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Found 7 results

  1. Reading the GtG, I got interested in Fronela. Three questions about the Greenwood & Janube: 1. GtG "The World of Time" historical maps, from Second Council onwards (p. 127), depict the Greenwood in lighter green than other Aldryami forests. Is this an indication that this vast region is not so much an Aldryami forest, but a distinct political unit - presumably a very loose federation of Aldryami and Hsunchen? Is the lighter green colour related to a similar political unit in the Elder Wilds around 400ST (p. 130), with Aldryami, Votanki and perhaps Trolls? 2. Between 700ST (p. 132) and 900ST (p. 134), the Greenwood gets divided in its western end, into Winterwood and a stumped Greenwood. The region between them largely corresponds to Talostar (and the Black Forest). What happens here? Couldn't find a hint in the history & Fronela texts. If this is connected to some sort of forest withdrawal/destruction, it's on the magnitude of destructions of Erigia and Rist combined. As a political/magical/ecological development, is it somehow connected to the God Learners' empire and the emergence of Frontem? 3. North-east of Fronela/Greenwood, and north of modern Erigia and Eol, there is a big patch of land before the White Sea. This land is largely forested, and where there is forest there must be animals etc. This region seems to go without name. Is it Troll land? Are there Aldryami in the forests? Do the Uncoling and/or Eol reindeer flocks range this far (there would be actual tundra, ie. real reindeer land, at the shores of the White Sea)? Anything written about it? Related to the unnamed patch of land NE of Greenwood and E of Valind's Glacier, eastward over the gulf there used to be the Tallseed forest (Lentasia) (p. 126, 372). So Aldryami magical/political realms were present this far north. Why not on the western side of the gulf? I have the GtG, and have read some Greg Sez & Daliath articles of old. There's a lot I don't have, notably the Glorantha: the Second Age Fronela-book. Also the northern Fronelan material being this thin, I'd be interested to hear who has written/mapped it? All coming from Greg, or are there others who have contributed to this region?
  2. Reposted from: https://plus.google.com/105565958886348555846/posts/FUWS1NAXBKY "History is written by the Victors."(or how I learned to love the Illuminated Bull God)I've been attempting to piece together the Dawn Age history of Fronela, particularly focusing around the Gbaji Wars. I think I've made an interesting discovery, particularly about the nature of Arinsor, the so called "Chaos Wizard" and the Tarjinian Bull.If we step back to the Dawn, there are two dominant powers - Akem, the Brithini and Malkioni settlement centered around Sog City, and the Eleven Beast Alliance - a confederation of Hsunchen ruled by a Hykimi Shamans. The Eleven Beast Alliance are lead by a group of Tawari bull hsunchen known as the Enjoreli. These two powers clash for a while, and then in the 2nd century, the word of the Lightbringers are brought to the Enjoreli by the Unity Council.At this point the Eleven Beast Alliance changes - they do not entirely abandon their Hykimi Ways, but add the worship of the Lightbringers to their midsts. Even in the Third Age, many of the Orlanthi of Fronela worship bull riding, thunderbolt throwing King Storm. Is this an attempt of the Unity Council to convert the most influential of the Beast Tribes in the area?In 375 ST, the Sunstop occurs. From the perspective of the Fronelans, this was a magical contest between the Malkioni Sorcerers and the Hykimi Shamans, where the Malkioni prove their superiority by causing Ehilm to stop in its tracks. Things get more complicated after this.The Second Council begins to send Nysaloran missionaries to spread the word of the New God.Arinsor emerges at this time. Called by Talor and the Loskalmi as "The Chaos Wizard", it seems unlikely to me that he would embrace such a moniker. After all, he is here to spread the world of Nysalor. Arinsor "opens the Gates of Banir" and the most prominent thing that emerges from is the Tarjinian Bull.Predictably, the Malkioni react badly to this new religion, but it seems like the Eleven Beast Alliance embraces Nysalor. Perhaps the Tarjinian Bull isn't the quite the chaos monstrosity that the Talor and Arkat demonize it as. Perhaps Arinsor merely wished to demonstrate the amazing potential offered to the Eleven Beast Alliance, and brought forth this magical bull to convert their most powerful and influential Tribe to the New Light.History continues to unfold. Arkat and Talor emerge on the scene, struggle, die, and are resurrected. Talor eventually returns in 450ST, destroys the Hykimi Priests, and exterminates the Tawari Bull Hsunchen. This is a worse fate, perhaps, than the curse he leveled against the Telmori Wolf Hsunchen. What had the Tawari done that necessitated genocide? There are only ten tribes of Hsunchen left in Fronela afterwords.There are still signs of this conflict throughout Fronela:- The Loskalmi province of Tawars is still named after them, and there are renowned for their cattle.- Valsburg, Tawar's capital, has a Bull Gate in which the defeated gods of the Tawari are still bound.- Feleor in Tawars has exalted white cattle that are only slaughtered by an ancient line of butcher-priests. - Furlani the Horned One, magical guardian of Loskalm, has a bulls head. - Kikina in Junora has a sacred bull that makes auguries. - Orlanth the Bull Rider is worshipped throughout Junora and Oranor.When the Hero Wars start in earnest, the Gates of Banir will be reopened. Will the Tarjinian Bull emerge again? What will it mean for Tawars?
