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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Fillable Character sheet for 2nd edition Heroquest, based on the NPC Sheets from the back of the Red Cow Vol 1: The Coming Storm book.
  2. I have only run players through two heroquests, and would appreciate your comments on how to start one, magically and as a GM. At this point I am running on Arcane Lore plus various forum and Facebook and face-to-face comments, including what fragments I hear about the playtest run at Chaosium con, plus Simon Phipp's Secrets of Heroquesting, and Andrew L. Montgomery's Company of the Dragon. These various sources are not necessarily 100% compatible but they do rhyme. I am going to lay out my suppositions about how to initiate a heroquest magically (i.e. Da Rules, however unwritten they may be as of today), but I am really interested in your suggestions about how to GM the starting phase. It seems to me that if I have prepared one, or if the players have prepared one, I don't want to let that go to waste by staking all the prep work on one die roll, and I am willing to put in some handwavium to get the night's adventure started. On the other hand, just personally, I really want consistency with the Gloranthan background, so I also want some limits. Tell me f you disagree with any of these proposed principles: As i understand it there are several different levels of heroquest, ranging from In-World to Gods World. The least magical input and risk is involved in the In-world variety, which also have the least expected reward. However it may still morph into a higher level quest. As I understand it, a large amount of magic is normally required to create a doorway or coincident space between the Mundane world and the Hero Plane or Gods World. This usually requires "community support" and a lot of it, which i interpret as the donation of magic Points by large numbers of people. A single heroquester can't create the magical doorway on his or her own. This requirement will normally be reduced through use of ritual practices, but even so a large number of people will be wanted, as a supporting audience rather than as participants in the quest.. The specific number of people or of donated magic points required is currently undefined. This is the primary point for applying handwavium. I understand that less magic is required to start an in-world quest and much more is required to transit to the Gods plane / world, in rough proportion to the expected benefits and risk of the planned quest. As i understand it some places are easier to start a heroquest from: To start from, you generally need a Sanctified space, and a temple is the normal starting point because it is a superior and pre-made sanctified space. A temple might even have an Artifact which makes it easier. But there are also "actual regions or spots in the world where mythical or legendary events took place", and in those places in the Mundane world one is always closer to the hero plane, at least for the purposes of some quests. Sacred Time is a time when it is easier to initiate a heroquest, because the mundane and other planes are closer together / easier to bridge at that time. Cults' high and seasonal holy days will also be easier times for quests pertaining to the cults in question. As i understand it you can also get into a heroquest "by accident" (p.51 of Arcane Lore) and as a practical matter this means the GM wants to run one. One variety of such "accidents" is being summoned into someone else's quest. OK, having said these things, - I am inclined, in the case of quests NOT initiated by the players, to say that the community and its priest(s) have done what is needed to fulfill the requirements, to describe the gathering of the clan and the ceremony, but not to require the players to do much to set all this up. - I am inclined to explain requirements to my players to the extent necessary, probably by having an NPC priest lay the requirements out, but to be brief about it. - But if the players are initiating the quest, to require more planning and resource-gathering from them. How much more? i don't know. Your thoughts?
  3. Hello, as a newbie in Glorantha I am trying to get a grip on the awesome concept of heroquesting. What I want to know is, how is it done? On the one hand from the point of view of the hero quester and on the other hand ruleswise (RQG). Is it "just" ritualistic reenactment wholly done on the middle plane? Is it a ritualistic reenactment (or “just” a ritual without the reenactment) that transports the heroquester to the desired hero plane (in person or just the soul, like a dream journey)? Is it a conscious “planeshift” to the heroplanes by a spell (which spell?) at the climax of a ritual or a portal at the center of holy site/the bottom of a nameless dungeon/the belly of a true dragon? Is there a connection between the hero planes and the spirit plane? Could a shaman get to the heroplanes via the spirit plane? Is it all of that or more? Does it vary depending on the Hero Quest? Or is it nothing like that? Is there a definite (upcoming?) answer? Or does it fall under YGMV (which I could live with)? Thanks a lot
  4. Ian Cooper has published some notes from Saturday's Impromptu Con on Discord. As not everybody is on Facebook, I have cut and pasted the posts here. Note that the bolding comes from me, not Ian- and my comments are in italics First up, what was discussed in the first session on the QuestWorlds rules: * We started with a goal to extract just the rules text from HQ Core for the SRD * Once done, the pared down text revealed issues around use of game terminology (failure and defeat) that we needed to correct. * Marginal, minor, major and complete have always been an issue because they implied you only get the prize on complete. Should be you always get the prize but price, or what else you get varies. * We wanted to offer consequences (penalties) on a partial success (marginal) as an option to the GM (exhaustion etc.) * Masteries remain difficult to explain and it takes time for folks to 'get it' if they don't have the option to play with someone who has mastered them. * We moved to "counting successes" over "bumps". A mastery is a success, a success on your roll is a success. Most successes wins, and highest roll if tied. Difference in successes is degree of victory and used to determine tally in a sequence, hint as to consequences and benefits etc. Zero degrees