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Found 2 results

  1. Hopefully this has already been answered and someone can easily point me in the correct direction. Do Fireblade, Fire Arrow and similar weapon igniting spells do special damage & critical damage? The RuneQuest Core Rules Questions (page 11) thread has Jason stating no: No. Such is the unpredictability of magic. On a pragmatic sense, for a critical, rolling 3D6 (plus damage bonus) and ignoring armor is more-than-likely to disable whatever hit location it strikes. The gamemaster is wholly within their rights to decide that these results do in fact do special damage (impaling or slashing) but may soon discover that these spells become dominant tactics. But official answer https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/chaosium/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-players-book-print/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-qa-by-chapter/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-chapter-12-spirit-magic/ states: Which is it? Thanks
  2. I posted this in the Facebook RQ page, but there was not a lot of feedback, so any help appreciated:- RuneQuest 2 (c1980 GW under license from Chaosium) A question for the Rule Lawyers: The spell Fireblade, on the inside cover of the rule book there are a set of clarifications, corrections and Additions which state: Page 38 " Fireblade - An impaling blow with a Firebladed weapon does the full damage of the weapon (11 points for a 2 H spear, for instance) plus the normal 3D6 damage of the Fireblade. The damage from a Fireblade replaces only the weapon damage. If the character using the weapon has a damage bonus, that damage bonus is still effective. If the weapon impales or slashes the damage is based on the Fireblade damage, not the weapons regular damage." The last sentence seems to counter the example of the 2H spear, logically the damage should be 18 rather than 11 (The same info appears in the RQ Companion as well) Runemasters (1980):- Page 10, section 6: "Inverting spells - a number of spells can be used to good effect when used in a manner opposite to normal use. If you are faced, for example with a giant using a great sword (who does 2D8 +5D6 damage), then cast Fireblade upon his great sword. Now he only does 3D6 and furthermore he cannot slash with a Fireblade." This counters the whole impale or slash issue and negates the damage bonus specified above. Just to confuse the matter further in issue 14 of Wyrms Footnotes (April1982) Advice from Rurik (edited by Steve Perrin), feedback to letters from players etc "If a flaming weapon impales or slashes the extra damage is based on the fire damage for Fireblade and weapon damage for FireArrow (which is, after all a lower cost spell)." Is there any further official clarification on this issue? Thanks Byrom
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