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Found 10 results

  1. New post is up on my blog. I go into detail on how I ran the Battle of Trueford during the Urvantan's Tower adventure. This pairs well with the overview a wrote a while back.
  2. Wrote up a bit of a review of The Smoking Ruins Adventure with some of my thoughts on what to change or add to the adventure. https://monstersandmusings.blogspot.com/2021/09/runequest-adventure-review-smoking-ruins.html
  3. Wrote up an Overview of the Adventure; Cattle Raid, which is in the GM's Adventure Book, that comes with the GM's Screen. You can check it out here on my blog.
  4. Here is the first of (hopefully) many similar posts about some of the adventures I have run for Runequest so far: Blogpost
  5. I'll be running the Horror on the Orient Express campaign at the Fantasy Flight Game Center in Minneapolis, MN starting in a few weeks. It's been a lot of fun so far just prepping for it. For those of you who have run it already in 7th ed., could you please share your experience and what went well and/or not so well. Thank you!
  6. Hello all, I'm GMing and I'm looking for a good sheet to track wounds and status-effects for NPCs. Something which can track multiple NPCs on the same sheet would be ideal. Thank you
  7. So there will be spoilers from the Masks of Nyarlathothep in this thread, you have been warned! So I was running the Old Masks of Nyarlathothep for some friends of mine, and we were only two sessions in when the new edition dropped. (great timing I know!) So they are about to stake out the Ju-Ju house. I just got the new book mainly to get better art and portraits to show the players, but I noticed there was more parts to the NY chapter, so I wanted to incorporate it to my adventure without forcing it in. While I was reading about the 'innocent man' I began wondering when he will be executed. This is a questing I am sure the players will be asking. I am sure I can just make up the date without affecting the adevnture, but am I blind for not finding it, and if not, isn't this quite a major oversight? Thank you for your time!
  8. How much plot armor do you provide for PCs and NPCs in your game? Does it vary by genre? For me, I enjoy gritty and noir games and as such am pretty dice centric...I play the NPCs smart so they use tactics, retreat when beaten and conduct recon before attacking. In my games, my players actively avoid combat unless they spend the time to prep beforehand. My wife on the other hand GM's in a very cinematic style where dice are a guideline to how the scenes play out. Plot armor is used as the battles are there for a reason and although Our group thankfully enjoys both types of gaming and the varying levels of plot armor involved, primarily due to the pre-game conversation about expectations, genre, and character creation.
  9. Greetings fellow gamers. After a fun weekend of visiting a local Revolutionary War re-enactment with my family, I've decided to begin putting together some ideas for a campaign set during that time. I did some research, and the colonial era is a surprisingly untapped source of gaming material, despite what I see as great potential for rich storytelling and intrigue. I've purchased a PDF of Colonial Gothic by Rogue Games - though I haven't had time to do much but skim it (a deeper read-through happens this afternoon when the baby goes down for his nap), and have pulled some of my history books off the shelf for some reference material. My plan is to use BRP as the rules engine for an alternate history set at the outbreak of the war, circa 1765, but with the untold secrets (supernatural elements) being the focus of the campaign. A pipe dream would be to get my hands on a copy of After the Vampire Wars and have the PCs be vampires, weres, mages, etc recruited for the cause Before the Vampire Wars *chuckle*. I'll probably throw in the stunts from Blood Tide and maybe, just maybe, the deep magic from Advanced Sorcery. I just wanted to throw my idea out there and see if anyone has ever run or played in something similar. What experiences have you had? Does this sound like something that would work, or am I missing something? What other resources might I look into? Thanks!
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