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Found 4 results

  1. I'm writing the first part of a campaign, probably for the Repository, working with the Randolph Carter cycle. In the interest of efficiency I'm mainly discussing it at YS: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/topic/31797-the-silver-key-as-a-basis-for-a-scenario/ However, to summarize: The scenario is based out of the Cabot Museum/ "the Boston Detectives" mentioned in BtGoSK, and starts with an investigation of the disappearance of RC, funded by his friends. I've discovered the real world location of the Carter mansion (or at least the Snake Den) in the "rolling hills" between Salem and Arkham and a few snippets about the figure Lovecraft satirises as Ernest Aspinwall as well. As it turns out my Salem and Beverly ancestors lived in close proximity (I'm also closely related to the families that Lovecraft based all this on...). I'm gathering everything canon, semi-canon, and apocryphal on this subject together to winnow out problems. I have noted the DE Marigny write up by Kevin Ross in the recent New Orleans book from Golden Goblin, Penelope Love's Porphyry and Aspondel, and sourced a copy of "The Lord of Illusion". It remains to be seen whether I can sew in The Silver Twilight or The Chapel of Contemplation into the narrative. Eventually there will be time travel via astral projection, dreaming, and perhaps some jaunts to London or Persia involved. One key part of my plans is using the technique pioneered in Trail of Cthulhu where the NPCs have multiple possible motivations so each time its run it's unpredictable. Carter (or one of many Carters) might be an unreliable narrator and villain in one version, while in another De Marigny went more than a little mad in WWI. Ward Phillips (i.e., Lovecraft) could be a strange but decent man in one running while in others he's a cantankerous racist, or he's the catspaw of a terrible entity from his own dreams...
  2. I am happy to announce, after a long wait, that Arkham Gazette #2 is now available (in PDF only currently). The issue was written for the 6th edition of the Call of Cthulhu rules (and might be the last thing ever released as such since it was grandfathered in - Thanks Chaosium!) but a separate PDF with 7th Edition conversion notes is forthcoming as is a separate PDF for all the handouts. A print on demand option will be available in the near term. The price for the PDF of the issue is $12 for 117 pages of Innsmouth horrors of all types. Buy it now before the Deep Ones rise up to destroy us all. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/172264/The-Arkham-Gazette-2
  3. I am very pleased to announce Arkham Gazette #1 is available for sale. This is a reworking of our 2013 version; many of the articles have been revised and expanded and there are three additional articles. All told, this version of issue #1 is about 50% longer than the original, at 75 pages long. The focus of this issue is the legendary city of Arkham itself, home of Miskatonic University. Topics covered in this issue include (I’ve marked the new articles with a *): A guide to useful locations in Arkham from published scenarios The Gladding School – an institution for mentally impaired children and other ‘undesirables’ An in-depth look at Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan *An Encounter on West Armitage Street – a scene you can insert into a scenario Arkham’s Boundary Markers, a historical New England oddity The Case of the Missing Manhole Covers – a scenario seed “Reports of Delusions of an Invisible Monster” – a prop document *Arkham’s Diners, a guide to a distinctively New England style of eatery *Arkham’s Curios, odd items, mysterious and malign, to use in your games “The Bosworth House”, Ben Wenham’s scenario of personal horror, wherein madness creeps just beneath the surface An Annotated list of the more than 50 Arkham-set Scenarios, offering not only scenario summaries but notes about significant locations, entities, and tomes. All copies of the issue – POD or PDF - come with several free PDFs, including 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu conversion notes, and a complete set of handouts and maps from the issue. PDF copies are $8; Print copies are $13. (You can also pick up Arkham Gazette #0 (the Aylesbury Pike - Pay What You Want) and Arkham Gazette #3 (Witches and Witchcraft - $12/$20). The revamped issue #1 was made possible by our successful Kickstarter for Arkham Gazette #3. The issue was laid-out by Chris Huth. Chris also provided many of the issues illustrations while Ian Maclean provided artwork for our scenario. Handouts were prepared by Dean Engelhardt and maps for our diner article were created by Jef Wilkins. Contributors includes myself, Chris Huth (who wrote several of the curios and ‘An Encounter…’), Ben Wenham (who as mentioned above wrote “The Bosworth House”), the mysterious 'Aleolex' who wrote “Reports of Delusions…”, and Evan Van Elkins who contributed one of the ‘curios’. Dean Engelhardt, Graham Donald, and Charles Gerard all helped greatly with the Arkham scenario list. Proof-readers of the original and revised draft include Dean Engelhardt, Tyler Hudak, and Christopher Smith Adair. My blogs - Tomes in Progress (personal); Sentinel Hill Press (The Arkham Gazette and more) See more of Sentinel Hill Press on... G+; Facebook; Twitter; Patreon
  4. Forgive the blatant self-promotion, but I thought I would let everyone know that the latest issue of The Arkham Gazette (#3) is available for purchase on DriveThruRPG. This issue is 120 pages long; $12 for the PDF, $20 for a print copy (which includes a free copy of the PDF). The Arkham Gazette is a magazine focused on the Lovecraft Country setting of Call of Cthulhu but with potential items of interest for anyone playing Call of Cthulhu, BRP games, or other Lovecraftian RPGs. In this issue our focus is on witches and witchcraft in Lovecraft Country, from the possibly Mythos origins of certain witch-cults, through the witch trials of the colonial past, until the 'modern' day (i.e. 1920s). Our contributors include L.T. Barker, Dan Harms, Tyler Hudak, Chris Huth, Graeme Price, and Christopher Smith Adair; art by Trevor Henderson, Chris Huth, and Ian Maclean; handouts prepared by Dean Engelhardt. Here are the articles included with this issue: New England's Witch Trials - a look at the real-world history The Witches of Lovecraft Country - A Keeper's overview of witches in various Lovecraft Country sources Building a Better Witch - A Keeper's guide for creating memorable witch NPCs Gods of the Witches - the Mythos gods a witch might worship and how that impacts the witch in play Rat-things and Worse Horrors - All about familiars, rat-things and other even more horrible options Marked by the Devil - a physician talks about 'witch-marks', where witches would suckle their familiars Colonial Folk Magic - the actual 'spells' people used to cast in the 17th and 18th century The Dried Cat - a scenario seed using a real item of folk magic, a cat's body hidden inside a house Of Evill Sorceries Done in New-England by Daemons in No Humane Shape - all about that Mythos tome, from history to contents to availability Touched by the Fairies - Expands of Lovecraft's link between witches and ghouls based on his likely inspiration, the appendix on fairies from "The Witch-cult in Western Europe" Witches' Hollow - all about this location near Arkham from the Derleth 'colaboration' of the same name Annotated List of Witch scenarios - a list of every witch scenario in Lovecraft Country and beyond, with notes for the Keeper 'The Queen of Night' - an expansive (40 page!) scenario, set in Arkham and nearby towns, involving a dark family lineage and the taint of witchcraft. This issue was written for CoC 6, though I hope to find a volunteer to provide notes for 7th Ed. conversion. The PDF comes with a full set of handouts as well as a lengthy additional prop - the notes of an Miskatonic University student researching the so-called 'unvisited island' in the Miskatonic. I hope to re-release the earlier issues of the Gazette soon. Issue 1 was all about Arkham; issue #2 Innsmouth. i will post here when they are available. Issue #0, our demo issue, is available on the Sentinel Hill Press website.
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