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Found 3 results

  1. I found this on a scrap of paper on top of a pile of paper on a shelf. I do not remember how I got this. It is my handwriting though. If King Gundreken wanted to keep control of all sea traffic in his kingdom he should set up an embargo on Sog City. He does not want to carry on with his people's fear of the seas, but the ships of the knights who patrol in Ozur's Bay stop all foreign traffic in order to search the cargoes and the ships from prow to stern and make sure no corrupt goods are brought into his kingdom. He conscientiously filters all communications with the outside world, the Janubian cities, and the surrounding kingdoms ruled by ambitious kings. The Lunar Empire is regarded as a possible ally by many but others think that in any case, their landbound territories are doomed to be crushed by the lords of the coast if they do not keep their governments under a steady grip. Even in Loskalm, it is difficult to enter an aristocracy. But a Lunar way allows for a communion which does not require powerful armies or large resources of bronze, let alone iron, which trickle out of Jonatela. However there are problems. The kingdom is plagued by Chaos worshippers who corrupt the food of royal officials. The country is infested by Pocharngo cultists (from Dilis swamp maybe?). An official who was complaining was answered by the old woman who set the table for him that the Invisible God was powerless against the brutes and only Chaos could help. It was a Lunar in Loskalm! No sooner had he told her his intent to go to a Magus for a cure, she foretold him that if he gave her evil cult away he would be assaulted and branded for life so that the pagans would recognize him. Then she added he was a sinner and he was the secret Seseine worshipper. Naturally the official replied it was not true, he did not know of any Seseine whose sins Malkion had punished in the writings. But she got hooked to her own little game and then accused him of devouring books like a worm, comparing him to a creature of legend though we know all too well how pagans weave deceitful myths. She got into a temper and told him: "tell your Magus how I threatened you! You will be locked up in a madhouse, and I will stay free as a good Loskalmi and conqueror of the Lunars." He was dumbfounded by her duplicity when she told him of her plan to put and end to Siglat's Dream. It was her victory, her turn to be scornful. He had never tapped a peasant in his life, not even called them bumpkins, now she was addressing him as she was noble and himself a commoner.
  2. On another thread there was a lot of speculation about marriage in Loskalm, so I figured I'd post a little bit about the various (or at least *some* of the various) approaches to marriage among the Malkioni. Let's start with the Brithini. Among the Brithini, marriage is a temporary state with little magical significance, signifying merely an ongoing attempt to reproduce and can be dissolved easily. Women form a fifth caste (the Menena) but in practice are assigned to one of the standard four castes. Children remain with their mothers after separation. The Rokari are very different. Marriage is an extremely significant (and obligatory - an unmarried male above a particular age can be fined or even cast out) ceremony, and something that is a fundamental "public interest." The primary function of marriage to create new members of the caste (i.e. children). Marriages are governed by the laws of that caste (designed to make sure that each caste is self-sustaining), and negotiated by parents and caste leaders. Marriage for love is considered irresponsible and foolish - people have concubines and lovers for that. Children (including women) belong to the father's caste. However, marriages are big, joyous celebrations desired in their own right, with music, drink, and feasting (which give lie to the image of the Rokari as dour and humorless). Wedding celebrations often take three days or even longer. Divorce is permitted only with approval of the parties that negotiated the marriage in the first place. Ironically, in many ways the New Hrestoli are more like the Brithini with regards to marriage. Marriage for the New Hrestoli is a temporary state with little magical or philosophical significance. It is not required, not even for childbirth. Indeed, some interpret the teachings of Siglat as recognizing "no other form of marriage than the union of the man who lives freely with a consenting woman." Women belong to the same castes as men and hold the same legal rights. Children remain with their mothers after separation, and paternity is of no legal significance, as most property is held by the caste office and not the individual (personal property such as items and effects can be given to whoever the owner chooses).
  3. To the wise Magi of Glorantha: I am wondering just how perfect or imperfect Hrestoli Idealism has made Loskaim. How close to utopia are they really? Are there lazy, disinterested, disengaged, criminal, pereverted, greedy, power-crazed or dissenting groups who challenge the primacy and the legitimacy of the Hrestoli Idealistic way? What about chaotic cult penetration? Are there thieves and thieves guilds in Loskalm? Is there smuggling and black marketing there? Do brigands and highway men haunt the roads and trails of Loskalm? Are there rogue wizards and underground networks of magic? Can pagan populations and creeds coexist with Hrestoli Idealism along the frontiers of Loskalm? Are there people who simply do not want to participate in any of the four castes of Loskalmi society? Is there a Loskalmi underclass? Are there any dissident movements against the principles and tenets of the Hrestoli Way? I am not talking about differences within the Hrestoli Creed such as the tensions between the old guard of Snodal's and Siglath's days and the Young Turks who have arisen since the Ban lifted. I'm talking about people who just don't buy into any of it. Like the Noyaling people of the north or the folks like the Orlanthi Oranori pagans of the south who happen to live within the frontiers of Loskalm? Is there a Loskalmi underground? Some sub rosa subcultures? And no, I don't mean a subway system! Any insights, whimsical musings, prognostications or ironclad canonical doctrine will be appreciated. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy
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