of victory is a partial success - you get the prize, but there is often a cost. * We factored out the common part of all 'long' contest types - a sequence of contests and just note the different methods of tallying relative position: First to Five, APs, Penalties. Long Contests became Sequences and Simple Contests just Contests. Core Rules book will be first. Will have lots of advice on how to be a player or GM in a storytelling game (including ideas like scene framing etc for the GM). Hope is to keep rules clean for easy reference and have extensive examples. Examples and art main work oustanding. SRD is close to final, please promote the SRD in appropriate forums so that we can begin to slowly build buzz around the engine again. Next [was] the session on genre packs. Second book will be about writing genre packs and adventures. It starts with, but goes beyond the advice in HeroQuest about genre packs. Three example settings: * Pioneer Space: Patrolmen and Free Traders on the frontiers of space, rooted in 50 and early 60s S, Heinlein, Norton etc (think valve powered machines, fixed phones in retro '50s style) * Age of Miracles: 70s NYC Superheroes. Disco and Vigilantes (much lower power level than Cosmic Slop) * Brave New World: Renaissance Fantasy, exploring a Hollow Earth Each also used as an opportunity to discuss high-tech, supers, and magic Then we will have more advice on writing adventures including advice on relationship maps etc.(using those relationship maps as enabling sandbox play) (including excerpt(s) from Robin Laws' Sharper Adventures in Heroquest- which is absolutely essential read for Narrators- Pdf on Chaosium website) We plan to also cover "templates" to let you easily create archetypical characters from a genre. Sort of a cross between 100-words and PbTA playbooks. Followed up by three settings: Doc Vandal: 1930s Pulp from Dave Robinson (who has written a few novels starting the title character} Cosmic Zap: Cosmic level superheroes from Ron Edwards (think Jack Kirby's 4th World work for DC and the Eternals} After Thought: STL SF from Sean Hillman Finally we had a brief discussion of QuestWorlds Glorantha might look, but speculative at this point. Baseline: HeroQuest Glorantha but use the Core Book for rules, this is just another genre pack. Background, keywords, cults etc all work. Magic: A few changes. Feedback has shown us that whilst experienced Gloranthans love the flexibility, new players can find the freeform magic daunting. Plus 500lbs gorilla in the room, RQG Some early thoughts: * No more thresholds i.e. 1W for initiates, 10W for devotees; use 'flaws' for the price you pay in time, restrictions etc. instead * Lay Members: Just have one rune (elemental) and Worship Pantheon * Initiates, Spirit Society Members, Sorcerers: up to three * Devotees, Shaman, Mage: (may be up to 5, including magic system etc) Basic Magic: Same for all, not an exception for animists. Prayers, Charms, Spells but augment-only Rune, Spirit, Sorcery: Pretty much what we have now - can be used directly: but... Freeform is hard, so we may have **optional** one-sentence decriptions. We may lean on RQ magic for some of these. So perhaps: Bladesharp - Makes an edged weapon unnaturally sharp. Protection - Provides magical armor against all physical attacks Both of these just augment a fighting skill or for Rune Magic Shield - Provides magical armor against physical and magical attacks We'll also provide general advice that magic is usually here, now, against that group and more needs a ritual. This is really 'early design thoughts' so you can have your say. We don't want to block folks improvising magic here, but the concern that providing suggested spells hampered creativity needs to be offset against the lack of yardstick and the fact that anyone picking up an RQG book will naturally look to the magic there and question how to facilitate that in QWG (this is partially informed by discussions with players with D&D backgrounds and had not played Runequest) Ian also discussed the for the credibility test for use of abilities- the credibility test would be different for the 1970s supers setting than for the Cosmic Slop supers setting. There was a discussion on the appeal of retro settings to a younger audience. Ian takes the view that QW's game engine is well suited for pulp adventures and also stressed that the racism and sexism of the pulps would not be a part of the genre packs. He saw the genre packs could be shorter books/ PDFs say 30-60 pages, possibly at a paperback size (ala the original Hero Wars books) . People with anime/ manga backgrounds- please let Ian know if you're interested - the writers he knows are not knowledgeable enough (as far he is aware) Hope that helps folks- I'm playing in Ian's Coming Storm/ Eleven Lights campaign online where Ian is testing the new rules. I'm ethused by the changes. Andrew
  5. Hi Glorantha community! I and my friend J-M started a little video series about Glorantha, our favorite fantasy game world a few months ago and released through he and his friends little organization Iconic Production (https://iconicproduction.wordpress.com/). We just did our fourth episode (we record live on YouTube for Patreon patrons on a Saturday) and it will go live for public consumption this coming weekend. The episodes can be found on YouTube (playlist link added below). We hope to spread our love of Glorantha, which, if you are here reading this, you probably already have. We look to bring in new fans and provide thoughtful discussion for old time fans. If you have someone who is wondering what it is all about, I hope we can help. We discuss Glorantha in the context of all the official systems currently supported as well: RuneQuest, Questworlds and 13th Age Glorantha. We do this because we love Glorantha and Greg Stafford's vision, Chaosium for carrying on that vision with so many amazing authors, artists and contributors, and the wider Glorantha community which has kept Glorantha growing with Fanzines, Cons, Freeforms, homebrew rules, websites and now the Jonstown Compendium. This is our modest contribution, and if we can bring in a few more people to love the world like we do, then we think that is a job well done. Check it out and tell a friend! I try to be very responsive in the YouTube Comments section too, which has attracted a lot of awesome interaction (very much the exception to the rule of "never read the comments"). Keep gaming. #WeAreAllUs )
