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Found 3 results

  1. About Yelm in the core rules of Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha. There's one thing I don't understand. Why is Yelm's runes marked as [Sky/Fire, Fertiity, Death] and why does he only have one Fire/Sky Rune en though Orlanth and Ernalda have two Storm or Earth runes respectively and Yelm is clearly shown to have the [Sun/Sky, Stasis, Mastery] runes in Guide to Glorantha? What's even wierder is that you don't need the Death or Fertility rune for any of Yelm's spells. They can all be cast with hte Sky/Fire Rune. Also, how come Yelm has significantly fewer rune spells than Orlanth and Ernalda even though they're all supposed to be equally powerful gods? I've counted them and while somone only initiated into one of Orlanth's subcults has only a few more than what Yelm gives someone initiated into both Adventurous and Thunderous has a several more spells to chose from not to mention the unique spells given to Rune Lords and Rune Priests. Menwhile Ernalda just straight up gives access to vastly more spells than Yelm does and no, I'm not counting spells given by Associated cults. You might feel like I'm nitpicking but I find it realluy strange and confusing. On that note I'm also curious as to why Yelm doesn't give access to Sunbright even though Yelm is the Sun. Lastly. How come there are no spells associated with the Stasis Rune in the core book? There are several spells in the book I feel would be appropriateloy associated with the Stasis Rune but all of them are instead associated with the Harmony, Magic or Earth Rune, and in one extremely wierd case with the spell Lock, the Movement Rune. To all of you who have the PDF of the Red Book of Magic. Do that book contain any spells with the Stasis Rune or is it the Rujne that Shall Not Be Used? I would think that itis a naturall fit for any spells of protection or that allow you to resist damage, repair things, or not be moved, changed or influenced, or to keep a society stable if not harmonious but apparently not. Oh, and yes. I'm still alive. I didn't mean to just disapear for over a year but it will probably happen again. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to answer posts to this thread but I will at least keep an eye on it when I'm able and perhaps I'll be able to chime in once or twice. Edit: actually there's one more thing. Does anyone have or know of a chart for creating Grazer Clans? Or a more detailed history generation for Grazer characters? I feel the one in the book is very focused on SAartar and Prax and Grazer characters just end up sitting there with a lot of 'notyhing happened this year'. Especially for your parent who have basically only two events, one beeing almost starving or freezing to death in the long winter. Edit Edit: Oh, and one more thing. How come Yelm's High Holy day is Fire Season, Harmony Week, Fire Day, and not Fire Season, Stasis Week, Fire Day, or even Fire Season, Fertility or Death Week, Fire Day?
  2. Discussion in the Women in Glorantha thread reminded me of something I wrote for my first RuneQuest campaign a few years ago. I honestly don't remember what it was in-game that prompted me to write it, but I recall quite well the real-world situation that inspired it. It was early autumn, and my area was caught under a mass of rainstorms with no end in sight. The weather just settled down over the region and hunkered, pouring rain straight down. Every declivity in the land flooded, rivers broke their banks, and though I honestly like a rainstorm conditions really did start to wear on me as they stretched on and on. I was playing an Orlanthi shaman in RQ:G at the time, and the real-world conditions got me thinking about what a 'bad storm,' in the evil, wicked or false sense of the term, might mean to an Orlanthi. I also simply like Shargash (whom I call by the proper Theyalan name, Jagrekriand, in the text), and the Waertagi, and wanted to write a story where Orlanth interacts with both. Finally, I wanted to explore a part of Ernalda's life that is rarely touched upon in detail by Orlanthi myth, her time at Yelm's court as one of his underappreciated concubines. The format of the myth itself and its prefacing text are based on an old write-up of the Hill of Gold that my group used earlier in the campaign. Though originally composed for a RQ:G game, it is mechanically agnostic. Now, without further ado,
  3. In the Westfaring quest we have the following on the sea journey: The Sea Journey Orlanth and his friends sought the best way to cross the wretched ocean, which was dying and breaking from the forces of Chaos. Orlanth cast about for help or guidance and was answered by Sofala, the ancient Turtle Grandmother. She owed Orlanth a favor, and agreed to bear them across the seas to the best of her ability. On the way they were attacked by a sea dragon, but Orlanth drove it off. They were attacked by a god, but he left when Chalana Arroy healed him. A school of small monsters tried to swarm over them, but could not penetrate Issaries’ sacred camp defenses. Golod, the King of Fishes, tried to swamp them but Eurmal convinced the Old Man of the Sea that they were kinsmen. A goddess attacked, but Lhankor Mhy knew what was needed to divert her. At last they reached the western land, Luathela. Does anyone know or care to speculate on who the unamed enities could be , notably the god healed by CA or the goddess diverted by LM?
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