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Found 3 results

  1. How would you roll one up? Probably use the Warrior occupation and determine if the unit is cavalry or infantry. They don’t cast magic or have a god, so no spirit/rune spells or passions to a god. Probably Loyalty Talar. Would they have runes on them, like the Law rune? I also wonder how they would heal themselves (since warriors tend to get wounded). Is it maybe their zaburi caste has unguents or potions for them to use? Also, since they're a warrior caste and that's all they do, i would think their skill sets would tend to the higher side and with better quality of weapons and armor... but i really don't know.
  2. My campaign home area is along the Heortland coastal plain, below the cliffs from Salt Point to the Vulari peninsula. I'm going to have my PCs encounter NPCs from Talor Hold. Some questions: *Talor Hold Scouts/patrol/expedition, would they have an apprentice Zzaburi with them, possibly? From what i understand, the Zzaburi are identified and begin training young. So as their young training (i imagine they have a master and are under a sort of apprenticeship), would they be doing real-world task like if they were in an internship? (Like accompanying a patrol or working in Refuge.) *Talor Hold, Would their be tug tug boats? I think they were called this and I can't remember where i read this, but there were special boats from Talor Hold i think. Does anyone remember this and can they elaborate? I'm looking to make a naval encounter from Talor Hold. The PCs will eventually encounter things off the coast of the Clanking Ruins and over to the Zoo. I'm just starting to flesh it out. Thank you ahead of time and much appreciated. (Note - I said Talor Hold but i maybe i should have said God Forgot in general, i dunno).
  3. What kind of people are in God Forgot and what color are they? Reading the Guide, I can't tell if they're Brithini or Ingareen (and i may have that wrong). Then, in Prince of Sartar (Chap 3, 29 - City of Wonders) the Mind of the Talar, Carvak Zirian, is blue. I didnt know they were blue, are they all blue, Horali, Dronal, etc. I saw his Law rune on his hat, which I notice is tall, like a proper Zzabur, right? For some reason, i always thought there would be a symbol of an eye (eye that pierces the veils), but i couldnt find much on that.
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