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Found 9 results

  1. before-last background episode, and the adventure will start with rolls (and bad were the first...) a lot of time to produce this part. The correction of the story was done by @Shiningbrow (let Uleria bless him) weeks ago but too many things distrubed me That rule is clearly not for all tables, a lot of players and gm could consider this rule as very objectionable. It is a specific vision of roleplay. My main concern with the divine spell gameplay is that is almost the same that other spells : 1 You find a teacher (shaman or priest) and have to do what is required (quest, initiation, bargain, or nothing more than 2) 2 You “buy” the spell (money, time), 3 You have a “tank” (pm or runepool) 4 You use it as you want until your “tank” is empty. 5 You can refuel your tank. The only difference is the power. Some divine spells are so powerful compared on the spirit one : just compare bladesharp (your max bonus is your spell level) with weapon trance or equivalent (your max bonus is your mp: 12 ? 20 ? 80 ?) But for me, there should propose from roleplay another difference: When you practice magic (or name it as you want, spirit or sorcery in Glorantha, for example, but it could be different in other worlds) you dominate forces (by charism / authority for spirit, by knowledge for sorcery). But do you dominate the god ? So here is my idea: Gods exist in Glorantha. Gods are conscious of what happen to their worshippers. Yes, Gods are bound by the great compromise, but Gods have enough freedom to: reject a divine intervention (ex: Yelmalio rejected all sundomer DI except Yamsur, source Sun county) send spirit of reprisal. save people (ex: Orlanth worshippers who jump from Kerofin are saved only if they are good Orlanthi) answer questions from their worshippers (divination spell) and some examples done here (or facebook, but thanks to Jagapaga I don’t need to visit this source of corruption 😛 ) And from a rp perspective, … command a god that you worship, that you are devoted… seems hard to me. Of course you can say that during the spell you are not you, you are the god. But in this case, that is the god who decides not the character. Should a player play a god ? That is why I don’t consider divine spells known by a character should be cast by the character, they should be asked. In this context, knowing a divine spell (gp) is knowing the good prayer and gesture to open the channel between the god and the mundane world (rp). Then the god decides if its divine power is sent or not in mundane world through the channel (rp). What does it mean? gods are npc, played by GM. And GM decide to cast or not the spell. In the same way than GM decide if a door is open or closed, if a merchant has and want to buy or not an item, if your next encounter is Cwim, or a already wounded week trollkin etc… Of course, the spell should be cast almost always. Always, if player acts as a “good” worshiper. And here is the difference with other magic: you do what you want with your spirit/sorcery magic. You must follow your gods value to obtain their help In case of refusal from the god, I ask a devotion roll, if failed, I apply the penalty as RAW describe when a passion roll is failed. After all, a character loosing faith could be a good role to play. For me, considering a god must cast a spell is considering a god is just runes, it is godlearnism or blasphemy. So what can a pc do to remove this GM power? - Become a hero: the hero pool (cf white bull campaign) is personal, not linked with any other entity. - Become illuminate (and get the power) è I see illumination as a kind of lie / manipulation / treachery to the god. As gods decide with information given by worshiper, the illuminate can obtain what is wanted (so the spell is automatically cast if the “channel” is open) Pros (vs core rules): there is a true difference between cult and magic (spiritual / sorcery). Illumination gets a new “power”. Cons: players can be frustrated, a lot 😊 so any “no decision” must be explained, and maybe to prevent any issue when an unaware player decide to cast a spell you GM will refuse (like sever spirit on a baby… just because it seems funny to player), kindly propose some intx5 or cult lore or something like that. GM could abuse of this position. But I think this kind of GM is able to abuse of any position. But that said, how to play a god? What does a god understand from the mortal world ? I will share my view in few days… weeks as I m exploring deeper my own vision writing this article.
