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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Many years ago, fans of Glorantha had an attitude that D20 games wouldn’t fit in Glorantha, as Classes and Levels don’t work. Then came 13th Age Glorantha to disprove that notion. Also, many people in the D100 space looked down on D20 games as Classes and Levels don’t work with D100. Then came Classic Fantasy to disprove that notion. I once mentioned the idea of converting 13th Age Glorantha so that it would work with D100, but the idea was unpopular, as it was considered Crossing the Streams, which is, as we know, like, really bad. As I like things that are really bad, and had horre
  2. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198941/Secrets-of-Blood-Rock--FREE-TASTER http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198942/Secrets-of-Blood-Rock In the northwestern reaches of The Vale rises an odd mountain of dappled red and grey stone. Maps call this place Pied Peak, but in the nearby town of Crafton it is known as Blood Rock. That name is shared by the village on the mountain, a quiet settlement with an unsettling ambience, and a dubious history. Days ago a well known peddler returned breathless and pale from that isolated hamlet, bearing a tale of mystery and woe. Villagers ar
  3. BROCH GRODDATH A Mythras adventure by Matthew Eager The adventurers are hired to find an unusual object that is believed to be among the collections of a strange, disgraced family, in a great home that is shunned. The item is indeed there, as are clues about the family and its fall...and worse things... BROCH GRODDATH is a “haunted house” scenario, with its own defining twists. Its key features are creepy atmosphere, disorientation, and horror. It touches on several genres and themes, including Low Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Cosmic Horror, and Dungeon Crawling. A fantasy milieu
  4. I have a copy of Mongoose Runequest legend City of Sheoloth and was wondering how easy is it to convert the rules to Open Quest?
  5. Hey all, if you're looking for a good deal on Eternity Realms products, I've made a saving bundle that gives your $35.00 USD in books for $18.00! The bundle includes the Eternity Realms core book, Gigas Monstrum 1 and Gigas Monstrum 2. Be sure to get it here!
  6. Hey all the fearsome Gigas Monstrum II is now out! The second volume in a large array of monsters for use in the Eternity Realms setting. The main features of this book are the Daemons and Oozes that come up from the Realm Beneath and haunt the dungeons in the Realm Below. Creep into your adventures carefully where glory awaits! Get the print copy here! Get the PDF here!
  7. That's right folks, soon you'll be able to get a video-game based rpg of Eternity Realms that will feature a small town and a dark secret going on at the local temple. Keep an eye out here for details as they unroll!
  8. Hey all, The long promised first book of the ToH conversions is now here! Within this tome is a wide assortment of monsters for use in any d100 game. Converting many monsters from the d20 system, the Gigas Monstrum uses many of those epic creatures and turns them into grueling combatants, specifically for use in the Eternity Realms setting. Take your brave adventurers and take on the horrors within. Adventure awaits! Get the PDF here! Get the Paperback version here!
  9. The other day, on the Mongoose Legend forum, Mongoose Matt hinted that the next Legend book could well be a new Arcania of Legend ... Re: New Books, Please? by msprange » 2016-03-09 1:30 pm Currently talking to an editor for a new Arcania of Legend book... Matthew Sprange Mongoose Publishing
  10. Version 1.0.0


