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Found 4 results

  1. So an idea for my current game is in its fetal stages inside my head. I was inspired by another thread on the forums about a skill list and I thought about the following: How to define a skill, i.e. how broad or narrow is its reach? How to avoid derivative skill discrepancies, e.g. where someone who is knowledgeable in physics isn't knowledgeable in math because they didn't put points in that? I know BRP has symbiotic skills, where you can add 1/5 of a related skill to your skill roll, but that doesn't solve the first problem. Some skills are super broad like "Athletics" and some are super narrow like Craft (blacksmithing). Due to the variance in scope, a point put into Athletics is more valuable than a point put into Craft (blacksmithing). So I went to search out what other systems do, but I haven't found one that strikes the right balance of realism and playability for me. So I started thinking about what I'm calling "organic skill trees". The idea is that all skills begin with a player attempting some action. If the referee and player agree that it's an action any member of the characters species should be able to do without any special training they can use characteristic or "root skill". A root skill is simply two characteristics that fits with the desired action. For example, if a player wants to climb a tree he could use several different characteristics. He could say he uses his intelligence to plan a carefully selected route up the tree and uses his strength to pull him up, or maybe he uses his dexterity to jump between branches and intelligence to know which ones can support his weight. As long as the referee and the player both agree to the reason of this choice it would work. It also creates interesting variants in game description. It would also be more realistic because a character would tend to lean on their strongest characteristics to complete actions. The skill level in this case would simply be the combine characteristic score, usually between 20-30% for the average adventuring human. But suppose the player expects to be climbing a lot. In this case, they can choose to specialize. To make a skill, they take the verb of what they were doing and that's the skill name. In my example of climbing a tree, the verb is "climb". Specialized skill would be limited to skill levels of root skill x 2, putting a cap at somewhere between 40-60%. If they want to be even better they could further specialize by adding a noun, eg "trees". Specializing again would raise the skill level limit 3 x the root skill, putting the cap somewhere between 60-90% for the average adventuring human. You could continue to specialize, unlocking higher and higher skill caps by adding more nouns. So the characters skill list might look like this at this point: - Climb (STR+INT): 15% - Climb (trees): 40% - Climb (oak trees): 41% More details on how I'm envisioning this working: Specialized skills have a base score equal to the previous specialization, e.g. if you specialize in Climb (trees) when your Climb skill is at 15%, Climb (trees) starts at 15%. Skill checks are still based on which skill you used, e.g. if you choose to use Climb you get a skill check in Climb, if you choose to use Climb (oak trees) you get a skill check in Climb (oak Trees) Acquiring a new specialization requires a teacher or research, i.e money and time There are a limited number of skill slots, tentatively 20. A player could choose to be able to have a few really high skill levels, e.g. Climb (oak trees), which is specialized 3 times (climb+oak+tree), is capped at 4 x root skill, putting the cap somewhere between 80-120% for the average adventuring human. Or they could choose to have lots of more generic skills, with limited growth potential. Logic would naturally limit how far you could specialize, but in the end it will be down to the agreement between the ref and the player Actions that couldn't be done without training, e.g. couldn't be attempted with just a root skill (i.e just the attribute scores), but the base skill level once trained or researched would still be based on 2 attributes Certain actions might require multiple specializations to attempt, e.g. in my setting you have to learn a school of magic, before learning a specific magic spell so someone with the ability to magically heal might have to have Cast Spells (INT+WILL): 21% Cast Holy Spells: 24% Cast Holy Spells (Heal): 32% Combat Example: Attack (STR+DEX): 25% Attack (Spear): 43% Attack (Spear - Halberd): 78%
  2. I am running a Mythras game set in early 16th century Central Europe, and have made some modifications and additions to suit the setting and my tastes. I've already posted some of these on the Design Mechanism forum, but I thought I'd share them here too. House Rules - Alternate Download Link Here I redefine SIZ to be a direct measure of mass, correlate SIZ to STR, define how MP are regained, make some changes to the Damage Modifier rules, and introduce a different way of using XP rolls to increase characteristics. Currency - Alternate Download Link A quick summary currency for the setting, rules agnostic. Equipment Costs - Alternate Download Link A list of setting appropriate equipment, priced in pounds, shillings and pence, with ENC values. Equipment Descriptions - Alternate Download Link Descriptions of select aforementioned equipment, with necessary stats. Armor - Alternate Download Link Charts of armor appropriate to the setting, what they protect, and their ENC values. Weapons - Alternate Download Link Charts of weapons appropriate to the settings, and all their stats.
  3. I was thinking about how power points could represent your character's mental stamina and how sanity would relate to that. Lets say you made a houserule that combines power points and sanity into a single mental stamina system. You could have a "major wound threshold" for the mind where certain extreme horrors or ultra powerful spells automatically earned you a roll on a Sanity table, or if you ever went to 0 or less you also earned a roll on a Sanity table. This way your character has a certain tolerance for horrors, but if you saw too much or cast too much or some combination before a period of recovery, you risk losing your grasp on reality. How crazy is this thought?
  4. Interested to hear peoples house rules on how they roll/create their characters stats etc. My group is about to start playing and I'd like to pitch some options on this. So far we have: Roll 4d6 instead of 3 and pick which ones you use (personally not a fan of that one) (on this one i'd preffer to roll 3d6 in one colour and one in a different colour, you can use the odd one instead but at a -1 moddifier) Roll 3d6 6 times and record the results and then asign each score to which stat you want. Allocate 66 points (11per stat) as you wish. Roll the stats as normal and you can reroll or swap stats but only 2 actions ao reroll 2, swap twice, or one reroll and one swap.
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