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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, I’ve always liked the idea of talents to diversify characters, or the old White Wolf and WEG Star Wars (2e) system of specialisations. For Magic World, this could be easily implemented to further diversity characters and give then more colour. -System When a skill reaches 75%, the player chooses a word to specialise the skill and to denote an area of talent or further focus. E.g., Climb (trees/building/sheer surfaces/wet surfaces); dodge (swords, axes, etc); track (greenskins); Sense (danger, lies, movement, ambush) etc. Anytime a character gets 75%, he chooses a specia
  2. About two years ago, I tried to sit down & actually figure out how in the world my group's sorcery rules worked. After all, I'd played a sorcerer using them for two to three years at that point, and had a friend who had been using them for about a year as well (and who I helped teach the system). How hard could it be? Very, very hard, it turned out. Our current group plays mostly-RQG, but we've taken to calling that game's rules "RuneQuest Bastard" for a reason. They were a mishmash of official stuff, house rules, and things my friends & I didn't know were house rules which had ac
  3. Hello fellow CoC gamers, What follows is one Keeper's view and discussion on the subjects of Insanity (sanity), Bouts of Madness, Delusions, Hallucinations, Phobias and Manias. Although this discussion is related to the official Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Keeper's Guide rules, it is not a reflection of them, but an adaptation I have developed and applied in my Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition campaign. Let's start with insanity, or types of insanity as applied in the game. By this I don't mean "temporary", "indefinite" or "permanent insanity". Furthermore, I'm not talking about phobias o
  4. Is there a case to be made for more frequent experience rolls? Would it help prevent swapping weapons frequently if you could roll a chance increase every round instead of every adventure? Would it slow combat down too much? What if instead of one experience box you had 10? Would characters grow too quickly? I'm looking for a solution to the somewhat illogical mechanic that you can only improve at something once per adventure. It doesn't make sense to me that once you successfully strike with your sword that's it, you either improved or didn't for this adventure. I think using your sword more
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Ideas for Supernatural Powers, Character Qualities (Advantage system) and Character Death in Basic/Narrative Conflicts. No core rules are changed, all rules simply show how to use the flexibility of the RD100 system.
  6. As an idea for my house rules, I'd like a rough mechanic of somekind to track relationships between individual NPCs and groups/guilds/etc. My rough idea so far is that every new relationship starts at 50% (neutral). "Any time you use a skill and score a special success working towards something that can reasonably be considered for that individual or group and/or are wearing an insignia or tabard clearly displaying your affiliation, those relationships increase by 1% and any faction or individual you are reasonably considered to be working against goes down by 1%." Relationships would ha
  7. Found this in an old backup folder from when I was first messing about with some 3D modeling softwares. Forgot I had made and saved a copy. Glorantha Tours.pdf
  8. I'm toying with revisiting and updating a house rule from my RQ3 campaign and thought I would share. This rule is suitable for high-octane action oriented adventures, where there are many opportunities for combat. Verve represents spiritual vigor and luck. It fuels magic and also represents temporary injury that is "shrugged off" after a short rest. It replaces the derived attribute: Magic Points. A player may choose to reduce an injury received in combat by a number of points equal to the amount of Verve spent. Spending Verve this way reduces the available pool for powering Magic. V
  9. I've played a bit of both systems recently - trying to decide on what system to use. While there is much I love about Heroquest i am still very much attached to the old-school system of combat simulation and gearing up *to things HQ does not do that well). I'm considering introducing some of the elements of the Heroquest system into Runequest to see how it goes. Has anyone had a go at this before? Or even had thoughts about it? My thoughts: Utilise HQ 1-20 + masteries instead of RQ %ile. Should make for more seamless, higher level campaigns. Experience gain would be faster
  10. Normally I skulk about and offer help and advice to others on here, but I'm curious about what other d100 gamers think of this houserule that I first came up with almost a year ago for my d100 AD&D PHB thing (heavily influenced by Rod's Classic Fantasy). Apologies in advance for the massive infodump I just threw out here, but I'd rather try to get everything out there now instead of leaving any ambiguity. Aside from the FATE writeup at the end, I wrote this up pretty much on-the-spot, working off of my notes. Hopefully my ramblings make sense. Please keep in mind that while this originated
  11. I think it best to separate my emergent Magic World campaign idea from the "respect" thread. The campaign concept emerged after some chatting with Ben and Angelo, and shifting our system and setting focus. The setting shift due to the past few sessions (a few months ago) being as bog-standard fantasy as my current non-MW campaign with other players. This creates some challenges for me - working on two campaigns concurrently is no big deal ... having them be very similar in theme and such is where I get demotivated. My players were also tired of zero-to-hero play. That, combined with
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