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Found 3 results

  1. I believe that I see an important difference between the initiation requirements for Chalana Arroy in Runequest in Glorantha vs. the older RQ2 as explained in the Cult Compendium and in Cults of Prax: Is there a skill requirement? RQiG p.290 just says "initiate: Requirements: None, except acceptance of the restrictive cult vows, and the standard sacrifice of 1 point of POW." I do interpret that the RQiG p.274 requirements for cults in general should still apply, you need to share a rune with the god at 50%+, so I would still require that. A test for non-lay-members joining cults in general is also referred to but not specified, but p.290 appears to supersede that. Thus my question. Cults of Prax p.68 says there is a requirement of 90% in some healing skill to be promoted from Lay to Initiate. " The candidate for Initiate status must have 90% ability with one of the Healing Arts mentioned earlier, and make a roll of (Skill % + [INT X 5%]) /2 on D100 or less to pass the test given by the Priestesses. They need not have been a lay member before becoming an Initiate, as long as they swear to live by the dictates of the cult on becoming Initiates. " Cult compendium p. 154 says the same. So, was it intentional to throw out the 90% skill requirement for RQiG? I may need to tell a player in my campaign that the initiation requirement has decreased due to a sudden Heroquest or rampant god learnerism. i also note that the skill + INT test goes by the board too.
  2. I have recently been running my first Glorantha campaign and recently finished the defend Applelane adventure. One of my players decided to have join the Uleria temple as an initiate. Now I would like to run an initiation ceremony for them in a manner similar to the level of detail of the Orlanthi or Ernalda initiation ceremony written by Andrew Logan Montgomery. But sadly I can’t seem to find any details about the initiation ceremonies of gods other than Ernalda or Orlanth. I was wondering if someone would know of a place where this information could possibly be? If not, I would be curious to know how people have run their initiation ceremonies. This also leads to my second question. I wanted to seed a bit more of the illumination path into my ceremony/heroquests. I was wondering what an Ulerian version of illumination would look like? My last (I promise!) question would be relating more to the heroquests of Uleria. As far as I can tell I might be able to use the myths of Uleria and her various versions (e.g. Esrola) to turn onto heroquests. So far I have found 2 Sartarian relevant myths that have Uleria in them: First people, and Uleria and the Boggles. I was wondering if there were others written I have not found. Hopefully ones relating to all aspects of Uleria, not just sex, but stuff that emphasises how she is an all loving goddess, and the goddess of every version of love (agape, pragma, etc). More information on how exactly she survived chaos (I think I found a reference somewhere mentioning she hid in places where people committed acts of great love but I could be misremembering) would also be useful. I’m not sure I understand what happens to the other gods of celestial court. Furthermore, from what I can tell she is mentioned as the thing that overturned chaos, but I can’t tell if this is literal (as in she is one of the lightbringers like Chalana Arroy and her suspiciously lacking past). Or something more abstract like the power of love(kinship allowed the light ringers to work together. Hope this wasn’t too many questions at once. I’m still wrapping my head around all the lore of Glorantha :)
  3. I was recently thinking about how Pentan initiation rites could look like and I've had some ideas I'd like to share and have critiqued. Three caveats: 1. My knowledge about Pent heavily relies on the Pentmaniac blog [which is based on canon stuff but includes lots of new fan material] and the Six Ages game [which describes cousins of veeery distant ancestors of one of the Pentan tribes], so I may be some ways off the canon 2. YGWV of course, so while I am interested in anybody telling me whether my ideas fit with canon, I am also interested in whether you think they feel right for Pentans, whether they are cool or lacking or whatever. 3. Pentans are of course very varied; but I guess seeing as they are united in at least a broad framework of the beings they worship (I will be talking about the Solar Pentans, I have no idea how Storm Pentans work) and a way of life. So at least some discussion can be had on general patterns and mythical ideas for Pentan initiation. Pentans seem to be heavily gender-separated, so I guess we need to have a male and female initiation. For a male one, the mythic idea that comes to my mind first is the Great Darkness and the rise of Kargzant. An initiation could start with the initiated experiencing the bliss and perfection of the Golden Age Heavens, then the fall into darkness, confusion and chaos, then finally meeting Kargzant and joining him and his retinue in the ride across the Sunpath. If we wanted Pentans to be a bit more “theistic” than they seem to be in the canon, I think an interesting idea for the initiatory secret that Kargzant reveals to his followers is that We Are All Sun. Being the Sun that conquers Darkness and Chaos is a question of proving one's worth, as Kargzant showed, but it was a joint effort in which he led a host of other powers who contributed to his victory and his status as the new Sun. Every Pentan has a Solar and Star ancestry and every Pentan has a part in renewing the Sunpath and keeping the darkness at bay – a more powerful initiate may even see himself *as* Kargzant, leading the Fire/Sky powers and becoming *the* Sun. Alternatively, for a more spiritist experience, the initiate can identify with their ancestor(s) that accompanied Kargzant and learn the secrets and bargains of the spirits of Kargzant's Sky Herd. For female initiation, I was inspired by the Six Ages myth of how Hippogriff became Gamari [Gamara]. It is a story of a Sky being wounded by her enemies, who with the help of Hyalor finds a new identity and a connection with Earth and fertility. The sequence of a state of innocence, hurt and loss and then reinventing oneself and finding new strength and purpose is perfect for an initiatory story, but what I find most interesting about it is the question of agency. In the myth as mentioned by your advisors in Six Ages and in parts of its description and ritual, it would seem as if Hyalor healed Gamari. But the crucial part of the myth as transcribed in Six Ages shows that it is Gamari who decided her new name, identity and purpose, and Hyalor, while he thought he gave them to her, only echoed what she already decided in her heart. This looks like a powerful initiatory secret: while identity always emerges in a relationship, and while the society will think it imposes your role upon you, it is you who decide who you are. It would be especially interesting if Pentans practiced inter-clan patrilocal marriage as most Dragon Pass Orlanthi do (as this seems the kind of secret that would really help women struggling to cope with the change or broadening of clan identity due to relocating to the husband's clan), but even without that there's both wisdom and magic in this secret. Using these myths as basis of initiation would highlight Pentans' Sky ancestry while also showing the Elemental divide between genders. It also marks the men as holding the secrets of survival and leadership and the women as holding the secrets of identity and change. It would suggest a society in which the men fight, lead and hunt and the women tend to the matters of clan memory and history, as well as guiding people through the changing stages of their lives (caring for the children before they become adults, burying the dead etc. - this theme goes well with the age strata Pentans organise their clans into).
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