  2. Nochet, The sStuffed Boat Tavern, 1612ST, late Sea season. Hendrostos and Irillo were watching their friend with concern. Two days ago, at last! They found him in so poor a condition that they did not recognize him immediately. He seemed to be in better condition now, although his too-thin face showed them how hard his time in the streets was. “I can’t believe what happened.” said Irillo. “How weird it is! Are you sure you did not miss something?” agreed Hendrostos. “How could I know, if I missed?” answered Aendel, with a smile. Aendel stopped his sentence, being distracted by something behind his two cronies. “So, what will you do?” “Hu… I’m not sure… I expected to go home once I was initiated, but now… Now… the shame to be rejected during the initiation ritual ruins all of my plans. People will never follow me; nobles will tease me. Maybe one or two will remember me, but no true friendship was established when they sent me here.” After a long sigh, he added “I am no-one anymore, my kin would prefer my death than my coming back. Should I please them?” Their friends kept silence, disturbed by his words… And the silence invaded the table for a long time. “I need food… we have no more drink too, that’s not good” attempted Irillo. “Yes, you are right my friend”. “Yes, lets concentrate on the present.” Added Hendrostos, raising a hand. “She is so beautiful…” whispered Aendel. “I love her silky skin; you cannot imagine how pleasant it is.” The Lhankorings followed his gaze. “Wait, wait, we paid her to get you better, nothing more.” “And I thank you both! She succeeded beyond your expectations. But I don’t need your money, I need no money for this kind of affair.” The waitress arrived with a large smile, “My lords! I enjoy seeing you so … insatiable! There is nobody here any more… except you… It’s time for me to go home now. And for you too.” Aendel grabbed her and she sat down tenderly on his lap. “I hoped you can continue our discussion with me this night, you sweet.” She laughed: “Unfortunately, I also have a husband to take care of! He probably worries about me after so long time outside…” She caressed his visage. “I think we have to delay our debate, my young friend. I‘ll leave you few minutes while I close the back of the tavern.” Her lover held a theatrical pose, declaiming “How hard are your words! Are all women so skilled to break my heart? I cannot imagine I will survive this night!” “Pretty sure you will find some pleasure with your two friends! Now… go!” and she left the room. “Before we go… I have still a flask of Clearwine… You could tell us what you intend to do.” suggested Irillo. “When even women don’t want you anymore, you still have to leave… that is another sign… I have to regain my reputation before anything else… or find my end??? I will wander and lease my sword and my knowledge, until some great achievement saves my honor, or a weapon meets my body, finaly” “Mmm… I’m going with you… I spent too many times cleaning the restrooms of bedridden scholars... I want to explore the world and to test some… things. There is nothing here I am permitted to learn… I have never left Nochet, and before I meet you, never seen anything outside the library. Yes, I’m your man” said Hendrostos. All eyes were then on Irillo who started to tremble… But before he could answer, a scream echoed from the back room. Immediately, Aendel jumped out of his seat and ran to the back room before anyone moved. “Heyl! What are you doing here, Get away! NOW!” “Aendelllll….???” She shrieked “Be quiet, darling, I know them, they won’t hurt you or anything…” The two scholars arrived, and saw the source of all this heckling… Two afraid enlos… “Master… Master… Danger… danger... no alone, no outside…” their terrified eyes were pleading Aendel. “Do not disturb the lady… Do not say anything… Do not eat, touch, anything. Stay there, and wait for me and my friends… You’re really bothering me, do you know that?! My heart, my friends… let me introduce you zog zog who are… hum … what they are…” “Zhaug” murmured the smarter with disappointment. “Zaugh!” affirmed the second.
  3. Nochet, 1612ST, early Sea season. The night is fresh and wet. Only rats should be found in this dead end. And a young and dirty man, in the midst of stinking garbage piles and mud puddles. No sounds except his loud snoring. Until two shapes, quickly followed by one massive one, approached. The bigger shakes the wreck spread on the ground with his foot. No reaction. Or maybe something, a tiny sound. “The huge individual slowly leaned over Aendel’s head, seemingly not disturbed by his fetid breath” “Statis…Stasis…” the young man mumbled. The large shadow then straightened himself, listening and sniffing in the night air, before roughly hitting the wretched man. “Heyyy, wh.. what are… *blurp* …you doing ?!” “Human… You… see enlo ???”, asks a guttural voice. Arising, trying to clean himself, despite his fresh vomit, Aendel looks around him. Then he presses his head against the troll’s, a little bit disappointed when he realizes that his forehead only reaches up to his opponent’s chin. With a hateful but erratically voice, he answers: “I’m seeing two of your dege… degene... degenerated broth…ers, just there… Happy now? I’m p.. pretty sure, you find others in your… home, go there and let me be. I’ll spare your life tonight; I need to rest.” The troll slowly interprets the words and the intention. Slowly the anger rises. Slowly he bends his knees and takes a fighting stance, rumbling. But he notices a guard patrol is coming. To not lose face, he laughs, then rams Aendel, who spreads out over the ground. “ Human, alcohol, not good.” And tells his fellows to move. With a last look to the slumped man,“I spare your life… tonight; I need to eat.” Then vanishes into the darkness. After some time, Aendel, still seated on “his” piles, hears a slight voice. “Thank … thank you…” “Again? Who is here? Show your f** face! And why thank you?” “Thank you to… protect… us… brother Zaugh and me Zhaugh.”The first enlo approaches with caution, promptly followed by another shy one. “I didn’t protect you. I didn’t even notice you, which was nice… Now go, leave me alone, let me think.” “no… nowhere to go… ” “nowhere is better than here, nowhere is better than with me… move!”
