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Found 5 results

  1. Originally posted on FaceBook by @Jeff A HISTORY OF GLORANTHAN ART, PART I DAWN AGE At the Dawn, there were basically two cultural centers - Dragon Pass (also known as the Theyalans or the Unity Council) and the Peloria lowlands ruled by the Horse Lords. The Theyalans had a tradition of “realistic” art thanks to the Silver Age heroes called the Architect and the Artist (both of whom were active in Kethaela). Moreover, they had access to dwarf crafters, dragonewts and elves. And to surviving pre-Time relics. It followed geometric patterns of proportion and composition, and mortals and gods alike were depicted nude. This “Theyalan style” got spread all over the place, but also was probably really diverse. Individual artists did things in individual ways. Example: Stravulstead, 1st Century, thought to be Heort
  2. Just in case anyone is interested, came across this series on my travels today on YouTube. Only watched the first video so far, but looks like its going to all be enlightening! SDLeary Rendlesham
  3. I was lurking around RPGnet today and came on a thread that was talking about The Old Days, specifically RQ1/2. What caught my eye was that someone got banned for asking for transcription of some rules that appeared in an issue of a fanzine called The Wild Hunt, and in a newsletter by Greg called The Son of Sartar #3. What did it look like? Did it bear any resemblance to what appeared in RQ3, or was it more like what we would now call Lunar Magic? SDLeary
  4. I started to do a family history for characters in Umathela. Just the Grand-parent at the moment. But I'd like to have feed back from you before I go on. 1561 Grand-Parents were born 1585 Vadeli invasion 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest, warrior : +5 1-10 : survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Vadeli) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, Honor passion, Loyaulty (country) 1591 Umathela ruled by Vadeli Slave : -5; noble, priest, .. +5 1-5 : Sacrificed to the Vadeli: Gain hate (Vadeli) 6-15 : normal year 16 : died of natural cause 17-20 : Made good business with Vadeli : Gain 1d6*100 L 1594 Battle of Oenriko Rocks Komarkan, Sulauz, Humaz, Komarkan, Kallima : -5 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest : +5 1-10 : survived. if Cerngoth -> Expell Vadeli 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Kareeshtu) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, +5% Orate, Loyaulty (Country) 1594 if Cerngoth Nikosdros : expel the vadeli garnison 1-18 : Survived. Withness Patriach gain power (Loyaulty (Patriarch)) 19 : Died in battle 20 : Died with great glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation 1598 1-10 Normal year 11-15 Feud : You participated to a succesfful feud with one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...) You gain 1d6*100 L 16-20 Feud : You were victime of a feud from one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...). Hate (adversary) 1601 All except Sulayz : +5 1-5 : Fight Mostali with Aldryami 6-15 : normal year 16-20 : participate to a Ceremony with Aldryami. Gain Devotion (Earth cult) if deity is Earth. Fight against Mostali 1-10 : Survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate Mostali 16-20 : Killed with glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation
  5. Well first off... Hi, I am new here, and this is my first post. Been a long time RPG player, and occassional GM. Been off RPGs more than on for the last 15-ish years, but I'm finding I have missed it, and am very excited to get back into it. On the whole, one of the reasons I have been gaming less is my primary hobby hasn't left me much time for it, and that would be historical reenacting. I mostly do 17th and 18th century reenacting, and as such, those tend to be my favourite eras in history. I found the "Renaissance" rules by looking for rules I though would suit this, and I think I may have found the "The Depth's of Winter" adventure first which lead me to the rules.... Either way, I loved that adventure, and would like to see more in that vein. I have read on the Cakebread and Walton web site, a sequel is in the coming, but I would want more. Does anyone else know of other easily portible adventures along those lines? Or have ideas or suggestions for adventures like that? I'm a lazy GM, and would sooner buy something like that than write my own (although writing does intrigue me, but finding time to play is a challenge enough without adding the added challenge to find time to prepare and write in order to play). Cheers.
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