  6. (Note: Bold text refers to a Trait, Ability, or Rune that a character in question has). DRAMATIS PERSONAE Androgenus, a genderfluid Esrolian Eurmali trickster with the Illuminated Illusion, Earth, and Luck runes. They're out for blood vengeance against anyone who's ever victimized their family, their clan, and their homeland. in that order. Recently illuminated as part of a Heroquest that gave them temporary use of the Infinity Rune. Now missing the Rune, and grappling with the fact that his role as a Trickster may be just as meaningless as the society he rebelled against. Iris, an Esrolian Earth Priestess in service to the Goddess of Moss (I don't know who that would be in actuality, but when her player heard "land of ten thousand goddesses," she immediately came up with a gaggle of minor Earth goddesses that barely anyone might care about). She's got the Earth, Movement, and Spirit runes. Iris wants power at all costs, and now finds herself with an opportunity for it. Waddlestomp the Bloodybeaked, a Hueymakti Duck thane with the Water, Death, and Truth runes. He has sworn a dread oath that he will personally slay one human for every Duck that is or has ever been killed or otherwise victimized by human hands. Played by the oldest in our group, and the most experienced with Glorantha. He wields an enchanted shield originally crafted by the Square Circle Temple, and is making grim plans. and finally K'dud (pronounced Ka-Dude, after the persona of a Knight in our local chapter of the SCA). K'dud is a Caladralander priest of Vestkarthan, God of Volcanoes, and also an initiate into the cults of Gustbran and Kalvan as well. He holds the Fire, Law, and Mastery runes. He is a master of the Bronze Arms and Sharp Soul schools of unarmed combat, and seeks to help his people navigate the uncertain future after Belintar's death. To this end, he's attached himself to Iris and her gang of misfits, but more on that later. So last week, the heroes had killed Harrek the Berserk, one of the prophecied capitol-H Heroes of the Hero Wars. This week, the players wanted to rest on their laurels for a moment, lick their wounds, and let the player of the late Zonthor ease his new character into the game. I had other plans. We began the game at a celebratory feast in honor of our heroes, having slain (and barely survived the slaying of) Harrek the Berserk. The heroes were seated at a high table in the royal palace of Nochet, being toasted again and again and again by grateful nobles. Iris was wary of poison--she was the first to recognize that their deeds had painted a target on the party's back a mile wide. Androgenus didn't care; they were gulping down horn after horn of rich God Forgot-brewed beer and singing along (badly) with the songs of praise being expounded forth by a young poet who had captured (and dramatized) the events of last session. So far, he was playing up Iris's contribution to the battle as a fearless leader who had come up with the entire plan and was solely responsible for Harrek's downfall. Androgenus thought that his small part in the song (tricking Harrek into casting off his bear-skin cloak) was hilarious, and Waddlestomp wasn't amused at all, especially when the song mentioned him as a 'feathered friend.' Zonthor's ex-player (an enthusiast in Mediterannean archaeology) and Waddlestomp's took great pleasure taking turns to describe how bright and colorful the hall would have been, and the low tables piled high with rare delicacies brought from across the Six Nations. Well, five nations. I mentioned that since the betrayal of the City of Wonders and the fracturing of the Holy Country, Heortland was largely on its own. The Lunars (though beaten back earlier in the year) still prowled the northern frontiers, towards Sartar. Esrolia, the Shadow Plateau, God Forgot, and Caladraland still stood more-or-less together....but the Orlanthi ruled by the vile Broyan the Betrayer, the Last Vingkotling? They'd have to face the oncoming storm by themselves. In fact, rumor around the table was that the Shadow Plateau and God Forgot (I made sure to underline how much of a surprise the latter would be) were apparently preparing to attack Heortland to avenge the fallen God-King. Belintar's death--although caused by the Lunars--was being blamed on Broyan. Perhaps, the rumors said, Broyan had been in league with the Lunars all along. Perhaps he had wanted sole kingship of the Holy Country. In ages past, Vingkotling ambition had led to strife and turmoil again and again. It was to be expected....so perhaps it'd be safer all around if the other former Sixths dealt with the threat first. Iris was dragged into this intrigue when Samastina (Queen of Nochet, recognized as the leading Queen of Esrolia) leaned over the table, looked to her left, and asked Iris her opinion on the "Heortling question." Iris badly fumbled her Noble trait roll, and was completely tongue-tied, offering little more than confused noises and halfhearted platitudes about how unity in times of crisis would probably have been what Belintar would have wanted. "Yes," said Samastina coolly, as the local High Priestess of Maran Gor looked at Iris strangely, "But Belintar, blessed be he, is dead. Should we unite with those who spat on his memory, or against them?" The feast hushed, as if the entire hall was craning in to listen to Iris the Bearslayer's response. Androgenus loudly belched, trying to break the tension with their Trickster Trait, and scored a bare success. Despite herself, Samastina smirked, and things seemed less instant-death for Iris. Our Earth Priestess composed herself, and said, "I would counsel that we consolidate our forces. The Wolf Pirates are scattering, as moss mites do when you smash their nest. However, like moss mites, they will burrow deep and make more nests if we don't track them down and burn them out now. Broyan, if I may be so bold, can wait. The Wolf Pirates should not." Samastina smiled. Iris's player cursed loudly. "Exactly my thoughts as well. My young friend--" Iris's player groaned and cursed again"--is exactly correct. It is at this time precisely that we should strike together against the remnants of the Pirates. Gunda the Guilty is still out there, and may rally the survivors to attack us once more." There was a murmur of agreement. "To this end, and working with my esteemed friend King G'gardas of Caladraland, we shall send Queen Iris of the Three Step Isles to reclaim territory once stolen from us!" Iris