  4. Nochet, 1616ST, Fire season. “My… My lady…. What can I do for your pleasure ?” “That’s not for me, scribe, but for my mistress… I want to know everything about… about… What’s his name, Mirava? “Aendel, my lady.” “What an absurd name, isn’t it Mirava? So tell me what you know about this student, scribe.” “For sure, ma lady, may I ask the reasons for your request?” “That is not your business, scribe. Do what I order, don’t think.” “Yes, yes, madame, of course. Please wait just a few minutes in the lounge over here, I will return to you shortly. I will have our best wines and exotic dishes brought while you are waiting. It … it is so warm today.” … “My Lady? I have gathered the required information.” “Do not make me wait another second. Please hurry, I want to leave this uncomfortable temple quickly.” “Of course, madame, of course. So, our records report that Aendel the Sartarite arrived in the great temple in 1603. He was entrusted to us by his… supposed… uncle (unfortunately, the name was removed), who praised his nephew’s intelligence and curiosity. Oh, how strange, the barbarian uncle suggested to us to teach him the philosophical magic without giving any reason, but a hypothetical potential. After some tests and discussion, we decided that the Charterists should drive this boy along the wisdom path.” “Wait a minute, the white-robed are not characterized as being particularly supporter of any dangerous and impure magic.” “You are absolutely right, madame. How brilliant is your mind! That is not written, but I remember that, at that time I was a young boy too, and Aendel was very interested by this path, but he finally rejected this knowledge. It was probably some remnant of his traditionalist culture, if culture could denote barbarian society, of course... In 1604, you may not forget that the temple faced an important incident, when one of our students, a Hendrostos Leftdoor, almost died, but was saved by Aendel. He succeeded, alone, with a kind of wood sword he made himself, to disturb a Thanatari apprentice, trying to take the head of the miserable Hendrostos. The guards finally succeeded in killing the intruder. The case produced an outcry, not because Aendel was defeating the murderer, nor because the stranger successfully entered the insides of the temple, but because Aendel attacked and beat up the guy who dealt the final blow, arguing his honor was in question, and that he had to deliver death himself, without any help of some cowardly, slow, unskilled guards (those were his words). Later, our investigations determined that the Thanatari’s killer was, in fact, corrupted, and allowed him to penetrate our sacred space.” “In 1606, the Charterists considered Aendel too irritable and irritating to fit with them. The Council decided to keep him in our ranks, as he did a lot for us, after all, and placed him under the Grey Sages authority. After all, he came from this savage land and had faced a very hard situation for just a boy. The Council, to manage Aendel’s temper, decided that he had to receive some martial training, and obtain from the Death temple a tutor to teach him some lessons - mainly to learn discipline. It seems it was a good idea: we have no salient points in the records during the next two years.” “In 1609, Aendel started to prepare his thesis and participated in an expedition to Hendriki territory, under the leadership of Jarstakos Gold Quill. While exploring a ruin, the expedition found some relics about the Wyrm Empire, but was attacked by broos. Jarstakos, his guards, and some other students were killed. Only, Aendel, Illiro Gustbranson and five servants survived. I never understood how this fat Illiro managed to survive and was not eaten by the chaos monsters - but that’swhat happened. The servants witnessed that Aendel joined in with the mercenaries in the battle and was wounded, but finally was able to lead the survivors out and brought back the relics.” “After that, it seems he was traumatized, and was infamous for hanging out late in taverns and other nightlife; to drink with his few friends (those whose lives he saved, Hungry Illiro and Hendrostos Two-Mouths, notably) and woo the women he found in these places of debauchery. Still in 1609, there was an altercation with a young Esrolian nobleman of House Farastar who was mocking the weight and past of his companion,which inevitably led Aendel to a duel to the first blood. In just a few passes, Aendel defeated his opponent. The companions of the vanquished, angry that an intellectual could defeat a warrior, decided to avenge him. Aendel hardly withstood the repeated assaults from his three opponents but managed to wound two of them before a patrol stepped in and prevented the worst.” “As you can imagine, it was a negative precedent between the temple and House Farastar. The temple paid for the House’s health care and