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Found 1 result

  1. Well, that is a little scad of hyperbole... But my favourite place to hang out... somewhere in this Forum is my praise for BRP Central and its denizens from a happier time... is becoming a bit more inter-webby-like every day. And that really sucks. It can not be that hard to be nice to folk or if necessary avoid those one can not be nice to (the are a couple folk here I despise, but you would never know it based on my posts, I simply set phasers on ignore and let them do their thang). Every now and again some pedantic piece of gets on my case that my opinion can not be taken seriously "for the rules say.... blah, blah, blah..." Of course this can be simply discourse and this forum is here for our opinions and all, so maybe I am letting down the team by not retorting," but mon cher, you are incorrect as the next two pages that you cite say... blah, blah. blah, thus volleying the argument back and forth for the space of a dozen screens to the delight of all! But the trolling that a simple observation can elicit... Zounds and gadzooks! Why bother! Why spend the time and effort to craft a post just to be trolled? So, am I getting silly and thin skinned? Could be, I am old and doddering and possibly a fool, why not add overly sensitive to the ragout for seasoning? Seriously, there are currently a few posts kicking around where you can see dander rising and veiled insults being uttered and people’s grip on reality (considering the topic here, really?) being questioned. Nothing as violent as a good old Finnish Fisch Schlapping Dance* (google it, or seeing as we are all Gloranthaphiles... maybe Duck, Duck, Go is more apropos) but still, it is there as a festering undercurrent just below the surface of the BRP stream. Many of the wiser denizens must realize that we are all faced with the possibility of having received a PTSD injury over the last two years. To those who have PTSD from sources other that Covid I am not intending to trivialize your plight, but I must point out that two years of relative isolation, polarization (not so relative) and fear of a horrible death for you or your loved ones will cause trauma and may, as I suggest, PTSD. I have been unable to walk for four and a bit months as a result of this nasty virus and let me tell you, that scared the living daylights outa me and turned my thoughts a little gloomy! Having my first good day since just before my last birthday in January has me thinking much more positively than I have for quite a while. Ya know, I have not posted anything lengthy and hard thought here in a long time because many have forgotten the call to be nice. Was it just a couple of years ago when many flocked to the call for gentility and niceness for your fellow posters? Can we consider the possibility that it is once again time to be better in real life as well as here in the virtual? Can we not all be excellent to each other? Hell yeah! *
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