choked on her wine. Androgenus fell over, clutching their side and laughing uproariously. Waddlestomp facebilled. A great cheer went up in the hall, and Iris managed to barely restrain herself from glaring daggers at Queen Samastina. After all, apparently she was a Queen herself, now! ....of a trio of remote, pirate-controlled, sheep-infested islands. ....very far away from the Esrolian power centers. Immediately, Iris's player figured it out: they had just made themselves the biggest threat to the Esrolian Queens' power. Howling barbarian demigods? Well, yes, those are horrible dangers to the Queendom and her people. But previously unknown adventurers who can kill those threats like it's nothing? An unknown quantity, particularly when one of them is such an obviously power-hungry Earth Priestess as Iris. The rest of the dinner was a drunken blur, discussing grand strategy and lofty goals: a phalanx of Esrolian pikemen backed up by caladralander naval support, led by Iris and her retinue, retaking the Three Steps in a swift invasion. Plundering the pirates' hidden treasure troves. Building a grand temple to the Moss Godess. Constructing a grand fortress in the middle of sea, from which the Holy Country (with Esrolia at the helm, naturally!) shall project its strength across many lands, for the greater glory of Kethaela! More raucous applause. Androgenus attempted to leap atop the table to improvise a praiseworthy poem, only to be stopped by Waddlestomp grabbing the wounded Trickster and yanking them back down onto their cushion. The feasting nobles laughed uproariously again, and we fast-forwarded past the feast, to later that night. Midnight in Nochet: celebrations for the death ofIris was abed already, having drunk herself into a stupor to deal with being outplayed by the Grandmothers. Waddlestomp was, as ever, sharpening his weapons and meditating on how much he hated humans. Androgenus, meanwhile, was being seduced by a comely servant from God Forgot. Androgenus had gotten even more drunk after the feast, and was busy trying to sleep their way through the entire serving staff. This one servant--a cupbearer that had taken his eye at the feast--was trying to lead them to a quiet stable in the outer bounds of the Royal Palace. Androgenus failed an opposed roll with his Paranoid flaw, and was led, stumbling and muttering, into a suspiciously empty stable. Well, it'd probably have been suspicious if Androgenus wasn't so stinking drunk, anyway. The Trickster wasn't laid down onto a soft pallet of straw, but rather a hard wooden table. They were tied down--which wasn't that much of a dealbreaker for them--but rather than inestimable pleasure, they felt the cold prick of a bronze knife poking them in the forehead! They could vaguely hear a cold, high-pitched voice (with a pronounced God Forgot accent) say: "The Rune may be vanished, but echoes of such a great power still remain, even in such unworthy flesh as this. Haruspex, are you prepared?" "Yes, lord," said the cupbearer, raising the knife. The Trickster sighed, the gravity of their situation sinking in past all the wine. They'd sort of figured it might end this way. It was now that we introduced K'dud. He burst into the stable (literally, using his Fire Rune's breakout ability Bronze Arms Style to punch through a stone wall Kool-Aid Man-style!), easily dispatched a burly Heortling mercenary set as a guard on this dark work, and set about attacking Androgenus's kidnappers. As it turned out, Androgenus had been taken by a Zzaburi sorceror--one taken with studying all sorts of forbidden God Learner-era lore--and his retinue. They sought to extract whatever remnants of the Infinity Rune still might be in Androgenus's carcass and use it for their own foul ends. K'dud wasn't having any of that. Using his Sharp Soul Style, he easily beheaded the Haruspex with his bare hands, dodged a retaliatory bolt of magical energy from the sorceror, lurking in the rear of the stable, and proceeded to kick the babbling, pleading Zzaburi through another wall. After untying Androgenus and using some Fire magic to help them sober up a bit, K'dud made his introductions: he was the youngest son of the King of Caladraland, dedicated to Vestkarthan and the Lowfires, master of several ways of unarmed combat, and he was here to protect Androgenus. Well....he was here to protect Iris, actually, but as Iris's sworn Trickster, K'dud's protection extended to them, too. Androgenus fell over himself (literally) thanking the burly, be-loincloth'd warrior, and scurried home to his quarters in the Palace. This wasn't the last of would-be assassins, either. As the in-game weeks went on in preparation for the conquest of the Three Step Isles, K'dud helped the party overcome a party of assassins sent by a rival priestess of another minor Earth Goddess, seeking to usurp Iris's position in the Three Step Isles (which baffled Iris to no end), a group of surly beastfolk who accused Waddlestomp of selling out their kind to humans by killing Harrek, and on the eve of the fleet's launch, broke the arms of a Dragonewt warrior who sought to punish the party for "usurping infinity with their unworthy mammal parts." Meanwhile, Waddlestomp began meeting contacts he had with other Duck expatriates in the Holy Country--enough was enough. He'd had it with obeying the orders of murderous humans. Once he'd returned from those blasted islands, he'd lead every Duck he could find in glorious war to reconquer their homeland. One way or another, anyway. Androgenus got into a philosophical argument with another Trickster about the illusory nature of Creation and their place within it that ended in a barroom brawl, and K'dud received a quiet pep talk from his father about how important it was for the Sixths to remain unified, even after Belintar's death. We stopped the session just before the fleet to the Three Step Isles set off. Iris had been told in no uncertain terms that she and her....warriors were not to return unless the Three Step Isles had been fully pacified and brought into the fold of Esrolia. Succeed, and a grand temple to the Moss Goddess would be constructed on those islands' chalky hills. Fail, and, well, they'd probably be killed by pirates. Or by Samastina's assassins, should they try to leverage whatever power they think they had back at home to disobey her orders. Thoroughly cowed, Iris finally agreed to this quest, and prepared as best as she could to conquer the Islands.