Aendel, Hendrostos and Illiro were punished severely: they were placed in isolation for more than one year, with only few scrolls to study. No news until 1611, when he completed his thesis, and the council granted access to our initiation rituals, then… “ “Wait, what was the thesis subject?” “Oh sorry Ma lady, I did not want to waste your time with such minor details, but you are right, it may have some interest for…” “It may? May?! Again, scribe, stop your superficial analysis, and answer.” “I Apologize, oh how shame…ful… I… am… Of course, quickly. The subject was "Military Logistics and Strategy during the Second Age". But the most intriguing and exceptional event in our temple was his initiation failure. We have no idea what happened, and Aendel has been absolutely dead silent. Well, few were fool or brave enough, or maybe both, to ask him anything. But he gave no answer, apart from the promise of some violent action. A few days after, he disappeared from the temple. Then the record ends”. “And you did not try to find him?” “Oh great lady, we sent his two friends. They investigated the docks and other drunks’ territories but we lost them too. Well, to be honest, many of us were happy to close this chapter and hopedwe would never see them again.” “A last question, before we can escape this place… Is it usual that student fails their initiation?” “No madame.The thesis process guarantees us a very large success rate. Accidents may happen, of course, but one a decade, perhaps.”
  5. Here and now "I was placed in a little cell, with only one chair, one table, a closed book, and a poor black candle. They told me I had to find the truth. When they closed the door, a draught blew out the light. Fortunately, I managed to remember where the furniture was and sat down. Opening the book was probably a mistake, a kind of test, something like “see beyond the evidence” exercise, so I just thought and didn’t move. I tried to figure out what was the truth, what could be the answer. And I found nothing. There was no truth. I didn’t know for how long I was here, but as I am not patient, I decried “without question, there is no answer here!”. The silence only replied. And I searched again. But I found nothing. And there was light. I was no more in a cell but in a large room full of bookshelves, so large that I was not able to see the walls. My table was still there but the book had disappeared. In front of me stood an old but vigorous man. “Dear student”, he told me with a smile, “it seems that you did fail your examination. But you know, We anticipated that. It seems to Us that you prefer your sword to your lore, don’t you?” “I cannot disagree, dear assessor. But above all, I cherish the Truth.” “That is right, but loving a part is not loving the pack. And we are here to decide if you join all of Us. We cannot accept you if you choose the sword and despise the knowledge.” “But Elder, the Sword Sages love the sword.” “The sword sages use their swords for a right purpose -tofind and protect knowledge. A sword is just a tool, not the End. You do not use your sword for knowledge, do you? We know what you are looking for. But you... Do you know what your quest is?” “I,… I want… I have to… become king.” “King is just a title, go further.” I remained silent for a long time. My thoughts did not please me. But to hide the truth was not an option. “I have to lead people, protect and judge them. I have to build a good society, change unfair rules, chase previous rulers’ deceptions away.” “Really? What else? What deeper else?” I was so confused. I felt that the man was not only asking but infiltrating my mind. Annoyed, my voice got louder. “I do not want anybody to make me do anything. Nobody, neither king, neither priest, not even mother.” Surprised by my own words, I whispered, suppressing a sob “I want to choose my life. I want… I want to be powerful enough to be free forever.” “POWER, here we go”. The old man surprised me. His face was changing, harder. His size was growing. The shelves shook. As did the ground when I looked around. I was afraid when I saw no more the man but an enormous face, its skin made of clay, looking me straight in my eyes, with a threatening gaze. His lips were two Stasis runes, his left eye was a closed disk, hiding some secret knowledge, when his right had its pupil fully opened, lighting the world of his wisdom. Its nose was a Law rune, and I could distinguish its nostrils forming the Truth. Its mouth started to move and a fearsome and gravelly voice exploded. “WILL YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF ANTIQUE BATTLES HELP YOU TO LEAD YOUR WARRIORS? WHAT KIND OF WARLORD WILL YOU BE WITHOUT IT? DO YOUR ANCESTORS CONTINUE TO EXIST IN THE OTHER WORLD? WHAT KIND OF BEING ARE YOU WITHOUT THEIR MEMORY?” Its mouth, again larger, spat a sword and a truth. “TELL ME! IS DEATH MORE POWERFUL THAN