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Found 5 results

  1. In the interesting Western Hero Wars Status Quo thread there was a discussion on the themes of a Seshnela game in the opening years of the Hero Wars. However, few actual game possibilities were discussed, besides the Star Wars rebels / join the evil empire campaign or the fate of the Navigationalist refugees, spreading all over the coasts. Jeff opened the challenge on returning to Greg Stafford’s initial inspiration, Prince Valiant, but nobody was willing to try. Although my main interest is further East, New Seshnela and the Malkioni interest me since the 90s, so I will present some ideas for the period 1625-1630. I will break into several pieces, so it is easier to reply than a long essay. I hope this will not be too long. As a campaign arc, the main event in this period is New Seshnela invading Safelster following its victory over Nolos and Pasos, and being pushed back, supposedly by the return of several Archons / Arkats and I suppose shattering the huge personal power of Theoblanc. In the background there will be the first movements of a rulership challenge that will end up with an unknown Talar ruling three Western kingdoms. Although it seems many people expect them to be Loskalm, Seshnela and Safelster, the fact that he invades Safelster makes me think that it is not one of the kingdoms. So, I propose the three kingdoms are Loskalm, Seshnela and Tanisor. We also have the Brithini return, the elven reforestation, and the complex dynamics of Brithini, Vadeli, Waertagi and the Wolf pirates. In a similar way to Dragon Pass, most players will be expected to represent the resistance against the Evil Empire, while a few will be running a kind of First Order game, with inquisitorial watchers and iron-plated Stormtroopers. But that will happen in Safelster, so it is not our main interest here. Going to Fronela as wannabe crusaders against War could be fun, but it is not Seshnela.
  2. So, many Moons ago, when I got the Hero Wars box set that had just come out and I was still gaming with my college buddies, I put together the shell of a campaign for it. I got Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe, and I was sad we had never had this kind of Sartarite resource when I was running the same group through RQ3 in the 90s. We played AD&D and Champions and RoleMaster, and the group just liked crunchier systems. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to run something more narrative. The glorantha.com site had a clan generator, and I went through the questionnaire to set up a "base setting" where I could design stuff for -- the Tarkali clan. For religious locations, it gave me a primary Orlanth site (cool), a secondary Ernalda site (cool, cool), a Lhankor Mhy shrine (FANTASTIC! Cool, cool, cool...) and... an Argan Argar shrine. Thrown for a loop, I got on the message boards back then and asked about it. Did a lot of research. One thing led to another, and I might have constructed quite a nice campaign, but... most of the group didn't want to go for it. They really liked the crunchy systems. Some people were willing to try it, but I couldn't get a group to come together, as sometimes happens. Sadly, I shelved the bits I'd worked up. About fifteen years ago, I was running a once-a-year birthday game for a friend of mine, and he asked me if we could increase the frequency. We agreed to get together once a month. The games I'd been running for him were Call of Cthulhu, but I'm always leery of doing CoC campaigns -- one-off scenarios are great, but the odds of characters surviving enough to develop a campaign is tricky. I convinced them to try a more narrative game. Since HeroQuest had come out in the interim, I cracked it open and just loved it. Complexity didn't phase me (see the list of games in the first paragraph) and it was so flavorful. Perfect for Gloranthan play. I dusted off my HW material and started to do some conversions. Since there weren't a lot of published adventures for it yet, I thought it would be great to establish the group, then branch off into Griffin Mountain -- IMO one of the best published campaigns of all time. I had Hero Wars conversions for some of the GM stuff, so I had to do some more conversions. And now there was more complexity in the religions, so I had to do more work on it. Anyway, long story short, I ran my first session and decided to go with a cattle raid. The PCs would find that accompanying the Lunar-loving Orleving raiders was a Lunar who was stealing stuff from the shrines! My thought was to manipulate things in such a way that there would be some sort of legal incident with the Lunar. If they killed him, that would be politically problematic. If they caught him and ransomed him back, they could have an enemy for life! In time, things would get hot for them, and the clan chief would solve his problems by tasking them with finding and bringing back the Windsword... But that first session didn't work. One of the players couldn't get past the idea of cows being important. ("Where are the gold pieces? How is this fantasy?") And the rest weren't thrilled at presentation, since I hadn't finished all of my prep work. And so, all the material got shelved again. So, instead of starting threads talking about this and that, all about this older edition of the game, I thought I'd make one thread, and post stuff that I'd worked up for my defunct campaigns. If anybody has suggestions or ideas, that would be great. And if people don't like the older system or my ideas, they don't have to see my stuff clogging up the board. And if someone can use any of it for their own campaigns or gaming, well, then it'll all have been worthwhile. Happy Gaming!
  3. So, I'm not an expert on Ralios, and there's not a ton written about it in the publications I have. In another thread, I would love to get a handle on the 3rd Age history of Ralios, but in this thread, I'd like some help figuring out how the Hero Wars unfold there. My knowledge is mostly limited to the "Hero War Begins" sidebars in the Guide. The stated events are The Five Arkats, the Swarm, One God One King One Empire, and Hezel Darong far to the east. I can wrap my head at least a little around all of them except the Five Arkats. This is what The Guide says: My understanding is that when the Godlearners broke the Stygian Empire, they locked down the ability for Arkati to access Arkat via heroquesting. For the last sever centuries, various Arkati factions have been trying to break the GL firewalls, and during that time their doctrines and secret knowledges increasingly diverged from one another. Do I have all that right? Suddenly, all the firewalls drop, and people have access to 5 Arkats. Do the Arkats literally come to life again in and around Safelster, or are they visions of Arkat that may now be contacted? Are they "metaphorical" Arkats with the 5 Arkats being major heroes across Genertela? Something else? Finally, timing: Despite being listed first in the Guide, I could imagine the order is Swarm in 1622, Seshnela / Tanisor invades, and then sometime in the mid-late 1620s the Arkats emerge. Or dothe Arkats really emerge first?
  4. I'm contemplating a Glorantha game, starting with the typical clan of Sartarites. I'd like to have a map of the clan's homeland, and use it for storytelling purposes. But a cursory search of Google has been disappointing so far. Does anyone know of a good source of isometric maps of large outdoor areas, maybe a valley or a range of hills? I was thinking something like the attached , but black-and-white, and without a lot of the minor detail -- something people could just draw on to add depth to a homestead.
  5. I've been working on updating my collector's checklist for RuneQuest/Hero Wars/HeroQuest/Glorantha. The list has grown to over 1600 entries. Any comments and/or corrections would be appreciated. Thanks to those that have helped so far. Major additions include French, Japanese, and Finnish language items and Sara Evans Art and Greydog Designs items. Also included (in red) are the reprints from the RuneQuest 2nd edition reprint Kickstarter. These items should appear throughout the year. This is the only case where I have added items to be released in the future. Arcana Glorantha 0.9.1 (A RuneQuest, Hero Wars, HeroQuest Collector Checklist).pdf
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