  7. Hi all! Our 11L RQG campaign has us in Earth Season 1623: the Culbrea are being annoying and the Lunars are starting to catch on about the Three Stars. So the PCs are cleverly looking to find Kallyr again to see if she can help with either. Given all that, I'd like to know peoples' take on what, when, how and with whom Kallyr performs the Boat Planet quest. I'm guessing she and Minartyth are actively hunkering down to get ready to perform it but wondering who else is involved so that the PCs also can't find them (thinking of her Iron Ring and maybe some of the other rebel heroes like Venharl and Thundercape). That said, its also possible the PCs reach her in time to join or at least help in the quest! So with that, would love to know what people think happened in Your Glorantha (or at least what you imagine she did to raise the Boat Planet). Thanks!
  8. I have recently been running my first Glorantha campaign and recently finished the defend Applelane adventure. One of my players decided to have join the Uleria temple as an initiate. Now I would like to run an initiation ceremony for them in a manner similar to the level of detail of the Orlanthi or Ernalda initiation ceremony written by Andrew Logan Montgomery. But sadly I can’t seem to find any details about the initiation ceremonies of gods other than Ernalda or Orlanth. I was wondering if someone would know of a place where this information could possibly be? If not, I would be curious to know how people have run their initiation ceremonies. This also leads to my second question. I wanted to seed a bit more of the illumination path into my ceremony/heroquests. I was wondering what an Ulerian version of illumination would look like? My last (I promise!) question would be relating more to the heroquests of Uleria. As far as I can tell I might be able to use the myths of Uleria and her various versions (e.g. Esrola) to turn onto heroquests. So far I have found 2 Sartarian relevant myths that have Uleria in them: First people, and Uleria and the Boggles. I was wondering if there were others written I have not found. Hopefully ones relating to all aspects of Uleria, not just sex, but stuff that emphasises how she is an all loving goddess, and the goddess of every version of love (agape, pragma, etc). More information on how exactly she survived chaos (I think I found a reference somewhere mentioning she hid in places where people committed acts of great love but I could be misremembering) would also be useful. I’m not sure I understand what happens to the other gods of celestial court. Furthermore, from what I can tell she is mentioned as the thing that overturned chaos, but I can’t tell if this is literal (as in she is one of the lightbringers like Chalana Arroy and her suspiciously lacking past). Or something more abstract like the power of love(kinship allowed the light ringers to work together. Hope this wasn’t too many questions at once. I’m still wrapping my head around all the lore of Glorantha :)
  9. My index to all the RuneQuest scenarios, HeroQuest scenarios, Gloranthan sourcebooks, Monsters of the Month, Virtual Tabletop Tokens and indeed everything else on the Jonstown Compendium, inc. an analysis of page counts (split between scenario, stats, setting, maps, etc.), characters, settings and complexity, a best-sellers chart and a map showing where every scenario is located. Currently 40 pages long, bundled with a spreadsheet listing JC products, yours for the low, low price of 50 cents. Updated regularly. Link: Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks
  10. Five Weeks until Glorantha Games 2020: Glorantha at Home Glorantha Games 2020: Glorantha at Home takes place on Saturday, October 3rd. We are looking for Game Masters to run scenarios set in Glorantha using RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, QuestWorlds (HeroQuest), 13th Age Glorantha, and RuneQuest Classic. Plenty of slots open and we definitely need more GMs and more games. Let us know if you want to be a GM and send us your scenario. https://warhorn.net/events/glorantha-games-2020
  11. Hi! I bring an Adventure seed. 🙂 This idea that came to me when I saw the image. Ritual to drive out "jack o'bears" and make them the others problem. If you are not going to develop and direct the adventure, better not continue. The PCs come to a clan or mountain village, depending on the area and culture. It seems that there are preparations for some kind of festivity and everyone is busy but happy. When see the PCs arrive, the people receive them with great joy and invite them to participate in the party. No one asks for money or barter; everything is free, food, drink, even shelter. Complete hospitality. All free? Well, they prefer foreigners for the ritual. It is a great honor, they just have to run around the area a bit. One of the PCs (the most appropriate) should put on the "rare bear" costume. The other PCs must flee from him along the path that leads them away from clan / village. Everything seems like a normal representation until the mythical world gains strength. The "bear" PC begins to feel a compulsion to catch and devour his prey, he could even feel the caress of Chaos. Meanwhile, his prey, the other PCs, transformed into heroes that maybe not recognize, feel the urge to get him away from there. Everything will end when they guide the beast to innocent travelers camped on the road or the edge of another village or clan, where the "bear" PC will find unaware victims. Is this how the story ends or will they take the risk to change it? What will happen to the "jack o'bear" PC if he devours human flesh during the Ritual? Photo owned by National Geographic.