OBLIVION? IS THE BEARD LESS POWERFUL THAN THE SWORD?” I was terrified. Its breath was so mighty that I was afraid of falling. Looking at my feet, I saw no more ground, just darkness with what seemed to be stars. I looked left, right, and up. There was only darkness and a few stars. Everywhere. I did not notice the face had disappeared. The old man was back. He carefully scanned me, without any expression. “You did not choose me, but you are here. Should I accept you while you will never serve me? Should I reject you while you serve my interest?” He paused. “What does the logic choose? What does a god choose? What should the god of logic choose? Could I accept among my followers someone who wants to walk on his own? Give me your words, bold child who dares to come before me rather than to follow me.” I reverently answered: “You already know everything. I just thank you, for your lesson. I learnt more than ever before.” “You are not welcome” and the man disappeared, and the stars went out, and the door opened. I left without a word, avoiding the staring looks from the initiates. My brain was overheated. Not only because I felt the rage pouring through my whole being, but I was certain that I had something more to understand, so close, and yet so far. After few days seeking an answer, I understood there was no question. Everything was already done, even before the ritual’s start. I had only one option, and moved towards the taverns, their harlots and, why not, some spoilt kids to skewer.
  6. Special thanks to @Shiningbrow and his so nice english lessons 😉 not really based on episode 3 Here i will tell you how I manage characteristics creation (don't hesitate to propose your own way too) Some homelands (bison for example) propose modifiers. It is time to choose the homeland if not already done: If you want to start with DEX 21, you must choose Impala. I let players decide to distribute their points for a total decided by me, GM. The goal is to determine the 7 charactestics and a virtual one that I called “preRunePool”. preRunePool represents the POW already used to the runepool(s) the character has. The equivalent in the rules is preRunePool = rune pool = 3 but you can sacrify more if you want (as row) or less (as me). The logic will be described in the creation part dedicated to the cult For these 7+1 characteristics, GM has to decide what is the amount the players will distribute The average in roll dices is: 78.5, the rules give + 3 with the elemental runes, and + 3 proposed if the total of dices is < 92 and +3 for the rune pool. We can conclude the random average start is 87 (78 + 3 + 3 + 3) Now it’s GM choice (personally I choose 95 ) The players have to distribute following these rules: PreRunePool : min 0 (no initiation), max 10 (10 is just my personal choice, and it is enormous, but that means the pc lose a lot of points, no pain, no gain) The 7 characteristics should be in the range of the dice rolls (3-18 for 3d6; 8-18 for 2d6+6), If there is any homeland modifier, apply the modifier, for example SIZ of a bison must be between 10 and 20 when DEX must be between 1 and 16. And that’s all if your players want to be “standard” but… Player can choose one characteristic 2 points above the max (max = 18 à 20 for a non praxian) and one 1 point above the max. In this case, the elemental runes distribution is partially defined : When a pc chooses +2 above the max, you know what the main elemental rune is. When a pc chooses +1 above the max, you know one of the 2 best elemental runes (if +2 and +1 are chosen you know the 2 elemental runes) Remember that runes bonus are included in the amount you propose, don’t add it when the runes are chosen Another option is to follow the rules in the core book. Then reduce 3 the amount players can distribute, and In all cases, after all distribution, the characteristic’s limit is 21 for human. Of course … you may accept a 22 or 23. in this case , I would recommend : 2 or 3 points are used for 1 point over the max. A very good background must explain it, add hard passion (fear something ridiculous, or hate something very dangerous at 90%), or/and oath or/and geas, or/and enemy, or/and… any bad thing for the pc you can imagine. That must be the deal
