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Found 1 result

  1. Yeah, I'm pretty mouthy today. I just cleared a month of PowerPoint and got four hours sleep. So while trying to see how far down the coast noted Blue Moon expert (and possible knowledge saboteur) Thorloss the Scribe could've gotten in the early 850s I'm reminded of the 842 invasion of Esrolia, still a troll protectorate within the larger EWF complex. The annotation in MSE is interesting in a larger Malkionite mytho-historical context: The dragons can muster the help of all the krjalki races. Some speculate that those are actually creations of the dragons . . . when pressed, the dragons can muster members of every nonhuman race to their armies, even Aldryami (who have an unbroken history of friendship with us in the West). Now the children of Malkion have fought at least one dragon empire before, whether you consider the Hykimites and the Serpent Beasts as aspects of the same civilization or not. Back then the dragon people were the crown of "beast folk" creation, the kings of the forest keeping all the more profane totemic nations -- lion people, elk people, horse people, bull people, wolf people, bear people, elephant people, maybe eleven beasts in all and more -- in their proper shapes. You could speculate that all of the beast people are actually creations of the "dragons" and when pressed the "dragons" could probably muster members of every forest nation to their armies. This would be when the lore of dragon speaking and dragon slaying entered the Western way. Of course overt draconic influences are extremely rare there now. They've been largely exterminated and their orphaned children converted into today's horals and dronars according to their lot in life. As the frontier pushed east and eastern missionaries pushed back they met new dragons and more exotic krjalks. The pattern was set. By the time the West gets to the Shadowlands they know how to deal with monsters. The question is how the Aldryami and the "dragons" diverged. Hrestol (there he is again) is busy with the children of likita and while there are elves in the forest also they're already aloof, almost as though they'd be happy if all the meat people could be manipulated into wiping each other out. Of course the "unbroken history" is a lie because the elves were some of the Bright Empire's strongest allies . . . along with the beast nations of course. Looking at the map Rist straddles Kartolin Pass in the dawn times, keeping the Hykimites and Serpent Beasts apart or at best managing their contacts. I'm no conspiracy buff but it's a shame that Rist was one of the forests that had to die. Think of what they knew and what secrets they took with them when the survivors withdrew back to Dorastor to brood on the end of the world. And Peloria is interesting because there aren't a whole lot of atavistic hsunchen or draconic influences left there either. Not a lot of elves for that matter, some digijem nations and a dwarf or two but short on krjalk. Were there once elders here and they just got absorbed into the human mob or drawn out into other people's wars? Can we bring them back, or is that just what the Chaos/Monster Empire is all about?
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