPCs will look archaic enough to my young players that I don't need to be a stickler for getting the costumes exactly right. But, what else to dress the table with? Buildings are just too much, but think what I could do with cars! Car chases, dodging monsters, ambushes and roadblocks, hard cover in a gun fight, the list goes on. So I went to the local, established and gritty model shop in town. Where they make models, dammit! And the guy shook his head radiating disapproval, because I'd made a fundamental error. Cars in the scale I'm looking for "just weren't made." Nothing even close. What do you all use? Or am I the only one who wants to line up the adventurers on one side of a car, and have the monsters come slithering and hopping out of the brush on the other side of the road? I really don't want to take the time to actually build my own models, although I could if I get desperate enough. Save me from hot glue, you're my only hope!
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