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Found 2 results

  1. I've always favored the Pendragon way of figuring damage; based upon characteristics, perhaps modified by weapon (depending upon the weapon). I also favor the ability to model things like "grazing" damage, enough for the character to feel, but not enough to seriously damage or inhibit a location; normally represented in my mind by 1pt. of damage. This is pretty hard in BRP games (of which I count Pendragon) with multiple dice figuring into damage calculations and modifiers to the damage of most weapons (ex. 1d8+1), or without something in the way to block a portion of the damage. In this vein, I'm considering characteristic based damage; nd6–(n–1) for d6 based damage. Now I do agree that creatures larger/stronger than Human size should do more base damage; so for example a Gloranthan Dark Troll should have that "graze" represented by 2pts. of damage. Does anyone out there have a method in mind to overcome the discrepancy here? I have also thought about using multiple dice up to d12 (starting with d4), but break points to add a second die seem to be too soon, and if I compensate, then average for a human drops too much, necessitating a refactoring of HP and Armor values. Now on to a related issue... I'm using locations, and want to use locational values as single hit threshold values for Major Wounds. I was thinking of reducing the Abdomen multiplier to .25, and the Head to .20, to represent their vulnerabilities. Abdomen with lots of vitals and no rib cage to protect them, and the head, well its the head. Opinions? Thanks Much SDLeary
  2. Good day everyone. My group and I have recently started a campaign using Hit Locations and the question has come up as to how healing potions, spells, and etc heal those hit locations. Maybe it is somewhere in the BGB, but we couldn't find it. In lieu of finding a solution in the book, we have declared that a potion heals the overall hitpoints of the character, and also divides the regained health as evenly as possible between the damaged locations. A healing spell does the same, except that the caster can target specific locations that may need more attention. So, are rules for healing hit locations in there somewhere, or the solution is so blatantly obvious that it went over or heads? Thanks for any input.
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