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Found 3 results

  1. NOTE: there are now 2 versions of the Winter Phase Summary sheet: Plain vanilla KAP 5.2 childbirth Improved Morien & Thijs childbirth I'm GMing my new campaign's first Winter Phase tomorrow, and wanted a one-sheet with all the relevant stuff to do, collecting all the bits and bobs from BoEstate, Bo Entourage, etc. I'm hoping others might also find it useful. Having said that, I'm almost certain I missed something, for the same reason I wanted this: there are far too many rules expansions, options and exceptions in too many different books. Here it is, have a look, enjoy, and throw your feedback in! 👍 https://www.dropbox.com/s/aijzh8d54h9zcjw/WinterPhasev02.pdf?dl=0
  2. NOTE: latest version is KAPCharacterSheetv06.3.pdf Hello sirs, Design's my day job, and I thought why not apply it to fun too? Here it is. Bigger additions: Fealty & Homage (not Loyalty) under passions. Skills compressed, and starting values de-emphasised (only need 'em once). Added squire details from the BoE. Added "Squires lost" – the hard-working (and dying) squire does not get enough credit if you ask me. Moved all the Glory bits together. Added space for the knight's Entourage on the back. And bunches of little details. Still working on it: The Attribute banners are stolen from the 5.0 sheet. I'd like to replace them, but I'm not much of an illustrator. Are you? It's missing some decorative elements that express the KAP atmosphere. See "are you an illustrator?" above. I'd sincerely like feedback and will work it in if possible. What are you missing? Do you see any problems? Hope you like it and it proves useful. If you do use it in your game, let me know what you think! KAPCharacterSheetv05.1.pdf
  3. NOTE: this is the latest version: KAPFamilyRecordv02.pdf As suggested by the ever-helpful @Atgxtg over in the discussion on my character sheet design, I've broken out page 3, the Family Record, into its own PDF. And here it is... Family Record Sheet v1
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