  7. Here and now “What do you want to know? My name? Which one? You already know all of them. My friends and my family call me Aendel, so let’s use that. Where to start? The beginning? My mother, Jareen Londrosdottr, gave birth to me during the fourth year of Dangmet’s reign, the wWild day of the Truth week, during the great Umath season. My clan was the Taraling. Here, my kin count lots of kings, such as Leika my lovely cousin, Kangharl the shameful, unfortunate Kallay and many more. My father has nothing to be ashamed of with his lineage. But I discovered this point when I (just) was a young adult. My mother wanted me to become king. She planned, acted and manipulated for her obsession. She obtained a good position in the Runegate Earth temple and was selected to incarnate Ernalda at the Spring fest. In exchange for favours, she obtained a noble warrior as her Orlanth. She explained to me later that he was visiting the clan before moving far away, so he was a good candidate, allowing her to educate me like she wanted, without having to convince a “bull” of her choices. Of course, she sacrificed all the few resources she had and Ernalda blessed her pregnancy. She gave birth to the wonderful baby who now sits in front of you. And mother started my education. She taught me all our lineage. She taught me all the Heortling laws a king must know to lead his people. She taught me how to order and convince a crowd, to manage a house. When other boys discovered woods and rivers, stones and sticks, I recited Vingkot’s story. Fortunately, sometimes, I was able to escape her attention, and seeking to resemble my unknown father, I trained with my sword. Alone. With such a weird education, few children wanted to play with me. Some did, but I quickly discovered they were forced to by their parents, who hoped to gain some social benefits in the future. That was a bad bargain. I refused these false friendships, and, angry and wounded by such lies, I swore to always tell the truth. And then the drama came. We had to flee out of our clan land from Lunar invaders. Mother decided to reach for Boldhome. I think she planned to impress the Prince, to make some alliances and to place me in the court. The plan would be great…. if the Lunars were defeated. When she saw the forces beyond the ramparts, she kissed me, ordering me to follow my destiny, to become the great leader she dreamed of. And she joined the army, and she was in the front line, and she died, bravely, spitting her blood in the face of her murderer. Here is my fate, by my blood and my will, by the winds and the truth, I was born to be king. All my choices are dedicated to that. And nobody, nothing, not even you, will prevent me from accomplishing my destiny.”
  8. GM or player, character creation is one of my favorite part in rpg. based on episod two of the blog I like the process described in the rules but as GM there is one point I always flee (roll for characteristic or skills) and some I prefer to change. My main goal is to have players happy to play their characters, and characters with nice story. That means 2 main things: Players decide and don’t roll Players align their stats with their background In this post I will describe the oriented background part. Another post will follow in few days, with my house rules dedicated to statistics I see few issues with the Core book background process : the campaign starts around 1625. the background is focused on great events. All your pc will have some “heroic” ancestors and nothing about their clan or anything closest than “the big history”. Nothing to help you to create an unknown fisherman whose family never leave their part of the river for example. Nothing to define that the great father had an affair with the naiad, explaining some weird power (or skin color) the pc has. Note 1: Following the core book background does not imply you cannot add more "local" and "personal" color. Of course you can ! Note 2: the core book background is very helpful to understand what happened in dragon pass, to discover runequest/glorantha. That’s just say chaosium proposes one way to help players to create a background And of course, if my campaign starts in 1625, I see no issue if one player wants his character to follow the official process than another one. Here is another way. I split my creation process in three questions. Each question’s main purpose is to create the background, but it helps the pc to start the “build”. Players may choose the order of the questions they answer. Two players may have different orders, that is perfectly fine. In fact, the order defines the story arc and what is important for the player, nothing more. Q1: what does the player want the character to be seen by others and also what the player wants to play (a strong figther? a beautiful poet? a poor merchant? a rich merchant?) Q2: what does the player want the character to think and react? (runes and passions oriented) Q3: what does the player want the character to know and can do? (skill oriented) In my story, I start with three characters: I want Hendrostos to be a sorcerer (with a battle spell): I will start my exploration by Q1 (profession), then Q3 (spell skills are very important to sorcerer), then Q2 I want Irillo to be a victim who will try to become stronger (I don’t know if he will succeed or die for the moment): I will follow Q2 then Q1 then Q3 I want Aendel, the hero to be too many things, so I have to keep in mind all the options. Yes you don't need to follow any