  12. I thought some of the folks here on the forum might want to see the introduction page for the Jonstown Compendium book Peggy Carpenter and I are working on. We expect to release it in two or three weeks (the long Memorial Day weekend took some of the wind out of our sails). I'm really happy with the work that Dixie (our layout guru) did on the page design! I hope you like it, too. If you have any questions about the book, don't be shy!
  13. Hi, As with the post about the French covers of RQ and HQ, I've now compiled all existing RQ and HQ covers of the German edition. 👈 (Except for those which look the same as the original editions). I hope you enjoy the read (remember to use Google translate to transmute the text into your language of preference) 😁 and let me know what you think.
  14. Normally don't post these here, but my group really liked this effort and though I should. Hope you enjoy. My character, a Vingan and Kallyr fan-girl, is walking to the Hill of Orlanth VIctorious to watch and cheer on Kallyr's great Heroquest of Sea Season 1626. She is an excellent singer, and composed this entirely original (not) song along the way. I came upon a Child of Wind He was flying along the road And I asked him, where are you going And this he told me I'm going on up to Orlanth's Hill I'm going to join in a Lightbringer's Quest follow steps of the great Harmast I'm going to try an' get my soul free She is Starbrow She is golden And we've got to get ourselves To our Queen's garden Then can I walk beside you I was searching for my lost hog And I feel to be a cog in something turning Well maybe it is just the time of year Or maybe it's the time of man I don't know who l am But you know life is for learning She is Starbrow She is golden And we've got to get ourselves To our Queen's garden By the time we reached Victorious We were half a million strong And everywhere there was song and celebration And I dreamed I saw the dragons Orlanth's Ring up in the sky And Bats were turning into butterflies Above our nation She is Starbrow Queen of Sartar and Kheldon She is golden Caught in the Spider's bargain And we've got to get ourselves To our Queen's garden
  15. Two months to go until Glorantha Games 2020, the one-day convention dedicated to Greg Stafford’s Glorantha to be held in Birmingham on April 25th, 2020. We are looking for both players and GMs, with the day including two gaming sessions and a charity raffle with all monies going to Shelter. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/glorantha-games-2020-tickets-74628996337
  16. Hi all - Picking up from my former thread... https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/11023-using-hq-in-the-lunar-empire-tips-tricks-and-homebrew/ I just reread the Lunar magic section (starting page 179 of the Heroquest: Glorantha edition) and the example of Magatheus on p55; I scanned the Seven Mothers section and the Illumination section but haven’t reread closely yet. In any case, here’s my understanding on how to create a Lunar character in HQ:G - please confirm/correct: 1. Lunar magic stems from the character’s Moon Rune a. This is one of the 3 tunes that the character gets during character creation b. Lunar characters select a specific phase of the Moon c. The All Phase rune is only accessible to Illuminates ie not starting characters 2. Lunars can choose to initiate to one of the gods of their phase (those listed in the Seven Mothers or New Gods listings). a. When doing so they have access to the runes of that god, as sub-abilities of their Moon Phase Rune b. The character has to have a rating of at least 1W in the moon phase rune. c. The individual Seven Mothers qualify as New Gods for this purpose (p185) despite being listed as separate in the Moon Phase list (p180 and following). 3. Lunars can use their Moon Phase Rune to “create glamours mimicking the runes that Phase can replace”. a. I think I understand that this means the runes the phase “Embodies”? Eg Darkness and Death for Empty Half Moon? b. As an aside a little definition of the various characteristics of the Phases would the helpful, eg, what Embodies means. c. In any case these “mimicking Glamours” can be used at the Phase Rune rating for augments. d. “The direct use of the Lunar Phase incurs a Stretch penalty of -6 (see page 103) – unless: (1) the Lunar is an initiate of a Lunar New God cult and is creating glamours in accordance with the teachings of that New God; or (2) is using a Lunar Grimoire.” 4. Lunar characters can buy access to Grimoires a. These seem to function just like Sorcery Grimoires? Except for the lunar cycle in play. b. Each Grimoire inherits the rating of the relevant Rune, which might be the Moon Phase or might be a different one (eg Magatheus has one off his moon phase and one off his law rune). c. Characters can assign a bonus to this rating. (E.g. Magatheus has assigned +1 to each Grimoire). This applies to all spells in the Grimoire. 5. Characters can replace their Moon Phase Runes with a Chaos rune. a. Game mechanically this seems to allow the character to use the Rune for active / direct actions without the Stretch penalty? And use it more widely?
  17. Hi! I've been running Coming Storm in a HQ/RQG hybrid and I'm looking for inspiration for a specific adventure the PCs want to embark on. The setup: It's Fire 1621 and the players are an Issaries Priest, an Orlanth Thunderous god-talker and an Orlanth Adventurous initiate verging on devotee status as well. Main deviations from the Eleven Lights campaign is that they have aligned themselves with the Telmori, have struck a deal with the Sazdorf Uz and even more seriously oriented themselves towards saving the Dolutha. Alot of "side content" is stemming from the latter especially. The scenario I'm looking for help with is no exception: Having successfully heroquested to turn Ivar to a More Loyal Thane bent, the party have found that those who are not favourable to that development (ie the Lunars, the Sworn Knives and remaining anti Orlanthi Elmali) have taken indirect control of the clan by keeping Ivar in command but on a very short leash presumably using threats of violence and blackmail. To continue to garner support and good will towards Red Cow influence, the group have organized an extensive war party to hunt and kill Good Arnal to free the Dolutha from at least one of its scourges and hopefully break it's kinstrife curse. They have managed to convince the local Humakti barracks (Orkarl and his followers) as well as The Temple of the Wooden Sword troll Humakti initiate and his dozen or so trollkin followers who now reside at Black Glass ruins (!!! never underestimate the power of Issaries diplomacy). Wanted to use the Highwall Inn scenario somehow but this is turning into a bit of a mass combat situation. Does anyone have any sdvice, ideas or inspiration on interesting twists to insert here? Don't hesitate if you have more questions about the setup.
