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Found 4 results

  1. We know the Heortlings (hard to get over the old name, Orlanthi, but I do seem to remember most of the time... not bad for an old set-in-his ways grog...) are fanatics in their devotion to the nth degree of the concept of hospitality. What of the Praxian neighbours, surely they have concepts of hospitality, and I postulate of a more serious (yep, I said more.. than the Heortlings? Inconceivable) nature and with more clearcut consequences. Now, on the Blue Marble, hospitality is very much a matter of life and death in the desert. Very ritualized as well. Hospitality given; life’s can be saved, withheld... one may not be long for this realm. Any thoughts or insights about desert (or oasis, or even savannah) hospitality in Prax, out there in the hive mind?
  2. Sir Garlon behaves just about the most shamefully of any knight in the literature, running around invisible and arbitrarily assassinating knights and ladies alike. When Sir Balin attacks him, King Pellam, as I've seen written in some Pendragon materials somewhere, chooses Love(Family) over Hospitality in siding with his brother over Balin. What I always struggle with is the narrative heaping of praise on Sir Pellam, given his enabling of his horrible brother. For example, Sir James Knowles calls Pellam "the truest and most worshipful of living knights". While I understand the contemporary values prize loyalty to the family, is that true even in this most extreme circumstance? How can we reconcile the assertion of Pellam being some sort of British paragon given that the only major behavior he exhibits is defending his infamously dishonorable brother?
  3. I'm going to start a long term campaing involving the "awakening" of Gbaji's pieces in Dragon Pass. Since our Shaman apprentice is going to become a Shaman as the prologue of the campaign, I would like to find a way to interlace his "awakening" ritual with Gbaji's fist piece awakening. In order to do this I'd like some insight on how Chaos interacts with spirits and the Spirit World: this will be my input to create "my glorantha" in this regards, functionally to the campaing i have in mind.
  4. Okay, so, I'm planning on running a RQG campaign later this summer, and none of my potential players have played RQ before (or even heard of the setting apart from my random reminiscences over the years). They've been looking through my sizeable (but hardly exhaustive) collection of RQ bits and bobs I have been accumulating over the last 40 years, trying to see if there's anything that catches their fancy or engages their gaming spirit, since there is soooo much lore to potentially deal with. One of the players always had soft spot for shepherds-of-the-dead-type gods, so he kinda latched onto Ty Kora Tek fairly early. Unfortunately, as a (comparatively) minor goddess, there's only so much written on her that I've been able to come across, and most of the stuff I've found online have been the occasional references to her roles, but little in the way of actual priestess-y custom, rituals, activities and the other day-to-day approaches to her priestesses and followers. Any suggestions from people who may be more versed in the lore than I? On another related vein, he wanted to play a follower of Ty Kora Tek, but of course, actual priestesses have to be older, and the player characters in my upcoming campaign would likely be younger (as my first foray into RQG, I'd like to include as few 'house rules' to the default game rules as possible until I've gotten a better hand on the whole system). He doesn't mind playing a younger character with aspirations later in life, but the question I then have is, are there younger 'followers' of Ty Kora Tek in that sense? Do you have young women teaching and training all their lives in anticipation of becoming TKT priestesses once they pass beyond childbearing age? Or, as I rather suspect, are they instead just priestesses/adherents of Ernalda who just kind of 'migrate' to that associated cult once they get to a certain age and feel so inspired by the goddess to do so? Any suggestions, references and/or links folks might have would be greatly appreciated. We could, of course, just kinda 'make it up' as we go, but I'd much prefer to have a more solid grounding in the 'reality' of the cult and its place in the mortal world if possible, given the richness of the accumulated Glorantha writing already. Thanks in advance!
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