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Found 5 results

  1. What is Free Inquiry? The GtG mentions that scholars and sages are attracted here because of the protection of Free Inquiry. What comes to mind is, there is a small temple of the Lankhor Mhy emanation of the Invisible God. Because of the Western influence of that, one can research things not normally allowed in traditional Orlanthi society? I dunno... forbidden magics or the abiding book... (is it related to the Jelenkev School in Duchamp thats about 15 miles up river?)
  2. Can anyone tell me a little more about the Aeolian Church’s magic and how to play it? I just started my RQ2 campaign and it’s in Heortland. Jansholm is the base city with Aelbreht as the Bishop of Jansholm living in the Cathedral to St Elmal. If there’s a bishop and a cathedral, I’d like to introduce more of its flavor since they seem pretty dominant. After reading Tradetalk 12 and the GtG, I gather the Aeolian Church follows the Creator or Invisible God but accepts some of the Orlanthi pantheon as manifestations. (I don’t know if I got that right). But unlike the RQ2 cult’s that I’m
  3. I was reading thru my copy of Tradetalk 12 which is a special on Heortland. In there there's an article on 'The Esvulari: Children of St Aeol' by Mark Galeotti and Greg Stafford with a nod to Joerg. One of the many items that piqued my interest were the sigils they used for Worlath (Orlanth), St Ehilm (i think that's Yelmalio), etc. They are basically Orlanth's rune, Yelmalio's rune, etc, in a triangle. The cover picture for the article shows the Fire/Sky rune in a triangle. Then in the article body it mentions Orlanth's rune in a triangle... these appear to be the saints runes they use. Does
  4. I read the very helpful HQ Voices-Esvular that talks about an Esvular village on the coastal flats below Viziel. It talks about the village of Beauchief and the population being about half Orlanthi/Hendriki and half Esvulari. Well, i'm familiar with the Orlanthi family and clan structure but not the Esvulari. HQVoices-Esvular mentions the Esvular village leader is a knight who owes fealty to the count of Viziel who in turn owes fealty to the Earl's conclave. From other readings and posts, i gather the knights are more like cataphracts. But what i dont know is, how is, with all the great RQG th
  5. In Sartar Rising Part 1, Barbarian Adventures (november 2001) theres was an interesting list of prophesies from the Priestess of Kev. Has any of them come true or better yet, did you find an interesting way to use them in your game? From a secret hearth on the north-western borderlands of the Cinsina, forty-nine Vingans are dispatched to the clans of Sartar, each to seek men and women of courage. Commanded by an exiled queen, they draw strength from the new secrets of an old myth. In the hills above Whitewall, three exhausted men and a maid of spears together swear an oath
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