  18. Hi all - I am (once again) thinking of setting a game in the Lunar Empire. I thought I’d see if people have any advice or material for how best to use HQ for this. I have to re-read the Lunar magic portion of HQ:G and may have more specific questions after that. I also have the old Hero Wars / Issaries Lunar books and will look back at that, for cult structure etc if nothing else. Similarly I’d be very interested in any home brew materials or personal setting/rules info. Thanks in advance! Hyperlexic
  19. The game before last, the kids got cocky. 13 and 14 yo sons helped take out a couple of ice demons at the top of Wyrms High Pass. We even saved the sheltered prince of Dykene who snuck into the caravan. So, they went into the fight with a giant mantis in the Vale of Flowers this weekend feeling a bit smug. Then our almost initiate of Found Child bet a few too many action points when he tried to climb its back and stab it and wound up near pinned to the ground. Without his dog Growler's help he would have been pinned. Our Orlanth Adventurous lay member had a plan and his going first meant he backed up and brought the thing into the center of the group. Some of us were not pleased. Thankfully, my Lkankor Mhy/Issaries lay member did well and since I had way more action points than I was used to, I bet big and took out an eye one round and the next I pinned enough arrows into the crook of its arm to take away some motion. And we survived, and they had fun, but they might be more cautious with those action point bids the first round next time. Especially since we were confronted by a very mad Gorakiki priestess once it was dead. At least we did not have to fight her! The kids are loving the rules so much they want to convert their 5e characters over and play them with this system.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Rough outline proposed for writing up HQ Major Arcana Originally uploaded to Nephilim HeroQuest Yahoo Group by ianabsentia May 7, 2005
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Rough outline proposed for creating HQ Metamorphoses Originally uploaded to Nephilim HeroQuest Yahoo Group by ianabsentia May 7, 2005
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Rough outline proposed for creating HQ Past Lives Originally uploaded to Nephilim HeroQuest Yahoo Group by ianabsentia May 7, 2005
  23. Hey there, A few months ago I heard on the KARTAS podcast that Ken Hite's own custom hellenistic 13th Age campaign featured only "in character" maps, i.e. either the players draw their own maps based on the GM's description of their travels (or what NPCs tell them), or, if they want to see some cool hand-outs, they need to go find some cartographer who has maps to sell (or steal). I thought that this is pretty cool -- it's kind of a shame to hold off on maps, because frankly everybody loves maps, especially Gloranthan maps which are often super cool, but on the other hand, this also makes maps even more special since players have to do some work before the GM lets them see any. So of course I figured "what if did that for my upcoming RQG campaign?". But first I have some questions: 1. Did anybody do that? (even if it's for other games) Any feedback? 2. What is, even, the general availability of maps in Glorantha? I assume that you probably find maps for sale at any good Lhankor Mhy temple, but where else? How expensive would they be? How common would they be? (for instance, there are probably maps in Boldhome's palace, but what about, say, Queen Leika's residence? Or Apple Lane's thane's house?) 3. How detailed would Gloranthan maps be? How far would they cover? For instance, would Queen Leika's maps feature landmarks in other tribes' territories? Would they have a lot of information on, say, Lunar Tarsh or Esrolia? Is Prax even accurately mapped out, or would it be mostly vague maps that convey the general knowledge that "it's a couple days' ride South from Pimper's Block to the Devil's Marsh"? Etc... Thanks!
  24. Just a few years ago, the focus of Chaosium/Moon Design was on HQG, and I heard from the publisher staffs at the time that if you want to play in Glorantha, HQG is the best way to go to emulate Greg’s stories. Now HQG has taken the back seat to RQG and that marketing tagline was changed. All the books that suppose to be for HQG now turned into RQG supplements. Ive heard of Whitewall book, Prax book, Big Rubble book since before the Guide Kickstarter and Gods book immediately after the Guide, if I remember correctly. That was many years ago. It’s not so bad because we can use RQG supplements easily with HQG. And from the business perspective, it is a reasonable and wise choice for Chaosium. However, I still feel it’s a pity that HQG seems not to be in the focus anymore for Glorantha gaming.
