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Found 3 results

  1. I was lurking around RPGnet today and came on a thread that was talking about The Old Days, specifically RQ1/2. What caught my eye was that someone got banned for asking for transcription of some rules that appeared in an issue of a fanzine called The Wild Hunt, and in a newsletter by Greg called The Son of Sartar #3. What did it look like? Did it bear any resemblance to what appeared in RQ3, or was it more like what we would now call Lunar Magic? SDLeary
  2. I started to do a family history for characters in Umathela. Just the Grand-parent at the moment. But I'd like to have feed back from you before I go on. 1561 Grand-Parents were born 1585 Vadeli invasion 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest, warrior : +5 1-10 : survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Vadeli) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, Honor passion, Loyaulty (country) 1591 Umathela ruled by Vadeli Slave : -5; noble, priest, .. +5 1-5 : Sacrificed to the Vadeli: Gain hate (Vadeli) 6-15 : normal year 16 : died of natural cause 17-20 : Made good business with Vadeli : Gain 1d6*100 L 1594 Battle of Oenriko Rocks Komarkan, Sulauz, Humaz, Komarkan, Kallima : -5 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest : +5 1-10 : survived. if Cerngoth -> Expell Vadeli 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Kareeshtu) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, +5% Orate, Loyaulty (Country) 1594 if Cerngoth Nikosdros : expel the vadeli garnison 1-18 : Survived. Withness Patriach gain power (Loyaulty (Patriarch)) 19 : Died in battle 20 : Died with great glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation 1598 1-10 Normal year 11-15 Feud : You participated to a succesfful feud with one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...) You gain 1d6*100 L 16-20 Feud : You were victime of a feud from one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...). Hate (adversary) 1601 All except Sulayz : +5 1-5 : Fight Mostali with Aldryami 6-15 : normal year 16-20 : participate to a Ceremony with Aldryami. Gain Devotion (Earth cult) if deity is Earth. Fight against Mostali 1-10 : Survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate Mostali 16-20 : Killed with glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation
  3. Well first off... Hi, I am new here, and this is my first post. Been a long time RPG player, and occassional GM. Been off RPGs more than on for the last 15-ish years, but I'm finding I have missed it, and am very excited to get back into it. On the whole, one of the reasons I have been gaming less is my primary hobby hasn't left me much time for it, and that would be historical reenacting. I mostly do 17th and 18th century reenacting, and as such, those tend to be my favourite eras in history. I found the "Renaissance" rules by looking for rules I though would suit this, and I think I may have found the "The Depth's of Winter" adventure first which lead me to the rules.... Either way, I loved that adventure, and would like to see more in that vein. I have read on the Cakebread and Walton web site, a sequel is in the coming, but I would want more. Does anyone else know of other easily portible adventures along those lines? Or have ideas or suggestions for adventures like that? I'm a lazy GM, and would sooner buy something like that than write my own (although writing does intrigue me, but finding time to play is a challenge enough without adding the added challenge to find time to prepare and write in order to play). Cheers.
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