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Found 6 results

  1. A trio of new HeroQuest Glorantha titles are now available on DriveThruRPG—the core HQG rules, and the linked supplements The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights. Everything you need to run an epic clan-based campaign at the advent of the Hero Wars!
  2. While preparing a new HeroQuest Glorantha character for a new player, who wants to use Flamal as his patron deity I've run into the issue, that the runes given for this god differ depending on the source book you're using: Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, p. 106 - a rune, which could be read as Aldrya but probably should be Plant, Life Guide to Glorantha, Vol. I, p. 150 - Plant, Infinity, Plant HeroQuest Glorantha, p. 141 - Plant, Harmony, Plant Which rune combination is the correct one to use (in a HeroQuest context)? Although the Guide of Glorantha should be the definite source if in doubt, I tend to use the HeroQuest Glorantha version (besides other reasons because it is the latest publication). But I would like to get some confirmation (from an official source would be greatly appreciated ).
  3. I just wanted to check-in and see if the errata thread, that was started back over @ Glorantha.com, was ever compiled into an official errata. If not, no worries -- just checking in due to the forum switch over. I'm really starting to dig into HQ:G and am watching Yohann Delalande's awesome HQG game on YouTube and wanted to nail down the rules as I read through them for a second time. Thanks, Jonathan
  4. Version 1.0.3


    Created a one page cheat sheet for the commonly used charts so far for my game in Heroquest: Glorantha -- hopefully you find it useful as well. Cheers, Jonathan
  5. Currently I'm trying to translate some descriptions about Glorantha into German (which is my native language). One of the thinks, I like with Glorantha, are the 'speaking' names, i.e. names, which tell you something about the place or the person immediately. As I'm running my fresh HeroQuest campaign in German, I would like to translate this kind of names to German too, for transferring this 'speaking name' effect. For this I have to understand the meaning of the name, so that I can find a appropriate translation. In most cases these meanings are quite obvious: Boldhome = the home of the bold and daring Furthest = the furthest (place) that the Lunar Empire would ever go (from the description in HeroQuest Glorantha) The Spike = Mostal loved tools, and so called the place the Spike because it was the thing which nailed together all of reality and held it in place. Starbrow = a star on the forehead (supported by several pictures) Sometime it's not so obvious, but still manageable: Wideread = someone, who has read a lot And sometimes no translation is needed at all, e.g. Pavis, Kero Fin, Kallyr, Orlanth, Fazzur But lately I'm running into names, where I'm not able to make that decision, because I do not know, if there was an intention for that name. Current examples: Dunstop. Just a name? Or a combination of kind of a colour (Dun) and stop or top? The Paps. Just a name? Or a name describing breasts or even nipples? We're talking about the Deep Womb, so the name may be have such a kind of an intentional meaning? Pimper's Block. Pimper is just a name? Or is there some meaningful relation to pimp? You get the idea ... I would like to use this thread to ask this kind of question every time I'm running into such issues. So let's start with Dunstop, The Paps and Pimper's Block ...
  6. In HeroQuest Glorantha, page 124 at the end of the 'Drawing on Resources' section you can read the following: Maybe it's just that my English isn't good enough (I'm from Germany, so I'm not a native English speaker), but this sentence is not really clear to me. Given that one of my heroes tries to convince his community to use the wealth of the community for paying a ransom, which will free another hero from being a captive, and he fails with a Marginal Defeat, then he gets a Depletion Penalty of -6 for the rest of the time interval used for resource calculations, e.g. the rest of the season. Because the captive is a high ranking and very respected person in the community and he's still not freed at the end of the season I would like to this penalty a longer lasting penalty. (As far as I understood it would go away at the end of the time interval otherwise). So what do I do now? Decreasing the penalty now (end of time interval/season) by 3, i.e. the penalty is -3 during the next time interval/season and disappears at the end of this second time interval/season, because I would decrease it by 3 again at that point? Or do I misinterpret the above statement? A clarification / examples would be much appreciated.
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