  25. I'm working on a Chalana Arroy heroquest, and since this forum did a great job helping me work the kinks out of an Odalyan heroquest, I thought I'd see if people could help me with this one. Here's the set-up: I'm running the Red Cow campaign, and one PC is a Chalanan. They discovered a place in the Staglands that is conducive to healing magic (basically +3 to healing magic tests). So Eindred (the Chalanan) wants to establish a shrine to Chalana Arroy there. (He's working on a way to keep the shrine safe, so we don't need to deal with that problem). He's thinking about doing a heroquest to prove that this spot is the place where Chalana Arroy performed one of her feats, the Hundred Healing, which I think is a nice use of a heroquest to strength the connection between a place and a specific myth. One of the problems that I think Chalanan quests run into is finding a way to make healing and peacemaking interesting in game terms. Healing is largely abstracted as a roll on the Harmony rune, so we need to add things to the framework or else the healing roll seems boring and mechanical. So that's one of the things I'm trying to accomplish here. Here's what I've got so far in terms of a myth: The Hundred Healing During the Lesser Darkness, when the Sun was dead but Chaos had not yet entered the world, Chalana the Peacemaker traveled the world, seeking to bring healing and peace to a world rocked with violence and feuding. Once, she came upon a dying man. With her soothing hands, she tended his wounds and saved him from death. While he was still weak, he told her that his people, the Red Wolves, had a mortal enemy, the Green Bears, who hated them because they were jealous that the Red Wolves hunted in packs while the Green Bears had to hunt alone. The Green Bears agreed that they would work together just once to kill the Red Wolves, and they had found him and forced him to tell them where they could find the Red Wolf tula, so that they could slaughter all the Red Wolves. He was too weak to warn his people, and so he begged her to find them and warn them. Chalana agreed that it was good to protect people from unexpected violence, and so she said that she would. She followed his directions, although the way was not easy, and eventually she came to the Red Wolf tula. It was too late to warn them, because the Green Bears had already begun their attack. There were many who were dying. Chalana the Healer could not stand by and allow the injured to die. So she healed the wounded that she found. The Green Bears saw what she was doing and told her “You must stop healing the Red Wolves, because we want them to die. They have been our enemies for generations. If you do not stop healing them, we will kill you.” But Chalana the Calmer was unafraid and refused to stop her work. She said, “I do not heal them because your claim has no merit. I heal them because all life is precious and I cannot bear to see it end. Death roams the world and it will devour Life until there is none left if we do not do all we can to keep Life in the world. If you kill me, there will be no one left to stop Death when it comes from you.” And the Green Bear chieftain was ashamed of what he had said and lost his will to kill her. Soon the Red Wolves were strong enough to fight back, and they attacked the Green Bears. Because the Green Bears were unaccustomed to fighting as a pack, the Red Wolves began to turn the tide, and soon there were many Green Bears dying and the Red Wolves were mocking their enemies. But Chalana the Healer could not stand by and allow the injured to die. So she healed the wounded Green Bears that she found. The Red Wolf chieftain saw what she was doing and told her, “You must stop healing the Green Bears, because we want them to die. They have attacked us when we have done nothing against them. It is wrong to heal those who attacked us without provocation. If you do not stop healing them, we will kill you.” But Chalana the Calmer was unafraid and refused to stop her work. “I have come to heal all who need it, and I did not heal you because I wished for you to win this fight. I healed you because every death makes the Darkness around us deeper and stronger, and I have pledged to bring light into the Darkness. If you kill me, there will be no one left to heal you when you need it.” And the Red Wolf chieftain was ashamed of what he had said and lost his will to kill her. And so as the Green Bears and the Red Wolves fought, Chalana the Healer healed the wounded on both sides, until she had healed one hundred warriors and none had died. Finally the Green Bear chieftain said to her, “Every time we defeat one of the Red Wolves, you heal him so that he may continue fighting us. They outnumber us and we cannot win this fight.” And the Red Wolf chieftain said, “The Green Bears are much stronger than us. One of their warriors can fight three of ours. Every time we defeat one, you heal him so that he may continue fighting us. We cannot win this fight.” Chalana the Peacemaker said, “Then if neither of you can win this fight, why are you still fighting? If you cannot win and cannot lose, you waste your efforts. The wise leader should find a way to resolve this.” The two chieftains saw that there was no point in continuing the struggle, and so they asked her “How can we make peace? There has been enmity between us for generations?” And Chalana the Peacemaker showed them that there was no need to fight each other at all. So my myth tries to provide a framework of stations that aren't all just 'heal the person'. A couple of the stations are (heal the first guy, heal the Red Wolves, heal the Green Bears) but she also needs to resist two efforts to intimidate her. I think the last healing is more of an endurance test, to find the energy to continue amidst the violence. And then she has to make peace by showing them that they don't need to fight. What I'm struggling with is two-fold. 1) the myth feels more like a folk-tale than a Gloranthan myth. It doesn't have any of the strange myth-logic that we find in the myths in KoDP (other than wolves and bears fighting and having to peace-make, which I stole from Issaries the Conciliator--when I run it, they will be literal animals). I'd like to make sure that it has a distinctly Gloranthan feel to it, but I'm not coming up with very much. Any thoughts about how to make it a bit more Gloranthan in its flavor? A second thing I'm wrestling with is that it's very linear. It has a very Do Thing 1, then Do Thing 2 feeling to it. Obviously myths are linear narratives as told, but I'd like to work in the HQ principle that heroquests don't always follow linear order, sometimes have metaphorical rather than literal stations, and so on. But once the quester gets to the fight, I don't see any way to vary the sequence of events or make them metaphorical without things getting really bizarre and abstract. For example, one suggested curveball for heroquests is to have the stations out of order or have a station missing, and I can't see a way to do that. Since this group of players is a bit novice (the Chalanan is totally new to Glorantha), I don't want things to get totally bizarre, but I would like have a decent curveball to offer them. Any ideas?
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