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Found 6 results

  1. I was a young enlisted man serving in the US Army in Germany when the Twilight: 2000 game came out way back when rocks were still soft and fire was this new hippie thing that would never catch on. The game became instantly popular in the barracks for several reasons, but the main one was that we had all the toys immediately to hand or knew somebody we could ask about them. I mean, our wall lockers had our helmets, web gear, and 'go' bags on top of them. The motor pool was full of M1 tanks, a Bradley IFV or two, and other bit of military mayhem machines. But this was also the age Ramb
  2. Simply stated: I am considering allowing characters to take a penalty to their attack in order to resolve that attack sooner. I was considering -20% per SR. Since the attack roll represents a series of maneuvers, not a single swing/stab, this rule would represent the character rushing their blow, rather than waiting to create or exploit the best opportunity. (by character, I mean PC or NPC) Does -20% seem appropriate? How frequently would you, as a player, use that rule?
  3. Al.


    I LOVE OpenQuest I love the whole ethos of it, I think many of the design decisions are brilliant But I really dislike the (inspired by MRQ) skill names I did a bit of a bodge swapping in skills from Elric! and it kind of worked. However I'm now thinking of swapping skills out and using careers (as per RuneQuest Slayers or Barbarians of Lemuria). I have what I think is a workable method of gluing to two sets of rules together. Has anyone tried this? How did you get on? Any cautions or warnings to share?
  4. Greetings, OQ2 explorers I thought you all might find a House Rule mod my players and I cooked up concerning shields interesting. Trying to be mindful of OQ2's simplicity, we still felt our game needed some shield tweaks. Weapons including shields are designated light, medium, heavy, and huge in the Close Combat Weapons table on page 45. The term “huge,” however, is only used in relation to shields and can be problematic as it is truly a size designation, in contrast to the light, medium, and heavy designations which seem to describe weight. This dichotomy is further exacerbated by u
  5. Greetings fellow BRPers!When I first began gaming with Basic Roleplaying, I used the optional rule of "Step Six (Personality)" on pg. 21 to give player characters some extra oomph. As time went on, I tweaked the rule to allow greater player input and variation:Background A profession that fits your character's "pre-career" training, a secondary or former job, schooling, or other such description adhering to the character concept is considered your character's Background. Choose a fitting profession and add 20% to each skill.For Example: One character was a 'Maverick' type Military Officer. Ra
  6. Hi fellow dabblers in the arcane craft of rule design, after reading through the download section I felt brave and will post a new rule my group will be using in the next campaign. RESOLVE What How determined is a character to accomplish his goal? Resolve(points) are a measure for that. See a friend get killed or multiple plans go south, your resolve decreases. A pat on the back or a rallying speech and up it goes again. Why Something that bothered me for a long time is "hero willpower". A pc hero just couldn't be broken or indimidated. Players could restri
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