    I designed this sheet a while ago. It has a unique layout: It is two sheets of paper, designed to be folded in half, and one tucked inside the other to produce a Legend-sized booklet. By reading the page numbering you can see how they are meant to fit together. There will not be a form-fillable version, I'm afraid. I don't have the skill.
  11. That's right folks! Need to get over the winter slump? Then pick up Eternity Realms for 50% off! A dynamic d100 system that offers non-class related hp and attack action increases as well all new magics! Be sure to get it here before the sale runs out!
  12. Hey all, looking to start an Eternity Realms game on Google+. If you're interested in playing in this beginning adventure or observing because you are curious, send me a message. The game will be on either Wednesday's or Thursday's depending on my day job schedule and will most likely start at 7pm EST and last 3 hours. The initial adventure will be characters investigating local attacks on a small village by a pack of orcs. Usually they have just been raids but now they are kidnapping children and rumours of dark elves in the area are circulating as well. Are the two related? What do
  13. Eternity Realms is a game based on a realm that connects to every world imaginable. It sits at a magical epicenter where all kinds of people and monsters converge. There are great realms of wonder and realms of dread. Majestic forests, snowy mountains and dreaded undead deserts and demon haunted lands all make up the Eternity Realm. Although based off another popular d100 system, Eternity Realms offers new rules that help make it more cinematic. Increased hit points, which grow with Resilience skill increases, natural armour points, increasing Combat Actions with Combat Style inc
  14. Hey all, Just thought I'd throw an update on the Eternity Realms RPG that I'm making. The editing is done, working on some rewrites now and then artwork will start being assigned. Not all the art is in but what I do have I'm happy with so possibly looking at a September or October release. Will keep you all updated! Thanks!
  15. Hey all! As a short kind of intro into Eternity Realms I'm publishing short one monster pieces until the release. The first is the Stone Juggernaut, a usually peaceful herbivore but whose hide makes for valuable armour. Get it here!!!
  16. So as Eternity Realms nears completion, I can't help but wonder ... what would some of you like to see in a new version of Legend? Are there any additions that would make this outstanding for you? Thanks!
  17. Hey all! So a little while ago I signed a license with Mongoose to produce a non-OGC version of their d100 game called "Eternity Realms". This version has some rules changes, a more cinematic feel, a new type of magic called Nature Magic and a whole host of new spells. Writing is complete and final artwork has been assigned. Once editing and artwork gets further along and a final release date is realized, I'll let you know!
  18. p_clapham

    D&D Edges

    I've finished my collection of Fantasy edges. It is an expansion on my original edge file, with feats converted from Dungeons and Dragons.
  19. Version 2.0


    This is a collection of Edges suitable for any fantasy RPG. They are special abilities a character can purchase once they have reached a certain skill level. Some of the edges are converted feats or character abilities from Dungeons and Dragons, some are converted Common Magic, and some are brand new. The edges were designed with either Runequest or Legend in mind, but with a little work they could be used for Magic World or Basic Roleplaying too. I've uploaded a expanded file with more combat and magic edges.
  20. I'm taking a Bible as literature course this semester. For the second half of the class I have the option of doing a creative project rather than a second paper. I'm seriously considering doing a RPG supplement for the world of the Old Testament using the Legend system. I know this has been done already with the Testament RPG, but this would be a different system. And I'd be doing my best not to peek at Testament as I'm working on the supplement. Magic and miracles would be one of the more complicated aspects to the project, but as luck would have it my first paper is on magic in the Old
  21. Hi guys, I've recently submitted a couple of adventures to Morten/Thulsa over at Xoth.net publishing and he is hosting them on his site. While they are completely unofficial, Thulsa has been very complimentary about them. They were written using Legend and I would really appreciate some feedback. They are called 'Shadow of the Ragged King' and 'Children of Nwanga Zhaal'. There are some poorly drawn maps and a whole bunch of NPCs with full descriptions of appearance and motivations, as well as suggestions for their tactics when the swords start swinging. There is also a gazetteer of sorts
  22. So, when I last ran a BRP game (Mongoose's Legend), the players wanted to play a wide variety of different species (as is often the case with my group) and I indulged them (as is often the case in games I run). I believe we had an elf, a dwarf, a human, a viking (MRQII Vikings) and something else. Anyways, what came up in play was that races with specific attribute bonuses simply resulted in more powerful characters. IIRC, INT was the best stat long term, because it meant they got higher skill than everyone else when you leveled up. Short term, they wanted Dex (strike rank), followed by S
  23. I was peeking through a sorcery thread on the Mongoose forums and came across someone combining Damage Enhancement and Wrack to toss out Wrack spell for maximum damage. I had no idea you could use Damage Enhancement on spells! I'm curious what other killer spell combos are out there for Legend or RQ6?
  24. One of the things that Legend seems to be lacking, is success table for non-combat skills. This is the breakdown I have so far. First off is the skill opposed or not? A opposed skill should have a more specific table. I'd then divide the skills into three basic categories: Physical, Social, and Mental. So combined with the opposed or unopposed skill roll, we'd have six tables total? Is that too much, or should we have more skill categories? I could see a decent argument for a craft skill table.
  25. I've been playing around with Fate for a possible Transformers rpg during winter break. I wondering, would brp work? First there is the question of scale. Transformers are big stompy robots. Do I use the existing scale for brp, and simply make everything smaller? That way I wouldn't be giving the players more points in attributes. Everything else would just be smaller and weaker by comparison. The other method is to keep the current human basline scores, but give the players a much larger pool of attributes in which to build their characters. I am pretty sure I will be using the su
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