  3. Looking through the forum, there are a few references to a bull-riding people (related to the Tawari?) called the Losk-Alim, from which the name Loskalm is derived. However, I can find no references to these people (apparently allied with Talor) in any available source. Can anyone tell me anything of them?
  4. Hello everyone, It is my first time writing in this forum. I am writing this message because I am writing diverse materials about Glorantha blending, adapting and developing different sources such as articles from the fanzines Ye Book of Tentacles, Tradetalk and Tales of the Reaching Moon with up to date materials such as The Guide to Glorantha or the Stafford Library. The thing is that I need someone to review my materials because I don't know if I am missing important details or not, so I need someone more knowledgeable to give me a second opinion.I inform you in advance that everything is written in Spanish, in case that may be a problem. Keep in mind that all are incomplete works that I update daily, well more like thrice a week. here's a dropbox link with all my materials:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bl6lr46ipfzfkm/AAAKveg8TITMuv08H-slDOdYa?dl=0These are the materials I am working on right now: Afinidades rúnicas: the set of rules I use for the runic affinities, including the use of the chaos rune.La tercera profecía: a campaign settled around the Kingdom of War in 1620 that tells events that precede the War against War.Los hsunchen: an article about the hsunchen with systems to make them more colourful and fun to play.Notas Glorantha: an adaptation of RQ6 rules for the Glorantha setting.Resumen magia: a mash-up of third and sixth edition rules I use for magic.El hijo pródigo (now a part of Cuentos apócrifos): a tale about the first owner of the Magic rune and how it ended up in the hands of Arachne Solara.
  5. I noticed this: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/kow/ It implies that the difference between 2nd and 3rd Age maps of Fronela (people may notice that Fronela changes shape when RQ2 changed to RQ3) is because the KoW was wedged in there. Is this still canon? It appears that the Third Age appearance of Fronela was retroactively applied to historical maps in the GoG...
  6. What prevented Akemite forces from simply following the Janube up to proto-Worian and then striking at Dorastor from the north? The Talsardians may have blocked an initial thrust in that direction but by 450 they were allies. Also it goes without saying that there is no Ban in force at this time. Nonetheless first Arkat and then Talor takes the long way around, finally forcing Kartolin despite all precedent. Did Talor's dealings with the Bull and/or blue people mandate what looks like an extensive detour? Was Rist simply a hairier prospect than the unvanquishable fort? I have theories but crowd wisdom is surer. Bonus: does this shed additional light on Syranthir's unprecedented genius in daring to take his nation on a route his sainted predecessors refused to even consider?
  7. From time to time, I plan to post a little information about a Gloranthan deity here on BRP Glorantha. I'm going to start with a demigod, Jonat Big Bear. Jonat (JO-nat) Malkioni and Orlanthi pantheons – demigod founder of Jonatela Jonat Big Bear is the demigod son of Redel the Bear God and was born among the Rathori barbarians in the late Second Age. His adventures brought him to Seshnela around 1050 and he returned to Fronela with troll and wizard allies. He enslaved the Yellow Bear and unified the petty kingdoms and tribes of Syanor, often by force, and founded the kingdom that now bears his name. He retired into his underground tomb at the end of the Second Age and it is prophesized that one day he will return from his tomb to punish the enemies of his people. Jonat is worshiped as the founder of Jonatela and as a war god. The rulers of Jonatela trace their descent to him and serve as his priests. Jonat is depicted as a bipedal bear wearing a crown and carrying a sword.
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