order, be free, follow the wind of your imagination the challenge is to explore the answers deeper and deeper. Aendel's creation example: I want Aendel to claim a kingdom (so I start my creation by one passion : “become a king”): Why does Aendel claim it? because his mother wanted it. Why his mother wanted it? Because she was from a very poor noble family and develop a kind of social revenge desire, and transferred it to his son. (I get the profession : “noble”) Now we know the mother, what about Aendel’s father ? I don’t know (well I know but let’s say the player has no idea, yes a player may have no idea or want to not explore a point) Good, you GM have a hook there to introduce a scenario during the campaign based on the pc and his father! I want Aendel to be a “lover” (so another passion : “lust women”) Why is he a lover ? because he looks for his mother in the women he seduce (yes freud is the invisible god) Why does he look for his mother ? Because she was killed during the battle of Boldhome. (yes Boldhome battle may give other passions than “hate lunar”) I understand I have to put points in seduction skill (already 1 +25 is booked from personal skills) I want Aendel to know heortling customs. It will help him in any sartarite court. Why and how did Aendel learn heort customs skill? Because her mother wanted him to know everything needed to rule people (profession noble) and he studied in Lhankor Mhy Temple (hum… are we defining a cult because a cult skill ?). When and why was he in the temple? After the battle of Boldhome, his family sent him to Nochet. Why Nochet ? Because some of them want to protect him, and some of them saw him as a competitor? Who ? I don’t know (another potential hook) I want Aendel to be a strategist: How did Aendel learn battle skill? In Nochet, his studies were focused on battle between EWF and god learner (oh and opportunity to get “exotic” skill) How did Aendel learn sword skill? he trained when he was a child (profession noble), and (in episode 3) he fought in several occasions as teenager and was trained by the Humakt temple (gain honor / loyalty humakt temple). Etc…
  9. Here we are. I put my no-life and my sanity in your hands, poor readers who will (try to) read my project. I will use the blog to write the story of Aendel and his company ( HOMBAK #1 ).. This story will be based on A virtual table: only one GM : me, and one player… me. It is not a true campaign log. More a story. The RQG rules, with my few house rules. The point here is to test some rules (for example is a sorcerer so useless as PC?) I am not excluding to cheat when the story could be broken due to a bad dice roll. In this case, I will note it here too. I may redo several times some scenes, to check hypothesis or just if the first dices were too generous for me the player or me the gm(critic or fumble) Different material and scenarii I get during my long life (oriflam rq, heroquest, rqg …) The knowledge I can find here (the forum) and elsewhere (the well, the wiki, some sites) There are different challenges: How to not spoil the material. I will describe the between “adventures” and only some scenes more than the scenario itself, as the main frame is more social and storytelling than the “local” plot. How to not bore you. My French style is neither very bad, nor very good. But my English style is just non-existent or at least, I am unable to evaluate it (except the lack of vocabulary and grammar I face all the time) … I am counting on you (and linguee) to improve my text. Do not hesitate to mp to fix some ugly sentences. How to make no mistakes on Glorantha lore. I don’t want my Glorantha to vary, only some rq rules. Do not hesitate if you find something, I hope I would be able to realign with… the “truth”. Then I will use the blog to tell the story, and some posts in this forum to comment it, hoping it will help some gm/players and at least help me to be challenged (gently of course!) and get some experience check in my own runes and skills. A last comment about this expedition, I will present some house rules. The purpose is not to say “hey chaosium, you suck, see how smart I am”. My house rules are made because in my case, I would prefer them than the official. Sometimes it is more complex, sometimes it is less than the official. That is just where I focus the play. I tend to simplify fight, and to complexify “relationship” (with people, with gods) because it is what I like, not because it is the way the world (and chaosium) would have to follow. I hope I will give a little fun for some of you (if I have 100 “like”, I will try Uleria initiation, well… maybe 1000), few ideas, and some help to new gm who are afraid (as I were) to face this wonderful Glorantha. There is always another way. Try, tell or roll but above all, have fun and sweet dreams.
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