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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there. First time poster. Be gentle. I'm considering a post-apocalyptic game set in Pavis/The Valley of Cradles. The setting opening would be the first days after the Gods die in the Second Lightbringer Quest. I want a PA style landscape, so I'm already assuming the world has changed and is less 'epic/mythic', with a general loss of magic, in all it's senses, across the world. Other planes, easy access to spirits and direct divine interactions are all harder or gone, in ways that are too boring/intricate to bewail in detail. I wanted to pick a few Gloranthaphiles minds about the trickiest of the questions this idea sets; namely, who is still around being all god-like? King of Sartar, p233 "Argrath and the Devil".So, Argrath then, and the Spider Spirit, and the other few which had survived, blessed the world and sent the good things which they had found out from their center and as gifts to the world of the living. And since that time, that world has been our world. The bolding is my own. Pure conjecture, I know, but who are your candidates for the 'other few'? Personally, I'm assuming Trickster survives. Arachne Solara, or there's no one to write the Saga. Argrath himself [but not for a while] In terms of comic balance, I'm assuming Uleria [who seems to survive everything] as a balance to Trickster [in the role of death bringer]. After that, I'm reaching. Of the things that aren't really gods, I'm assuming there's still [cosmic] dragons, and perhaps an Invisible God [I'm inclined to go negative here, but only to leave sorcery as much of a shattered mess as Divine magics]. I also notice that the names of the gods [Orlanth at least] have not been forgotten when devoured by chaos, but that's another matter.
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